DyDo Forward Co., Ltd. DyDo Forward has released special content introducing “Comfortable comfort for workin g adults! ~ 6 recommended COOLBIZ ~” on NY Online.

Daido Forward Co., Ltd.
Daido Forward has released special content introducing “Comfortable comfort for working adults! ~COOLBIZ recommended 6 selections~” on NY Online.
New Yorker

Daido Forward Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo /
Representative Director: Hidetoshi Hagiwara), which plans,
manufactures, and sells apparel and accessories, as well as buying, selling, brokering, and leasing real estate, with a focus on NEWYORKER, the main brand of the apparel business. has released the special content “Comfortable Wear for Working Adults! ~COOLBIZ Recommended 6 Selections~” on its own mail order site.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-67ec8257473b08cd2214-0.jpg&s3=3270-1134-bbeac57751f2b6ed89654879f3a66589-1000×479.jpg] Comfortable fit for working adults! ~ COOLBIZ recommended 6 selections ~ The summer business scene where you want to look neat and comfortable. Carefully selected items with nice functions for the upcoming season when you are worried about temperature, humidity, and strong sunlight! Please enjoy the 6 recommended items by function along with the staff’s dressing.
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[Washable] Dry Chambray Cloth Collarless Jacket
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-5d1f27b5c3cff2a96142-1.jpg&s3=3270-1134-ec326e7cf5d8a790e3e855455a4a2202-1200×1400.jpg] A collarless jacket that can be set up with the natural texture of chambray for a gentle look. The washable material is comfortable and stretchy, and the features are great for working women. The V-line from the back collar switch makes the neck look sharp and gives it a stylish look.
Jacket ¥39,600 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51118150-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Pair with a linen blend dress that matches the dry touch of the jacket for a refreshing look. The gentle colors of beige and yellow green make your face look bright. If you add a long necklace with a delicate chain, you can combine it with the V collar of the jacket for an even sharper look.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-69f2431fb7431d2a4272-2.jpg&s3=3270-1134-3cba04b3158c111219e2996f2704b5db-1024×1366.jpg] Jacket ¥39,600 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51118150-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr One piece ¥37,400 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g26408111-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Necklace ¥6,050 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51955813-2022/?from=bk_special_230324_05&utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Bag ¥21,890 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g73935804-2022/?from=bk_special_230324_05&utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Shoes reference product

[Washable] Geometric Stripe A-Line Dress
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-9df39c33ca309567cb02-3.jpg&s3=3270-1134-5e7b5e28acbdeca21825b14716fd1298-1200×1400.jpg] A sleeveless dress with a complex geometric pattern that looks like a jacquard weave. It is an elegant item that can be worn alone or worn with a jacket for business style. Stretchability is also a point for stress-free comfort. The gently spreading A-line silhouette gives a feminine and elegant impression with the hem that sways every time you move.
One piece ¥39,600 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g26428113-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr The unique black and brown with an ethnic mood can be paired with a tailored jacket for a stylish look. The dark tone navy jacket and bag give an intellectual atmosphere without being too heavy.
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-14ec241eed4d3c0cb012-4.jpg&s3=3270-1134-74e1f740381eedb833f4aa9674df7957-1024×1365.jpg] Jacket ¥30,800 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g71028406-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr One piece ¥39,600 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g26428113-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Bag ¥21,890 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g73935804-2022?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Shoes reference product

[Cool touch] J-CAMICIE 3/4 sleeve skipper shirt
A cleric shirt that can be worn casually, made with a cut and sewn material that feels cool to the touch. A snap button is placed at the tip of the collar to keep the shape of the collar beautiful. The striped pattern and white color scheme give a refreshing impression, making it an item that looks great in summer. The loose silhouette with a moderately relaxed feel is also a point.
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-02ac07bdb3f439680f88-5.jpg&s3=3270-1134-0ec6bbdbdb9e803c84fd22e8210d0de7-735×892.jpg] Shirt ¥16,500 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51848661-2023/?from=bk_special_230324_01&utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Tuck the hem of a long shirt into the skirt for a clean silhouette. By showing off the white inner layer that matches the cleric color, you can create a refreshing look with a sense of looseness. The skirt has a semi-flare design and has an elegant line that does not spread too much.
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-af6ef6b3d32d97f7174b-11.jpg&s3=3270-1134-346d32d44d7093928acb27fe02b628f5-1024×1366.jpg] Shirt ¥16,500 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51848661-2023/?from=bk_special_230324_01&utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Tank top ¥8,800 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51858623-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Skirt ¥17,600 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51228351-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Bag ¥23,100 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51933818-2021?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Shoes reference product

