FANCL Co., Ltd. FANCL “Naishi Support” new TV commercial to start airing from May 18 (Thursday)

FANCL “Naishi Support” new TV commercial to start airing on May 18th (Thursday) Jiro Sato shows off the “tummy dance”! Pay attention to how they dance cheerfully

From May 18th (Thursday), FANCL Co., Ltd. will release a new TV commercial “Let’s reduce belly fat” for the food with functional claims “Neibutsu Support”, which is reported to work to “reduce weight and body fat” (15 30 seconds) will be broadcast nationwide. This is the third installment of the internal fat support TV commercial series featuring Jiro Sato as the image character.
In the main part of the commercial, Jiro Sato performed a comical and impressive “tummy dance” such as “pom-pom” on the stomach. “I’ll do my best for health checkups!” Please take a look at Mr. Jiro Sato’s humorous “tummy dance”, such as his hot-blooded guidance just like club activities.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] ◆Outline of the new TVCM
・ Title: “Let’s reduce belly fat” (15 seconds / 30 seconds) ・ Release date: Thursday, May 18 ・ Broadcast area: Nationwide ・ Cast: Jiro Sato ・ YouTube:
[Video 2:] [Comment shooting episode] Mr. Jiro Sato, who appeared with applause from the staff, suddenly said, “Thank you for your hard work!” progressed. It’s as if you’re watching a skit when you go around in circles while folding your arms with your wife, and try and error with dances you’re not good at. Please also pay attention to the “tummy dance” where you will be addicted to dancing in rhythm while gently touching your proud stomach. -Reference-About Naishi Support
[Image 2:×700.jpg] Contains two types of Bifidobacterium and N-Acetylglucosamine, which have been reported to improve high BMI by improving the intestinal environment and reducing body weight and body fat. In addition, it is reported that the combination of “black ginger (polymethoxyflavone)”, which makes it easier to consume fat, reduces belly fat (visceral fat / total abdominal fat). We are also particular about protecting and delivering the ingredients with our unique technology “Barrier & Release Manufacturing Method”. -Notification labeling-This product contains black ginger-derived polymethoxyflavone, live bifidobacterium BB536 (B.longum), B-3 (B.breve), and N-acetylglucosamine.
Polymethoxyflavone derived from black ginger has been reported to reduce belly fat (visceral fat, total abdominal fat) by making it easier to consume fat. Viable Bifidobacterium BB536 (B.longum)/B-3 (B.breve) and N-acetylglucosamine improve the intestinal environment and reduce abdominal fat (abdominal subcutaneous fat, total abdominal fat), body weight and body fat. It has been reported that by reducing It is suitable for those who are obese and have a high BMI, and those who are concerned about belly fat.

Details about this release:

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