Cynthia Co., Ltd. Crowdfunding for the next-generation MagSafe-compatible smartphone ring-type charger “MaGd get Charge Ring” has started!

Cynthia Co., Ltd.
Crowdfunding for the next-generation MagSafe compatible smartphone ring type charger “MaGdget Charge Ring” has started!
~From 11:00 am on May 10, 2023 (Wednesday), the project will start at “GREEN FUNDING”~

Cynthia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Jun Nishimori) will launch a new brand “MaGdget” that develops products that combine magnets and gadgets through
crowdfunding from May 10, 2023 (Wednesday). We will release the first version of.
[Image 1:×386.jpg] ■ Features of “MaGdget Charge Ring”
Charge your iPhone with MagSafe
Fast charging up to 15W
Supports charging AppleWatch and AirPods
Simultaneous charging of iPhone and Apple Watch
Use the hold ring as an operation aid or as a stand
Removable hold ring with magnet
[Feature 1: Simultaneous charging]
[Image 2:] Simultaneous charging of iPhone and Apple Watch is possible
By attaching the flat surface of this product with MagSafe, you can charge your iPhone at up to 15W at high speed.
AppleWatch can be charged at the same time by attaching it to the opposite side. * Can be used with models that support MagSafe charging and wireless charging.
[Image 3:] Airpods can also be charged
By placing the AirPods in the center with the flat side facing up, you can charge up to 3W.
If you have a MagSafe-compatible AirPods case, you can also charge your AppleWatch at the same time.
* Can be used with cases that support MagSafe charging and wireless charging. [Feature 2: Hold ring]
[Image 4:×385.jpg] The hold ring is an item that makes everyday smartphone life convenient as a smartphone operation aid or stand.
[Image 5:×385.jpg] This product can be used as a hold ring while charging MagSafe.
[Image 6:] The Ring (hold ring) can be attached and detached from the Charge part with a magnet, so if MagSafe charging is not required, the Ring alone can be attached to the iPhone and used as a normal hold ring. [Feature 3: Compact]
[Image 7:] When it comes to charging Apple products, a wide variety of cables and chargers were essential, but this product can charge almost all Apple products just by carrying a cable with a Type-C input port and an AC adapter. increase.
It is a charger that frees you from the trouble of tangling cables and makes your daily life smarter.
■ About crowdfunding
The project was implemented on the crowdfunding site “GREEN FUNDING” operated by One More Co., Ltd.
For project details and support, please visit the URL below. (The URL will be valid from the start of the project at 11:00 am on Wednesday, May 10, 2023.)
Project start date: Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Project end date: Friday, June 30, 2023
[Image 8:×2160.jpg] ■ What is MaGdget
“MaGdget” is a coined word that combines Magnet (magnet) and Gadget (peripheral device), and is a brand that is sent from Japan to the world. Now that Apple’s MagSafe charging is drawing attention, the demand for gadgets using magnets is increasing. We believe that by successfully combining magnets and gadgets, we can create new possibilities and reduce stress and movement. It is very simple to use, even though it has unprecedented functions. And even in the ease of use, the design has been devised to the smallest detail. “MaGdget” aims to make everyday life smarter and more comfortable based on the concept of “combining Magnet and Gadget”. HP: Instagram:
“Company Profile”
Company name: Cynthia Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3-3-21 Nihonbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Representative: Jun Nishimori, Representative Director
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Business: Planning, production, sales and design of original products URL:

Details about this release:

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