Discovery Next Co., Ltd. Brilliant POP singer SNARE COVER revitalized at once! Three performances will be announced at the same time, and a unique collaboration project with medical care will also be launched.

Discovery Next Co., Ltd.
The extraordinary pop singer SNARE COVER is revitalized at once! Three performances will be announced at the same time, and a unique collaboration project with medical care will also be launched. Based in Sapporo, singer-songwriter SNARE COVER, a singer-songwriter who continues to deliver magnificent and fantastic new POP music, has announced three live performances in Sapporo and Tokyo. New song release coming soon! ?

An interesting playlist project that explores the roots of SNARE COVER’s music has started in collaboration with a medical institution.
[Image:×2600.jpg] SNARE COVER (real name: Ko Saito) is currently developing unique musical activities while still living in Sapporo. With the music for the dark fantasy anime “Made in Abyss” and the theme song for the NHK special “Super Evolution Theory”, many people are becoming aware of his unique vocals while responding to highly difficult requests. More than fighting on the POP field, track hits are also required. In order to convey his music to a wider audience, new collaborations with labels are nearing completion, raising expectations even further. From a simple style with just a guitar and looper to live
performances, recently a piano has been added to add more depth and lyricism. On July 30th, a band set with a surprising support member is also planned, and expectations are rising.
Also, his presence calls for offers from unexpected places.
“Space Dental Clinic” is a dental clinic in Nishikasai. A
collaboration project with video and music, which is unique for a medical facility, has started. As the first step, we announced a web movie made by film director Kenji Tani. Furthermore, as a second step, SNARE COVER curated the music and put it together as a playlist for the hospital. His unique selection, which overlaps with his own global perspective and musical roots, includes a wide range of music from post-rock electronica to film music, such as James Blake, Thom Yorke, Mogwai, and Joe Hisaishi, as well as his own unreleased sound sources. Experimental efforts such as producing a picture book with
scriptwriter Midori Sato will continue in the third installment. Special public playlist space dentistry XSNARE COVER・Space Dental Clinic
・Seven Film Co., Ltd.
-Collaboration Creator-
・Kenji Tani Japanese film director, stage director, editor-in-chief of a magazine. After majoring in design at university, he moved to Tokyo dreaming of the world of movies. Involved in many independent films. After that, he worked for a web production company and an advertising agency, and was in charge of web marketing for an automobile company for about 9 years. Member of the Japan Motion Picture Directors Association.
A solo project by Ko Saito. Based in Sapporo, he has continued his creative activities and performance activities for 20 years. January 2022 The collaboration song with the genderless model “Baku Idegami” became a hot topic. In addition, he co-wrote the music for the dark fantasy anime “Made in Abyss” with the talented producer Kevin Penkin. A new work will be announced from a major record label in early summer. Vocals that span four octaves like an instrument Lyric that continues to suggest a place for humans to return to The lyrical acoustic sound is attractive.
・Midori Sato
Japanese screenwriter, broadcast writer, and novelist. Screenwriter and novelist from Nippon Television’s “Denpa Shonen-teki Planning Department Broadcast Writer Tokiwa-so”. Dramas such as “Higanjima Love is over”, “Henshin” and “DORONJYO”. Major publications include Kadokawa Tsubasa Bunko’s “Horror Collector” series (cumulative total of 800,000 copies) and Asahi Shimbun Publishing’s “Science Detective, Mysterious Truth” series (cumulative total of 400,000 copies). Live information below
July 3
Sapporo MUSICA HALL CAFE Welcome to my Garden North Story Vol2 Doors open 1830 Start 1900
3000 yen in advance, 3500 yen on the day (drink fee not included) Below is the email form for reservations. Reservations start from 18:00 on the 23rd
July 7
Shimokitazawa Fuchi Sorachi
Welcome to my Garden Vol5 Tanabata Special “Best set list you chose” Open 1830 Start 1900
Opening act Mai Sato
Advance sale: 3,500 yen On the day: 4,000 yen Separate drink fee Reservation form: Reservation starts from 18:00 on the 23rd
July 30th
Futako Tamagawa Gemuni Theater Welcome to may Garden Vol5.5 “First band set appearance!?”
Doors open 1600 Performance starts 1700
Advance sale: 3,500 yen On the day: 4,000 yen Separate drink fee Opening act Mai Sato
Reservations can be made from the homepage
Reservation start from 18:00 on 23rd
On July 7th and 30th, special gifts will be presented at the venue on the 30th to those who will be attending both events. Please bring your ticket stub, reservation email screen shot, etc.
On July 7th, everyone’s requests will be reflected in the set list. We will tell you how to apply later.
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