Establishment of Brights Partners Co., Ltd.|Organization, People, Culture, Strategy

Dear all concerned,
Brights Partners Co., Ltd.
Establishment of Brights Partners Co., Ltd.|Organization, People, Culture, Strategy
Establishment of Brightz Partners inc.

We are pleased to announce that Brights Partners Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) was established in April 2023 and has started in earnest.
Our company exists to realize a brighter world for companies and individuals through organization and human resources.
A true improvement in corporate value through organizational and personnel reforms cannot be achieved by clean things alone.
This is all the more true in Japan, where the declining birthrate and aging population, diversification of work styles and values ​​are progressing, and Japan is stuck in a low-growth economy.
In order to achieve results, we will work together, even if it is difficult or painful, to earnestly face things that you may want to turn a blind eye to inconvenient reality, and things that you want to keep vague so as not to hurt anyone. We aim to be partners.
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[Image 2:×242.jpg] Service overview
Any management or business issue always involves the issue of “organization” and “people.”
Based on advanced practices, trends and tools not only in Japan but also overseas, we provide solutions that lead to the achievement of management and business goals and problem solving.
1. Formulation of organization/human resource strategy | Formulation of basic strategy/policy, etc.
2. Organization design|Organization/post design, personnel system development, senior personnel (people in their late 50s and over) management, etc.
3. Human management | Employee management, entrance strategies, exit strategies, dealing with low performers, etc.
4. Strengthening corporate culture|Diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, etc.
[Image 3:×652.png] In the future, in addition to consulting services, we plan to develop software and expand overseas, mainly in Southeast Asia.
key members
Our company consists of professionals with strengths in organization, people, culture, and strategy, with a foreign strategy consulting firm, a foreign human resources firm, a Big 4 comprehensive firm, and people from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Achievements of key members (example)
・Reform of the “job-type” grade, evaluation, and compensation system for the development of human resources that will support the improvement of competitiveness in a shrinking market (prime market | food)
・Establishment of succession plans for management in anticipation of generational change (prime market | information and communications) ・Design and construction of post-acquisition management structure, cross-cultural integration (prime market | food products) associated with overseas M&A
・Review group governance and build management training model (prime market | electricity)
・Examination of evaluation system and sophistication of operation (prime market | electricity)
・Sophistication of the function of the personnel department that supports the job-based personnel system (prime market | chemical) ・Group head office organizational reform and culture diagnosis (prime market | finance)
・Human resource management reform centered on job-based personnel system (prime market | finance)
・CXO requirements definition and talent management systemization to increase market value (prime market | finance)
・Establishment of management succession and talent management system (prime market | pharmaceuticals)
・Consideration of ideal human resources and organization for digital enhancement (prime market | food)
・Construction of human resource relocation strategy from existing business to new business (prime market | information and
・Revision to a fair and transparent grading, evaluation, and remuneration system that facilitates the selection of talented young talent and promotes metabolism (standard market | information and communication)
Disseminate insight on organization and human resources. We recently published the following reports:
・ 2023 Labor Market Reform | Anticipating Future Organizational and Personnel Trends (May 2023) inquiry
For inquiries about our company, please contact us from the following.
Vision|Unleash Your Potential The world view that we want to realize Unleash Your Potential We want to realize a world where everyone can fully demonstrate their potential and talents and continue to shine (Brightz).This desire is our driving force.
Mission | Steady Progress & Transformations to Your Aspiration Our mission is to support the realization of strong ideas, from steady progress to major transformations.
– Five steps ahead|Always look at the world five steps ahead – No compromise|We will not compromise for value creation - Face harsh reality|We will not look away from harsh reality - Constructive criticism|Challenge preconceived notions – With excitement | Working on exciting things – Sustainable society | Contributing to a sustainable society through organizations and people
company overview
 Name|Brightz Partners Incorporated
 Address|Minami-Aoyama 3-1-36-6F, Minato-ku, Tokyo
 Capital|3,000,000 yen
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