Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. Seeking, unseen talent. Digital Hollywood University DHU “U-18 Artist Contest 2023” held | Application deadline: Monday, July 17, 2023

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I want it, a talent I haven’t seen yet. Digital Hollywood University [DHU] “U-18 Artist Contest 2023” held | Application deadline: Monday, July 17, 2023
Grand Prize winners are exempted from the document screening of DHU’s entrance examination comprehensive selection [scholarship selection]!
As a joint-stock university approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Faculty of Digital Communication (four-year university) where you can learn about digital content, planning and communication, and the Graduate School of Digital Content (professional graduate school) that creates new businesses by bridging theory and practice. ), Digital Hollywood University (located in Ochanomizu, Tokyo, President Tomoyuki Sugiyama) will hold the “U-18 Artist Contest 2023”.
[Image 1:×1080.png] Since 2009, Digital Hollywood University (DHU) has established the “U- 18 Artist Contest” (commonly known as Aticon) is being held. In 2023, we will continue to solicit original works in three categories: illustration, 3DCG, and video, with the theme of “My Best Work Selected by You”. We accept applications from all over the world, regardless of nationality or place of residence.
▼Countries/regions of past applicants (in no particular order) Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, New Zealand, Canada, Austria
In addition to DHU’s faculty members in the 3DCG field, we will welcome people from companies that support the creative industry as judges. Judging from a professional point of view, the Grand Prize and Excellence Awards in each category, and the Grand Prix will be decided from among all the works.
Continuing from last year, the winners of the Grand Prix and the highest award in each category will be exempted from the document screening of the Comprehensive Selection [Scholarship Student Selection]. For all applicants who wish to enter DHU, this is a chance to get closer to being a scholarship student who will receive full tuition exemption for up to 4 years! Please feel free to apply. In addition, a “participation certificate” will be issued to all applicants for the U-18 artist contest. Even if you are not selected for each category award, you can use it as part of extracurricular activities and inquiry learning.
“We look forward to receiving your application.”
[Outline of the contest]
■ Participation qualification
Individuals or groups under the age of 18
(Regardless of nationality, club activities, classes, etc. are also possible. Limited to amateurs.)
■ Work theme
“My best work that you choose”
■ Department
Illustration category
3DCG Division
video division
*Please check the official website for details of the recruitment. ■ Sponsorship
Wacom Co., Ltd.
Palmy Co., Ltd.
Mouse Computer Co., Ltd….and more!!
■ How to apply
Apply/submit work from the form on the official website
* Data submission only. We do not accept works submitted by mail. ■ Application deadline
Monday, July 17, 2023
■ Result announcement
Early August 2023
*Announced on the official website ( *We will contact the winners individually.
*Participation certificates will be issued to all participants [Winners are exempt from document screening for scholarship student selection! ] DHU has established a special student (tuition exemption scholarship) system for those who have experience and ability in the fields of work production, planning, English, and e-sports. If you are selected as a scholarship student, the tuition fee (1,040,000 yen) will be fully exempted for up to 4 years.
The selection is roughly divided into two stages, “document review” and “interview”, and for the grand prix of the “U-18 Artist Contest 2023” and the winners of the highest award in each category, a comprehensive selection [scholarship student selection] will be exempted from document screening. For information on how to apply, please refer to the various application guidelines (published around the end of June 2023) and the “Digital Hollywood University Entrance Examination Guide”.
“Entrance Examination Guide”
[Introduction to 2022 winning works]
Illustration Category Grand Prize
I’m going!
[Image 2:×707.png] 3DCG Category Grand Prize
old one
[Image 3:×707.png] Best Picture Award
ring man
[Image 4:×300.jpg] Overseas Category Award
beautiful in another way
[Image 5:×707.png] 2022 Grand Prix
Let’s take a step.
[Image 6:×300.jpg] *Videos can be viewed on the official website.
U-18 Artist Contest Secretariat
[About Digital Hollywood University [DHU]]
In April 2005, it opened in Akihabara, Tokyo as a joint-stock university approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (currently located in Ochanomizu, Tokyo). The Faculty of Digital Communication (four-year university) and the Graduate School of Digital Contents (professional graduate school) have been established.
In the Faculty of Digital Communication, students will acquire the ability to survive an uncertain and unpredictable future in their own way. Digital content (3DCG/VFX, VR/AR, games, video, graphics, web design, media art, programming, etc.) and planning/communication (business plan, marketing, public relations PR, etc.) at the forefront of the industry. We have adopted a one-faculty, one-department system that allows students to learn a wide range of things from their teachers. Furthermore, in order to develop global human resources, we have a study program focused on foreign languages ​​and promote study abroad. It has students from 43 countries and regions around the world, and operates a diverse campus in front of Ochanomizu Station. The Graduate School of Digital Contents balances the four elements of the emerging academic fields [SEAD (Science/Engineering/Art/Design)] in order to produce leaders who will bring about changes in society by making full use of digital communication in an ultra-advanced information society. We will develop human resources that are well acquired and integrated, and that bridge theory and practice. Due to the implementation of graduate students’ ideas and startup support, such as new business planning and prototyping, it was ranked 12th among universities nationwide and 4th among private universities in the “Reiwa 3rd year university venture research” (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). It has produced many entrepreneurs.
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