Decarbonized management Started providing GHG emissions analysis service to estoma, Japan’s first ESG disclosure support and management cloud

estoma Co., Ltd.
[Decarbonized management] Started providing GHG emissions analysis service to estoma, Japan’s first ESG disclosure support and management cloud
Aiming for ESG disclosure by all companies around the world.
estoma, which operates Japan’s first ESG disclosure support and management cloud, has newly started providing a function that can visualize and analyze Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions by business site. For Scope3, Category 5 will be released first.
[Image 1:×874.png] ■ About ESG Disclosure Support/Management Cloud “estoma” ESG Disclosure Support/Management Cloud estoma responds to all needs related to ESG disclosure and supports disclosure efficiently and effectively. estoma provides an environment that can be used with peace of mind even for companies that are working on ESG management in the future. With a curriculum that covers everything from basic ESG concepts to the disclosure process, it is possible to smoothly work on ESG disclosure. estoma also provides effective support for companies that have already made disclosures. Daily operations such as collecting data from business sites and suppliers, answering questions with evaluation organizations, and analyzing data can be made more efficient, and the quality of disclosure can be improved. With estoma, the ESG disclosure process is consistent and efficient. ■ Outline of GHG Emissions Analysis Function In order to calculate GHG emissions for each scope 1, 2, 3, we continuously collect huge amount of data such as fuel consumption, electricity consumption, and waste generation amount for each business site. is needed. However, the current situation is that many companies are not able to collect enough data due to the heavy load. In estoma, we have added a function to aggregate and analyze the amount of fuel consumption, electricity consumption, and waste generation necessary for calculation of Scope 1, 2 and Scope 3 Category 5. Other categories of Scope 3 will also be implemented sequentially in the future. ■Features of the function ・ Visualize company’s GHG emissions by business site and energy type. You can visualize by type. As a result, it is possible to identify energy types with a large proportion of emissions at each business site and to develop a reduction plan.
[Image 2:×1394.png] ・ Easy visualization of energy consumption by business office Easily visualize the transition of various energy consumption by business office. By monitoring the data of the business office on a daily basis, you can easily review it.
[Image 3:×1600.png] – Questionnaire function automates data aggregation In calculating GHG emissions, it is essential to collect information from each office of the company. With estoma, you can easily collect data using our proprietary questionnaire system. By simply creating a questionnaire requesting the submission of the necessary information to registered business establishments, the sending, collection, and aggregation will be automated. Answers will be tallied if you answer using the answer form developed by estoma. ■ Company Profile We are a social venture company founded with the idea of ​​”protecting the global environment and humankind until the year 2100.” Humanity is the most abundant of goods and services in human history, and people’s lives are improving day by day. However, in exchange for that, there are also large costs associated with the development of science and technology, such as climate change and water crises. I feel that if things continue as they are, the lives of not only humans but also other living creatures are at risk. estoma believes that the realization of a society where all companies around the world work on ESG and SDGs as a matter of course will lead to the survival of humankind. ■ Contact
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*1 In-house research in April 2023 As an “ESG disclosure support and management cloud” in Japan
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