FRUITS ZIPPER, the anniversary live that will be the culmination of one year since their debut has begun. Announced appearance at “Sayonara Nakano Sunplaza Music Festival” in June!

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FRUITS ZIPPER, the anniversary live that will be the culmination of one year since their debut has begun. Announced appearance at “Sayonara Nakano Sunplaza Music Festival” in June!
In addition, the latest song “Super happy song ~Is it okay to be happy like this?~” is now available

The 7-member idol group FRUITS ZIPPER held their Tokyo performance on May 4th (Thursday/holiday) at Toyosu PIT, the first day of their “FRUITS ZIPPER 1st Anniversary Super Happy Live!”.
Tickets for the live performances in Tokyo and Osaka were sold out immediately after they went on sale. To celebrate the first
anniversary of the group’s debut, lucky fans who got tickets in the competition gathered at Toyosu PIT.
[Image 1:×800.jpg] One year after their debut, FRUITS ZIPPER has grown into a group that attracts attention, performing live at famous idol festivals and Japan’s largest fashion events, and successfully completing tours in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, including LINE CUBE SHIBUYA.
On this day, a special set prepared for this performance was set up on the stage, and the members appeared in costumes that were unveiled for the first time. They performed a total of 17 songs, from debut songs to new songs, and during the MC, each member expressed their gratitude to the fans.
[Image 2:×800.jpg]
[Image 3:×800.jpg] Furthermore, during the performance, it was announced that they will appear at the “Sayonara Nakano Sunplaza Music Festival” on Monday, June 26th. Many artists have performed on stage, and Nakano Sunplaza will be reborn on the occasion of its 50th anniversary this year. We look forward to seeing performances that lead to the future of Nakano Sunplaza on this historic stage.
In addition, “Cho-medetai-song ~Konna-Konna-Shiawase-de-Ikana-?~”, which was performed at this live, was released as a digital single on May 4th (Thursday/Holiday), the day of the performance.
This song is co-written by Sho Yamamoto, who worked on “My most cute place”, which can be said to be the representative song of FRUITS ZIPPER, which has exceeded 700 million views on TikTok, and Genji Miyano, who is known for providing songs to various artists. thing. With a sound reminiscent of idol songs from the 2000s, it’s a “super happy” pop tune that sings about the overflowing happiness of girls. -“Sayonara Nakano Sunplaza Music Festival” performance summary- Sayonara Nakano Sunplaza Music Festival
Performance date: Monday, June 26, 2023
Venue: Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo)
The latest information such as ticket information will be announced on the FRUITS ZIPPER official Twitter (@FRUITS_ZIPPER) as needed. -Release overview-
[Image 4:×1000.jpg] FRUITS ZIPPER New Single
“Super happy song ~Is it okay to be so happy?~”
Delivery date: May 4, 2023 (Thursday / holiday)
Delivery URL:
Distributed on major music distribution sites and flat-rate
all-you-can-listen services
1. Super happy song ~Is it okay to be so happy? ~
2. Super happy song ~Is it okay to be so happy? ~ -Instrumental- -FRUITS ZIPPER tour information-
September 3 (Sun) Osaka Zepp Namba
September 5 (Tuesday) Aichi Zepp Nagoya
September 8 (Friday) Fukuoka Zepp Fukuoka
September 10th (Sun) Hiroshima BLUE LIVE HIROSHIMA
September 13 (Wednesday) Hokkaido PENNY LANE24
September 16 (Sat) Kanagawa KT Zepp Yokohama
VIP standing ¥16,500
miniVIP standing ¥7,700
General standing ¥5,500
2F reserved seat ¥5,500
*All prices include tax, drink fee not included
*Tickets for Hiroshima and Hokkaido are for VIP/general standing only -Profile-
[Image 6:×900.jpg] FRUITS ZIPPER
A new idol group born from Asobisystem’s new project “KAWAII LAB.” The producer of the group is Kimura Misa, who has worked as a model/entertainer and general producer of “KAWAII LAB.” The name of the group was FRUITS ZIPPER, a combination of FRUIT, which means to bear fruit, and ZIP, which means to give energy.
Based on the concept of “From Harajuku to the world”, we will send out “NEW KAWAII” from “Harajuku”, a place where various cultures originate and a fashion town where individuality gathers.
Details about this release:

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