delta Co., Ltd. delta Co., Ltd. has started providing a bulk estimate service for collecting unwanted items from the Okinawa area.

delta Co., Ltd.
delta Co., Ltd. started providing a bulk estimate service for collecting disused items from the Okinawa area

delta Co., Ltd. has opened a bulk estimate site for collecting disused items, “Cleaning up Shinobu”. “Cleaning up Shinobu” partners with disused item collection companies and connects disused item collection companies who want to estimate the collection of disused items. In order to solve the problem that people who want to ask for the collection of disused items do not know which company to choose, delta Co., Ltd. has opened a bulk estimate site for disused item collection, “Kiyoshi no Shinobu”.
“Shinobi of Tidying Up”
As the reuse market continues to grow, the number of disused item collection companies is increasing nationwide, but the number of unscrupulous companies that charge high prices is also increasing. In order to solve such a situation, we have opened a bulk quotation site that has partnered with carefully selected reliable contractors. We hope that users who use bulk estimates will be able to use the “Shinobi of Tidying Up” to select a disused item collection company that suits them with peace of mind.
In addition, disused item collection companies can use it as a new channel to attract customers.
1: Partner only with reliable vendors
Only companies that have obtained permission from the government are posted on Shinobi of Tidying Up.
In order to prevent unscrupulous contractors from billing high prices, illegal dumping, and leaking personal information, we conduct a rigorous screening process, and introduce only contractors that have passed it.
2: Receive quotes from up to 5 companies
If you request an estimate for the collection of disused items, you will receive estimates from up to 5 companies.
Among them, it is a mechanism that you can select the cheapest contractor, schedule, and conditions that match, and interact with each other individually.
3: You can also request a garbage mansion and relics
In addition to collecting unwanted items, you can also request a garbage house and relics sorting.
You can make a collection request for all the disused items that have been collected from cleaning up the garbage mansion and sorting out the belongings.
[Posting disused article collection companies]
Tidying up Shinobu is looking for disused item collectors to partner with nationwide.
There is no initial cost or monthly fee, and you can register with confidence because you will be rewarded for the number of estimates. Please contact us from the official website of delta Co., Ltd. for requests such as registration requests and document requests. [About delta Co., Ltd.]
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Location: 2 Hiyoshi, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture [Related URL]
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