DEEN · 30th anniversary orchestra performance song decided. Ticket sales start on Saturday, May 20

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DEEN · 30th anniversary orchestra performance song decided. Ticket sales start on Saturday, May 20

[Image:×3200.jpg] The first orchestral performance to decorate DEEN’s 30th anniversary memorial year has been realized. The curtain will finally rise on June 17th (Omiya Sonic City) and June 22nd (Festival Hall).
The featured songs will be DEEN’s mega hits, which have sold more than 15 million CDs since their debut in 1993 (“I want to take you away like this”, “Spread your wings”, etc.). . Some of them have now been announced.
“I selected songs that are popular among fans because they have an image that would fit well with an orchestral arrangement,” he said, selecting works with an orchestral sound. After 30 years of artist activity, a stage will be born that shows DEEN’s willingness to challenge new musical expressions.
Co-stars are the Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo (Omiya) and the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra (Osaka), who in recent years have gone beyond the framework of classical music and are aggressively working on co-starring with pop and rock music. Together with DEEN’s singing voice, the orchestra and band’s total of 60 musicians will pour down the magnificent and splendid sound on the dynamic stage.
“To commemorate DEEN’s 30th anniversary, we have decided to hold the first orchestral concert. We will deliver a newly reborn orchestral arrangement centering on the 90’s single songs that everyone has supported. This special We are really looking forward to getting together with everyone on this special day. Let’s spend a dream time together in a wonderful hall!” .
General ticket sales will start on May 20.
◆ Performance official site: ◆DEEN Official Site:
[Performance overview]
30th Anniversary Celebration『DEEN Premium Symphonic Concert -WINGS TO THE FUTURE-』
Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo (Omiya), Japan Century Symphony Orchestra (Osaka) Sponsored by: FM Tokyo (Omiya), NACK5 (Omiya), Saitama Prefectural Industrial Culture Center, Saitama Prefecture (Omiya)
◆Date and time:
Omiya: June 17, 2023 (Sat) 16:00 Osaka: June 22, 2023 (Thursday) 19:00 ◆ Venue: Omiya: Omiya Sonic City, Osaka: Festival Hall
◆ Appearance: DEEN
◆Conductor: Ryo Nishitani
◆ Orchestra: Omiya: Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo, Osaka: Japan Century Symphony Orchestra
◆Performance works:
“I want to take only you away like this”
“Spread your wings”
“Don’t turn a blind eye”
“Not alone”
“Like a dream”
“For the future”
“Eternal Tomorrow”
“Blue eyes”
others (in no particular order)
◆Ticket information: 11,000 yen (tax included, all seats reserved, special bonus program included)
◆ Contact:
Performance in Omiya: DISK GARAGE
Osaka Performance: YUMEBANCHI (Osaka) 06-6341-3525 (Weekdays 12:00-17:00)
Details about this release:

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