FOEX “Listen to voiceless voices with tarot” “Ingredients called complete food ‘Brown rice'” Natural Style. Market special lecture held on 5/21 (Sun)

Limited Liability Company Smart Luce
[FOEX] “Listen to voiceless voices with tarot” “Ingredients called complete food ‘Brown rice'” Natural Style. Market special lecture held on 5/21 (Sun)

SmartLuce LLC (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which operates Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎ (FOEX (R) ︎), will host Emi Matsuno Nagasaki (Tenchi Yui Mahorobaya) and Kosuke Shimoyama (Shimoyama-san Chi no Ome) will give special lectures.
[Image 1:] ~Natural Style. Market Special Lecture~
[Location] Natural Style Market
[Date and time] Sunday, May 21, 2023
 Part 1: 10:00-/Part 2: 11:00-
[Participation fee] Free (Zoom participation)
[Image 2:×752.png] Special Lecture [1] “Listen to Voiceless Voices with Tarot”
Speaker: Emi Matsuno Nagasaki
Tarot is a tool that can listen to voices without voices. This time, I will tell you about the roots of Tarot, the characteristics of Voyager Tarot, and how to use it in a wide variety of ways. A very reliable partner who knows you.

[Image 3:×426.png] Special Lecture [2] “Brown rice, a food ingredient called a complete meal” Speaker: Mr. Kosuke Shimoyama
Learn about brown rice, which is attracting attention as a healthy food, and be conscious of your health♪

■ What is “Natural Style. Market”?
“Natural Style. Market” is an online window shopping experience. We have a wide range of products and services that make your life easier. Held from 9:00 to 12:00 on the 3rd Sunday of every month
[Image 4:×1282.jpg] ■ What is “Flask Online EXPO (R)?” The joint company Smart Luce will open an online Marche (R) ︎ “ONLINE Hobo Kenjinkai (R) ︎” that can be participated from all over the country in April 2020 (4th Sunday of every month). 9:00 to 12:30). You can now easily enjoy encounters with products and services that you have never seen before online. After that, the first “Adult Festa” of “Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎”, which specializes in specialization, will start in May 2021. So far, we have launched more than 20 online EXPO (R) projects, held more than 300 times, boasting over 7,000 exhibitors and 2,000 monthly visitors*. From January 2023, we will start an activity to plant one tree for each new exhibitor through the NPO Make Happy. In addition, the FM radio program “Flask Online EXPO (R) Hour” (every Sunday at 24:00 Chofu FM/Risuraji can be viewed nationwide) will start in the same month, and the online EXPO (R) and exhibitors will be sent nationwide. do. *As of May 2023
[Image 5:×343.png] Experiment and creation exhibition “Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎” [Homepage] Share the World (R) ︎-With the basic philosophy of sharing the world, Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎ supports businesses that take on the challenge of exhibiting online. increase. By sharing your own world, you aim to develop your business with your colleagues. We will connect the whole country online and contribute to the activation of various industries.
Organizer: Japan Online Event Promotion Association (JOEPA)
Operation management: B-Dash Co., Ltd. Smart Luce LLC
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