“ebisumart”, the first customizable cloud-based e-commerce platform, started cooperation with customer-facing cloud “Re:lation”

Inter Factory Co., Ltd.
“ebisumart”, the first customizable cloud-based e-commerce platform, started cooperation with customer-facing cloud “Re:lation
Contributing to the efficiency of EC site operation and the quality improvement of customer service by unifying the inquiry window
The cloud commerce platform “ebisumart” provided by Interfactory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Noboru Kaburagi; hereinafter referred to as Interfactory) is a cloud-based EC construction system that enables customization. * for the first time in May 2023. It started on the 24th (Wednesday).
In addition, this system cooperation will also start with the cloud commerce platform “ebisumart zero” for small starts provided by Interfactory.
As a result, EC business operators who have built EC sites with ebisumart and ebisumart zero and have introduced “Re:lation” will be able to seamlessly manage inquiries and customer / order information, improving operational efficiency and You can expect an improvement in the quality of customer service.
[Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/2174/87/resize/d2174-87-2a9c5fd6fb613c19a453-0.jpg&s3=2174-87-4da7d89cfd71e0af263796d41c492606-2000×300.jpg] About linkage function
1. Smooth transition between “Re:lation” and ebisumart management screens The smooth transition between both services makes it easier to match the details of inquiries with customer information and order information, shortening the customer response time and preventing misunderstanding of customer information.
2. You can check the correspondence history with one click from the ebisumart customer management screen
You can check the response to inquiries made on “Re:lation” with one click from the customer management screen of ebisumart, and you can prevent work from becoming dependent on each person.
In addition, since it is possible to seamlessly perform everything from checking the response history to sending emails, it not only prevents omissions and mistakes in response, but also enables quicker and more appropriate responses, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
About Re:lation
Re:lation is a customer support cloud that centrally manages multiple contact points and can be shared by teams. Diverse communication services such as e-mail, telephone, chat, and LINE can be handled on a single screen, making it easy to centrally manage inquiries that have become more complex as the number of contact points with customers has increased.
In addition, it is equipped with functions that solve various problems that tend to occur when multiple people respond to inquiries, such as status management that prevents double replies and omissions, and an approval function that allows easy double checks. It also supports various work styles such as telework. It realizes operational efficiency and visualization, and contributes to human resource education.
Re:lation is used in a wide range of industries and industries, including e-commerce businesses and call centers, and has been introduced to more than 4,000 companies in the nine years since its release. The design that pursues usability has been highly evaluated and won the Good Design Award.
Service page URL: https://ingage.jp
Interfactory will continue to provide valuable solutions from the customer’s perspective in order to contribute to the development of the EC industry and the activation of the EC business of the companies that have introduced it.
* Cloud-based EC site construction service that supports customization specified by Nihon Ryutsu Sangyo Shimbun Co., Ltd. “Nihon Net Keizai Shimbun June 16, 2022 Issue”
About cloud commerce platform “ebisumart”
“ebisumart” is a major cloud commerce platform with the No. 1* market share for EC site construction tools in the SaaS-type customized market for four consecutive years. Combining the advantages of both EC package and ASP systems, you can always build an up-to-date and optimized EC site.
We have a track record of building more than 700 sites in total, regardless of industry type, such as site renewal, omni-channel, BtoB-EC, etc. In order to support the growth of our customers’ EC business, we offer everything from proposals for EC sites that meet their needs to site operation. We will support you from the top. (*Fuji Chimera Research Institute, “Software Business New Market 2019-2022 Edition (quantity basis 2018-2021)”)
About cloud commerce platform “ebisumart zero”
“ebisumart zero” has the advantage of being able to build an EC site “inexpensively” and “easily” in an ASP-type cart. It is a cloud commerce platform for small starts that can “expand functions” at the optimum timing.
Regardless of the type of business, we support the growth of startups to medium-sized e-commerce businesses who are thinking of “business growth” by “expanding the functions of their e-commerce site according to the business phase”.
[Overview of Inter Factory]
Company name: Inter Factory Co., Ltd.
Company information URL: https://www.interfactory.co.jp/
Head office location: 4th floor, Iidabashi Grand Bloom, 2-10-2 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Noboru Kaburagi, President and CEO
Established: June 2003
Capital: 435,600,046 yen
Business description: Cloud commerce platform business
EC business growth support business
“ebisumart” service URL: https://www.ebisumart.com/
“ebisumart zero” service URL: https://ebisumartzero.com/
“ebisu growth” service URL: https://ebisu-growth.com/
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