Full-fledged use of ChatGPT in the lodging industry! Talkappi, which has been introduced by more than 600 accommodation facilities, is driving the promotion of DX at hotels and inns

Acty Values ​​Inc.
Full-fledged use of ChatGPT in the lodging industry! Talkappi, which has been introduced by more than 600 accommodation facilities, is driving the promotion of DX at hotels and inns

ActyValues ​​Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Chen Cheng) announces that the customer experience platform “talkappi”, which specializes in accommodation and tourist facilities, is now compatible with generative AI ChatGPT. I will. AI chatbots using ChatGPT can now be used on various customer service channels, including websites, official apps, LINE official accounts, Facebook pages, and WeChat official accounts.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/20288/63/resize/d20288-63-a5c9fcc0aae92f1d72ef-0.png&s3=20288-63-2c7a8d47ff96800e7029bd6cbc33e638-1800×945.png] ■ About ChatGPT support
Autoresponders in the lodging industry should minimize the risk of incorrect answers and provide reliable answers. The talkappi AI chatbot provided by our company has been introduced in more than 600 hotels and inns so far, achieving an automatic response rate of more than 96%, and has maintained the highest level in the industry. With this ChatGPT integration, the context of conversations and the ability to understand natural language have been further improved. In addition, we minimize the risk of erroneous information provision because we give top priority to answering facility guide information centrally managed by talkappi. You can use it with peace of mind because you can use it while maintaining the original functions and service level of talkappi.
Since the beginning of 2023, we have been actively researching and developing not only ChatGPT but also collaboration with various generative AIs including Google Bard. Current generative AI is still in the process of growth and there are many issues, but I am very happy that we have started full-scale cooperation with ChatGPT. We are currently making improvements in cooperation with the facilities that have started linking ChatGPT, and at the same time, we are
accelerating the verification of the application of Google Bard. Please look forward to the evolution of talkappi.
■How to use and how to apply
Since it supports API linkage with ChatGPT, linkage can be completed immediately by setting your API Key on the talkappi management screen. Facilities that do not have a ChatGPT account can link via our company.
Click here for inquiries and applications
https://inquiry.talkappi.com/?f=talkappi_intro&id=8888888037 ■ What is “talkappi”?
“talkappi” is a SaaS service specializing in lodging and tourism facilities, and is a customer experience platform that utilizes AI to support travelers’ “travel mae, travel inside, and travel ato”. Japanese is standard, and it supports up to 109 languages ​​including English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), and Korean, and has been installed in more than 600 facilities in Japan, mainly hotels, inns, local governments, and commercial facilities. . It mainly has the following functions.
Automatic response to inquiries by AI chatbot
Reservations and sales that can be completed via chat
Automatically generate FAQ page from chatbot data
Promotional distribution by segment
Conducting questionnaires, issuing coupons
Reservations and applications for events and in-house services A dedicated web app that covers all of your travels
We contribute to improving customer satisfaction and resolving labor shortages through 24-hour customer support, 365 days a year. For more information, please visit https://talkappi.com.
[Typical destinations]
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/20288/63/resize/d20288-63-e3f6ca7fafacdc074675-1.png&s3=20288-63-000e46e68dd4761c7fba06e69d136b24-1944×852.png] List of introduced facilities: https://talkappi.com/clients/ ■ About Activalues
Activalues ​​Co., Ltd. provides a customer experience platform “talkappi” specializing in the tourism field, aiming to contribute to the promotion of DX in the tourism field.
We continue to take on the challenge of technological innovation in the field of tourism, based on our philosophy of “enriching our minds through travel, revitalizing our communities through tourism, and contributing to world peace through exchanges.” We will continue to focus on expanding functions and expanding support areas, and will work to further improve our services.
Representative: Representative Director Chen Chi
Capital: 192.7 million yen (including capital reserve)
Location: 1-30-14 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business description:
1. Providing solutions related to artificial intelligence and deep learning 2. Research, development and support of artificial intelligence technology 3. Development and operation of apps and web services
Official site: https://activalues.com
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Acty Values ​​Inc.
Person in charge: Senoo (Sales), Lee (Public Relations)

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