DISCO Recruiting 24-year-old graduates About 60% of companies are struggling, a significant increase from last year

[Recruitment of 24 graduates] About 60% of companies are “struggling”, a significant increase from last year
Urgent corporate survey on impressions of recruitment activities (May 2023)
DISCO Corporation (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President: Masaro Niidome) conducted a survey on the recruitment activities of leading companies nationwide as of May. In addition, we investigated and analyzed a wide range of items, such as the schedule for internships this summer and the prospects for hiring graduates in 2025. (Survey period: May 10-15, 2023, 1,008 responses).
Contents 1. Number of graduates scheduled to be hired in 2024 (compared with the previous year) ・・・Chart 1 2. Current student reaction (compared with the previous year) -Number of seminar participants / Number of final selection applicants- 3.Currently 4. Issues felt in recruitment activities so far 5. Sense of crisis in recruitment activities ・・・Chart 3 6. Plans for forming an additional population [VOICE] Current recruitment activities Impressions 7-1. Scheduled implementation of internships, etc. this summer ・・・Chart 4 7-2. Scheduled programs ・・・Chart 5 8-1. 9. Click here for a detailed report on the introduction of job-based recruitment:

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