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Danmee Co., Ltd. A must-see for Korean drama fans! Top 3 Korean actors who look best in suits announced

Danmee Co., Ltd.
A must-see for Korean drama fans! Top 3 Korean actors who look best in suits announced

At Danmee, “I want to be your secretary! Who is the Korean actor who looks best in a suit?” We conducted a questionnaire survey with the theme of ”. Who came first among the attractive candidates?
[Image 1:] Korean actors who can wear any costume with their good style. When it comes to fashion that maximizes their wonderful form, it’s definitely a “suit”, isn’t it? The small-faced, tall-looking actors are well-dressed, and they seem to be popular with many women, as they remind us of “a man who can do his job.”
Therefore, this time, the editorial department selected nine Korean actors who have a reputation for wearing suits on the Internet, and asked, “I want to be your secretary! We conducted a questionnaire survey on the theme of “. We will introduce the results.
Kim Soo Hyun
Lee Dong Wook
Gong Yoo
Seo In Guk
Park Seo Joon
Lee Min Ho
Song Joong Ki
Park Bo Gum
So Ji Sub
●Survey period: April 13 to April 20, 2023 ●Research agency (survey subject): K-POP & Korean wave web media “Danmee” (in-house survey) ●Survey target: Likes K-POP and Korean dramas -Number of valid responses: 957 -Survey method (aggregation method, calculation method): Questionnaire on the Internet -Survey page: *Strict survey Therefore, the survey was conducted with only one vote per person ★1st place Lee Minho The winner of the prestigious first place was Lee Minho, who can wear any color suit! In the poll, it has 47.44% of the total, or 454 votes. Lee Min Ho attracts fans all over the world with his sculptural visuals. He has been showing off his cool suits through many works so far, and he is perfect not only in chic black, but also in red and blue color suits. On the questionnaire page, there were comments from fans such as, “She has a small face, long legs, and she’s just the best!” I received a lot of rave comments. ★2nd place Seo In Guk Ranked 2nd is Seo In Guk, who is active as a singer and actor! In the vote, it has 194 votes, 20.27% of the total. In the 2022 KBS drama “Mitsundo’s Case Notebook”, he showed off various costumes such as leather jackets and long coats, but his visuals and style stand out in suits! In the play, she wears a suit with a brightly colored scarf around her neck, exuding her adult sex appeal and charm. Fans are getting hot support for feeling intellectual. ★3rd place Park Seo-joon 3rd place went to Park Seo-joon, whose sleek suit style shines! In the vote, it won 11.70% of the total, 112 votes. The tvN drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” (2018)”, Park Seo-joon played the role of Lee Young-joon, the vice chairman of a large company. In the play, he showed off a stylish suit full of dignity that is perfect for the role of the “narcissist” Zaibatsu II. Seeing her like that, I can understand why many people say, “I want to be a secretary too!” -Final result- 1st Lee Min Ho 2nd Seo In Guk 3rd Park Seo Joon 4th Gong Yoo 5th Park Bo Gum 6th Lee Dong Wook 7th Song Joong Ki 8th Kim Soo Hyun 9th So Ji Sub You What rank did the actor selected by ? Danmee will continue to conduct unique surveys in the future!
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