Debonne Augur General sale of desserts provided by the G7 Hiroshima Summit from May 22nd (Monday)

debonne augur
Desserts provided by the G7 Hiroshima Summit will be available for general sale from Monday, May 22nd.
A chef from a pastry shop in Bunkyo Ward will supervise the dessert for the Hiroshima Summit working dinner -A dessert that uses ingredients from Hiroshima Setouchi and is filled with prayers for peace-

Patisserie de Bonne Augur in Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo will arrange and sell the dessert menu that was offered at the working dinner of the G7 Hiroshima Summit 2023 from Monday, May 22nd.
[Image 1:×1601.jpg] Working dinner offer dessert
Miyajima’s long-established ryokan “Iwaso”, which served as the venue for the first working dinner of the G7 Hiroshima Summit 2023, has been supervising desserts since 2021. When we were selected as the venue for the Hiroshima Summit, we received a request to continue to supervise the desserts. At the working dinner, we offered the following menus under the themes of “Bringing Setouchi desserts to the world” and “Teaching new things from the past”.
・Habutae Steamed Bizen Dainagon with Seto Soy Sauce and Wasanbon ・Kaminari Okoshi with Teriyaki Rice ・Momiji Manju ・Hassaku Daifuku The menu that was presented to the leaders of each country at the G7 Hiroshima Summit this time was presented in the hope that as many people as possible would enjoy it, and that it would be an opportunity for them to broadly consider and learn about the significance of holding the Hiroshima Summit. We have decided to sell desserts that have been arranged in the pastry shop Patisserie de Bonne Augur in Bunkyo Ward, which is managed by Suzuki.
Miyajima pudding 580 yen (tax included)
[Image 2:×1600.jpg] Miyajima pudding
The refined sweetness of the pudding, made with wasanbon, is characterized by its exquisite texture that melts in your mouth. Add Seto soy sauce to caramel to add umami. Dainagon and matcha-flavored langue de chat are added to finish, making it a pudding that allows you to enjoy various flavors from one bowl.
We named the product “Miyajima Pudding” after Miyajima, where the working dinner venue, Iwaso, is located.
Fukuju no Tane 350 yen (tax included) per piece
[Image 3:×1600.jpg] Seeds of Fukuju
It is a baked confectionery with the shape of a seed as a motif. In keeping with the tastes of Westerners, we have created a dessert that allows you to enjoy the flavor of Japanese sweets by kneading white bean paste into the base of pound cake and adding azuki bean paste in the center. The product name, “Fukuju no Tane,” has the meaning of continuing to plant seeds of peace so that prayers for peace will reach you and happiness will last forever.
Chocolate Okoshi 680 yen (tax included)
[Image 4:×1600.jpg] chocolate
It is said to have the oldest history in Japan, and is arranged in a modern style. The flavors are strawberry and matcha.
“Okoshi” is a sweet that is widely loved as a confection that brings good luck to the body, the house, and the country. Recommended as a lucky item or gift.
Profile Owner Chef Takashi Suzuki
[Image 5:×706.jpg] Takashi Suzuki
Engaged in the production of hotel desserts and wedding cakes for over 10 years at Shin-Yokohama Grace Hotel, and later engaged in sweets planning at Hilton Tokyo’s pastry department, which leads the sweets industry. In 2018, he worked as an executive pastry chef at the Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental.
During his career, he has enthusiastically challenged competitions and boasts over 20 awards, including the Nikkei Restaurant Menu Grand Prix and the Japan Cake Show Contest Chairman’s Award.
Independent in 2021 and operates an online cake specialty store. In the same year, he started supervising desserts at Miyajima no Yado Iwaso. In October 2022, Patisserie de Bonne Augur will be opened. 2023 Supervised G7 Hiroshima Summit 2023 Working Dinner Dessert. Patisserie de Bonne Augur
[Image 6:×1600.jpg] Appearance of Patisserie de Bonne Augur
Patisserie de Bonne Augur is a pastry shop with the meaning of “auspicious patisserie”.
It is located about 5 minutes on foot from Yushima Tenjin, and if you follow the road, you will reach Kanda Myojin. Based in this “lucky” place, we will deliver sweets carefully crafted one by one by craftsmen, such as petit gateau, baked sweets, and the specialty “Monaka Marshmallow”, with lucky charms such as plums and Daruma dolls as motifs.
【store information】
Patisserie de Bonne Augur
〒113-0034 2-23-13 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Grace Cattleya 1F Phone 03-6826-9168
Business hours 10:00-19:00 Closed Wednesday
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