Futonto Co., Ltd. Sleeping sportsmanship 200 sleep professionals will hold a “pillow derby” to compete for sleep quality

Futonto Co., Ltd.
Sleeping sportsmanship 200 sleep professionals will hold a “Pillow Derby” to compete for quality of sleep

Futonto Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Machida City, Tokyo, President: Yoshikazu Saito, hereinafter referred to as Futonto), which operates the custom-made pillow store Makurabo, raises employees’ health awareness and promotes the importance of sleep to society. To this end, from May 1st (Monday) to 26th (Wednesday), about 200 employees will hold a “Makurabo Derby” to compete for the highest quality of sleep.
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/19730/398/resize/d19730-398-6c8bb28dc11173bb89ba-0.jpg&s3=19730-398-aba78c45d4bf79c607b70fa18e7fd2a3-3244×1158.jpg] The custom-made pillow shop Makurabo will hold a “Sleep Derby” in which about 200 employees will participate and compete for the quality of sleep. In this competition, from May 1st (Mon) to 26th (Wed), about 200 employees will use our sleep measurement app to record their sleep quality as a score every night, and the total score during the period will be calculated. is a competition.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/19730/398/resize/d19730-398-448ec813de2a2a2f3139-4.jpg&s3=19730-398-6be27afc37ced4086c2e10b031116a20-650×341.jpg] By paraphrasing horse racing terms such as “Katsumakura (Katsuma),” “Mattress condition (turf condition),” and “Physical condition (condition)” after the Derby of horse racing, employees can enjoy while We are working hard to improve the quality of sleep.
In fact, I think about my own “running name” to be put on the “running card” in advance, “most popular 〇〇”, “corner passing order (interim announcement)”, “last straight line (last week)” By announcing the results during the race just like horse racing, we will create an environment where you can run to the end without dropping out. It is truly a “sleeping sportsmanship” competition.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/19730/398/resize/d19730-398-e60b29c2f056f4be9a94-3.jpg&s3=19730-398-6cfb4f96a2c9ac91c6f27c887d8c826d-842×562.jpg] Custom-made pillows are provided by the company after joining the company, but this race has a big impact on victory or defeat depending on the daily “training (efforts to sleep)” and the condition of the mattress.
The winner will not only be rewarded with a sumptuous “earnings prize”, but will also receive internal prestige and a deep sleep. How much sleep you get is a shortcut to victory.
By showing how employees are working on “health” while having fun, the entire company will work together to create a stir in Japanese society, where many people are sleep deprived.
Sleep champion deciding match “Makurabo Derby”
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/19730/398/resize/d19730-398-6c8bb28dc11173bb89ba-0.jpg&s3=19730-398-aba78c45d4bf79c607b70fa18e7fd2a3-3244×1158.jpg] [Holding period]
Monday, May 1, 2023 to Wednesday, May 26, 2023
【Result announcement】
Sunday, May 28, 2023
[Prize Money Earned]
1st place = 30,000 yen
2nd place = 20,000 yen
3rd place = 10,000 yen
4th place = 5,000 yen
5th place = 4,000 yen
6th place = 3,000 yen
7th place = 2,000 yen
8th place = 1,000 yen
9th place = 500 yen
10th place = 300 yen
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/19730/398/resize/d19730-398-5aac5bd236315647c5e5-1.jpg&s3=19730-398-3cfaa5a41244eb6b064dae029d1b345e-650×213.jpg]
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/19730/398/resize/d19730-398-5db2c08a1e00ce495e2a-2.png&s3=19730-398-2e1339f08c56490b00c2d7a85896e4b4-1921×397.png] ■ Futonto Co., Ltd.
Location: Hiramoto Building, 6-27-19 Haramachida, Machida City, Tokyo 194-0013 Representative: Joichi Saito
Established: July 1, 2011
Makurabo Official Website https://www.makulab.jp/
Futonto official website https://futonto.co.jp/
Business description: 33 stores around the world for custom-made pillows. Based on the management philosophy of “energizing the world from the morning” through the sleep environment, we plan and sell bedding centered on “order-made pillows” tailored to each customer, and provide information such as sleep measurement applications and sleep studies seminars. It is carried out.
■ Contact information
Futonto Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department Contact: Sakano Phone: 042-732-6667
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