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[FOEX] “New Era of Waste Disposal” “Edable Spoon PACOON” 5/19 (Fri)-Special Lecture-Announcement (Environmental Mirai EXPO)-Flask Online EXPO (R)︎

Smart Luce LLC (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which operates Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎ (FOEX (R) ︎), will be held on May 19th at the “Environmental Mirai EXPO”, Mr. Keisuke Yaegashi (G Holdings Co., Ltd. ) and Kazuko Hamasaki (Kinroshoku Co., Ltd.) will give a special lecture. * Online EXPO (R) ︎ and Online Marche (R) ︎ are registered trademarks of Smart Luce LLC.
[Image 1:] – Special Lecture at the Future of the Environment EXPO –
[Place] Inside Mirai EXPO
[Date and time] Friday, May 19, 2023
 Part 1: 14:00-/Part 2: 15:00-
[Participation fee] Free (Zoom participation)
[Image 2:×915.png] Special Lecture (Part 1) “Waste Treatment in the New Era” Lecturer: Mr. Keisuke Yaegashi (G Holdings Co., Ltd.)
The amount of waste is increasing year by year. Noncombustible plastics are disposed of as they are, and it takes about 400 years to return to the soil. In order to change such a situation, we will talk about a new method of waste disposal.

[Image 3:×917.png] Special Lecture (Part 2) “Edable Spoon PACOON” Speaker: Kazuko Hamasaki (Kinroshoku Co., Ltd.)
 PACOON was born from a passion for dietary education and environmental issues “It’s a product.” A colorful and cute spoon-shaped cookie that can be used by children
“Foster an interest in vegetables.”

■ What is “Future of the Environment EXPO” Global warming, air pollution, marine pollution, soil pollution, deforestation, pollution of additives… “Future of the Environment EXPO” proposes a future environment that will connect to children while considering the global environment online exhibition. Under the slogan “Let’s create a sustainable world”, environmental professionals gathered from all over the country explain the various environmental pollution and health hazards that are occurring around them in an easy-to-understand manner, and propose countermeasure products and services. increase. Held every third Friday from 13:00 to 16:00 [Homepage]
[Image 4:×1281.jpg] ■ What is “Flask Online EXPO (R)?”
In April 2020, the online marche (R) ︎ “ONLINE Hobo Kenjinkai (R) ︎” (from 9:00 to 12:30 on the 4th Sunday of every month) that can be participated from all over the country will start. You can now enjoy encounters with products and services that you have never seen before. After that, after repeated trial and error, the first “Adult Festa” of Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎, which specializes in expertise, will start in May 2021. The reaction was great, and word of mouth was generated by visitors. In March of the following year, the 1st anniversary commemorative award for “Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎” was successful. So far, we have launched more than 20 online EXPO (R) projects, held more than 100 times, boasting over 3,000 exhibitors and 2,000 monthly visitors. From January 2023, the FM radio program “Flask Online EXPO (R) Hour” introducing the online EXPO (R) and exhibitors will start (every Sunday at 24:00 Chofu FM). CEO Susumu Oshige serves as a personality.
[Image 5:×343.png] Experiment and creation exhibition “Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎” With the basic philosophy of Share the World (R) ︎-Let’s share the world-, Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎ will support businesses who take on the challenge of exhibiting online. By sharing your own world, you aim to develop your business with your colleagues. We will connect the whole country online and contribute to the activation of various industries.
Organizer: Japan Online Event Promotion Association (JOEPA)
Operation management: B-Dash Co., Ltd. Smart Luce LLC
* Online EXPO (R) ︎ and Online Marche (R) ︎ are registered trademarks of Smart Luce LLC.
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