Excelsoft Becomes Anaconda Premier Partner, Selling Anaconda Business and Anaconda Server and Providing Tier 1 Support

Excelsoft Co., Ltd.
Excelsoft Becomes Anaconda Premier Partner, Selling Anaconda Business and Anaconda Server and Providing Tier 1 Support

Excelsoft Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) has been certified as a Premier Partner of Anaconda, which provides a Python/R platform for data science, machine learning, and AI. Along with this, Excelsoft has started selling and providing Tier 1 support for Anaconda Business and Anaconda Server in addition to Anaconda Professional. Excelsoft will work with Anaconda to sell paid licenses in Japan and expand support services for Anaconda users.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/68065/89/resize/d68065-89-a070a542554cd5452661-0.png&s3=68065-89-344343bc4c180d2e72de7c0dc9d0f5b4-534×94.png]
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/68065/89/resize/d68065-89-ca0d8477517dfae1491b-1.png&s3=68065-89-47754f5320086b222266c845c5cda73e-172×240.png] ■ Product name: Anaconda Professional
Anaconda Business
Anaconda Server ■ Product Category: Data Science/AI
■ From Anaconda CEO/Co-Founder Peter Wang: Cultivating strong partnerships in the data science and Python communities is critical to our growth and course correction. Together with our partners, we envision a world where Anaconda exists in every enterprise environment that uses Python. Our partners’ success is our success, and the changes we’ve made to our channels and enablement programs will help drive momentum across the company this year and in the years to come. (From Anaconda press release:
https://www.anaconda.com/press/anaconda-launches-new-channel-partner-program/) ■ From XLsoft Corporation CEO Nobuaki Nishi: We are honored to partner with Anaconda as a Premier Partner. Together with Anaconda, a Python platform for data science, machine learning, and AI, I would like to help promote data science, machine learning, and AI in Japan. Through our partnership with Anaconda, we will provide the added value of Anaconda, such as sales networks in Japan, provision of support services, and dissemination of information in Japanese, for Japanese enterprises.
■ Product Brief: Anaconda enables commercial organizations to leverage open source innovation with Conda packages and metadata handpicked by the Anaconda team. And by mirroring a commercial package repository of over 8,000 Anaconda-built data science and machine learning packages into your infrastructure, you can control the quality of the artifacts you use in your enterprise projects.
Anaconda’s bulletproof security not only keeps vulnerable and untrusted software out of your data science and machine learning pipelines, but Conda’s signature verification provides insight into the authenticity of your packages.
Additionally, this verification step eliminates many potential single points of failure in the software supply chain, greatly reduces the impact of man-in-the-middle attacks on customer systems, and eliminates the need for mirrors and content delivery networks. Reduce the impact on your systems from compromises, TLS misconfigurations, and more.
■ Price:
Anaconda Professional/Business/Server licenses are available as site or user licenses depending on company size and number of users. Please contact us from our web page for price details and products. https://www.xlsoft.com/jp/products/anaconda/index.html
■ About Excelsoft Co., Ltd.:
Excelsoft Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Satoshi Kanda TEL: 03-5440-7875) is a global software distributor that sells excellent software from around the world, mainly software development tools, to Japan, Asia, and other parts of the world. I’m here.
Compilers, test automation, Office file compatible API libraries, PDF forms, API platforms, device driver development, application development components, mobile application development, help creation, security software, network monitoring, DevOps, cloud services, etc. The era that supports the IT environment. We provide software products and services that meet the needs of We also provide software localization services for Japanese and other languages.
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