[Water absorption and quick drying] Plated cotton sheeting tuck short-sleeved pullover
[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-91326bba25f64187d843-12.jpg&s3=3270-1134-0a903157de1742614e24e8b839a93a79-567×669.jpg] A short-sleeved pullover featuring a switch of different materials and delicate color scheme stitching. It is an item with a clean look like a blouse while providing a comfortable fit with water absorption and quick drying properties. Although it is simple, it has a neat look that looks great on its own, and can be used in a wide range of ways, from using it alone to wearing it as a jacket.
Cut and sew ¥14,300 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51858531-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr The cool pants style has a lavender inner color to add a soft impression. The compact length makes it well-balanced even when worn without tucking the hem. The suit has a nuanced weave pattern using two colors of thread, giving it a bright and airy look.
[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-57929d2c3a01b144f94e-13.jpg&s3=3270-1134-3b23d2c8c95bfd0bba7fc9476f0dff69-1024×1367.jpg] Jacket ¥39,600 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51118350-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Cut and sew ¥14,300 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51858531-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Pants ¥23,100 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51338350-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Shoes reference product
[Water absorption and quick drying] Triacetate cotton half sleeve bowtie blouse
[Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-7da096470717a95a0f78-14.jpg&s3=3270-1134-40c63441466d6ddca50384f120075994-1200×1400.jpg ]
A flared half-sleeve blouse that naturally covers your upper arms. The bowtie, which continues from the fluffy shawl collar, gives a neat impression with a balance that is neither too thick nor too thin. Made of triacetate cotton, which has excellent water absorption and quick drying properties, so you can wear it comfortably even in the sweaty season.
Blouse ¥20,900 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g26668211-2023/?from=bk_special_230324_01&utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr A hemp blend set-up creates a natural mood that is not too stiff. The cord piping of the jacket and the white shell buttons match the color of the blouse and give a refreshing impression. In addition, the bowtie on the front adds a touch of elegance.
[Image 11: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-78a6b580995126eff88c-15.jpg&s3=3270-1134-14de15f54fbcb084d916d343f3980051-768×1024.jpg] Jacket ¥39,600 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51018230-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Blouse ¥20,900 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g26668211-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Pants ¥20,900 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51338230-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Shoes reference product

[UV protection] Sol shield French sleeve cut and sew
[Image 12: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-d2d13fa4a5e1ee3e64ac-16.jpg&s3=3270-1134-71d525f7af95b9009747239096deb44c-640×728.jpg] A cut and sew with an attractive minimal design that matches various styles on and off. In addition to the high versatility that makes it difficult to see through and can be easily worn alone, it also has added features such as solar heat shielding and UV protection, which are great for seasons with strong sunlight. With a simple design that is easy to coordinate with other outfits, it can be worn alone or as an inner layer for a jacket.
Cut and sew ¥13,200 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51858553-2023/?from=bk_special_230324_01&utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Put on a jacket-like deformed blouse for an elegant office casual style. While keeping it chic with navy and black, the light gray cut and sew was chosen to brighten up the face. The delicate dot pattern on the skirt also enhances the elegance.
[Image 13: https://prtimes.jp/i/3270/1134/resize/d3270-1134-2490286cbc1be80f7a45-17.jpg&s3=3270-1134-9db074c33fc7cdfa5579726c8bd43fb7-1024×1366.jpg] Blouse ¥27,500 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51648154-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Cut and sew ¥13,200 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51858553-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Skirt ¥23,100 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g51258130-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Bag ¥19,800 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g23938812-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr Shoes ¥22,880 including tax
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/g/g23968602-2023?utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr ▽ Click here for the list of COOLBIZ items
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/goods/search.aspx?filtercode1=2&filtercode10=a2204112&utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr ▽ Click here for a list of new 23SS items
https://www.ny-onlinestore.com/shop/goods/search.aspx?filtercode1=2&filtercode4=1&keyword=23ss&utm_source=newssite&utm_medium=pr ■ About the membership program “NY.CLUB”
“NY.CLUB” is a membership program that can be used at the official online store “NY Online”, New Yorkers nationwide, New Yorker Outlets, and Atrael stores.
Various benefits are available, including points that can be accumulated by shopping.
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■ About the New Yorker
“NEWYORKER” proposes a style that is basic yet has the essence of the times and trends against the background of high quality. The history and know-how of DyDo Limited, a company that manufactures and sells clothing in its own group, is used in its manufacturing attitude. It started in 1964 as a brand that proposes traditional styles that focus on comfort, appearance, and durability. With our original tartan = “house tartan” as our brand symbol, we will continue to evolve with our products, as well as our high-quality hospitality and services, and pursue a brand that will exceed and impress your imagination. ■ Company Profile
Company name: Daido Forward Co., Ltd.
Established: August 22, 2007
Representative: Hidetoshi Hagiwara, President and Representative Director Capital: 100 million yen (100% owned by Daido Limited)
Business: Planning, manufacturing and sales of clothing and
accessories, real estate management, operation of commercial facilities, etc.
■ Contact information
DyDo Forward Customer Consultation
Toll-free 0120-17-0599
Reception hours 10:00-17:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and summer holidays)

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