General Incorporated Association Child Bullying Prevention Association For the future of children. Create a Japan without bullying. We will launch the Child Bullying Prevention Association.

Child Bullying Prevention Association
For the future of our children. Create a Japan without bullying. We will launch the Child Bullying Prevention Association.
We are challenging crowdfunding to solicit academic activity expenses. From May 1 (Mon) to June 29 (Mon) 23:00

In April 2023, the Association for Child Bullying Prevention (located in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture) was established with the aim of gathering knowledge from various fields and using new approaches to prevent bullying in modern society, where the problem of bullying is becoming more serious. , Representative: Takeshi Nomura, hereinafter: Child Bullying Prevention Society) was established. Crowdfunding will be held from May 1, 2023 (Monday) to June 29, 2023 (Monday) to collect activity expenses for the full-scale start of the academic society. Click here for details and support for crowdfunding:
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Current Status of Bullying Issues in Japan
According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s “Survey on Issues in Student Guidance such as Problematic Behavior and School Non-attendance in the Child System”, the number of bullying recognition cases in FY 2021 was the highest ever, and suicide (including attempted suicide) and failure The number of serious incidents such as school attendance has exceeded 700, the same as in 2019, making it a serious situation. (Source: 2021 survey results on student guidance problems such as problem behavior and school refusal) Otsu City 2 In 2013, the Act on Promotion of Measures to Prevent Bullying was enacted and enforced in the wake of bullying-suicide incidents. Ten years have passed since then, and despite the widespread recognition that bullying is bad, the number of known cases has not decreased. If you include cases that teachers and schools do not “recognize” as bullying, the above number of investigations may be the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, bullying is not a problem that will go away once you graduate from school. It can have enormous negative effects later in life, such as mental health in adulthood, withdrawal, and more. Studies around the world have shown that bullying affects victims, perpetrators, and bystanders alike. If left unchecked, it will develop into a serious social problem. In order to prevent bullying, various measures have been worked out through the efforts of not only the schools, but also the government, legal professions, and research institutes. However, as long as there is no stopping the increase, it is necessary to change our perception that “the measures we have taken so far may not be sufficient” and try a new approach. Therefore, we advocate an approach using “science”. In April 2023, we launched the “Children’s Bullying Prevention Association”.
Goals of the Child Bullying Prevention Association
The Society upholds the following three principles.
Protecting the human rights and mental and physical safety of all children is our number one priority, and we will consider better methods and approaches for preventing bullying, dealing with bullying, supporting victims of bullying, and guiding perpetrators.
Emphasis on using science.
Anyone who agrees with the principles of (1) and (2) above can participate. In addition, there is a reason why we set up a “society” instead of a group or a study group. Bringing science into anti-bullying and improving its quality requires a multidisciplinary approach. Teachers, government officials, legal professionals, researchers, and others who are working hard in schools across the country, who are working to prevent and prevent bullying, and to support and guide children who have been victims of bullying.
The power of such people is essential to deal with bullying, which is becoming a serious social problem, and to overcome the situation. Then, in order to gather that power, I decided that “it should be an academic society.” In the future, we will call on many experts, practitioners, and educators across fields to participate, as well as those who have experienced bullying, parents, and anyone who wants to cooperate in eliminating bullying. We aim to solicit opinions from a wide range of people and gather their strengths.
Activities of the Child Bullying Prevention Society
The Society was established as a general incorporated association with the support and support of many people who are active in various fields such as education, medicine, the legal profession, sports, and welfare. will be established in the future. The Child Bullying Prevention Society conducts activities on four axes.
1. Awareness-raising project Actively disseminate information about bullying, what is known from research, the current situation in Japan, methods of dealing with bullying, etc. to the general public, educators, and parents through websites and SNS. , hold seminars and lectures. 2. Exchange events We will hold academic meetings, workshops, exchange meetings, etc. as places where experts and people in various fields gather to exchange opinions and conduct research on the prevention of bullying. 3. Research Project Collect information on bullying, encourage people in various fields and positions to cooperate in research related to bullying prevention, etc., and actually advance research activities. In particular, regarding the prevention and response of children’s bullying, we will promote the development of methods that can be actually used in the field, the programming, and the measurement of their effects. 4. Cooperate with other academic societies, participate in projects and research related to international bullying prevention, and express opinions to the government. The Child Bullying Prevention Association asks for support for activity expenses through crowdfunding in order to connect all parties who want to eliminate bullying, protect children from bullying problems, and contribute to solving social problems. Doing.
Crowdfunding overview Implementation period: May 1, 2023 (Monday) to June 29, 2023 (Monday) 23:00 JST target amount: 3 million yen Use of support money: Remote seminars hosted by the Society for Child Bullying Prevention We will hold a symposium. In addition, it will be used for the establishment costs of the society, the cost of creating the society website and tools, and the operating costs for the first year. Click here for details and support for crowdfunding: Comment from Takeshi Nomura, representative of the Society for Child Bullying Prevention
[Image 2:×1500.png] Representative Director Takeshi Nomura
“There are children who are deeply hurt to the point of committing suicide even by trivial things.” “Even though they know it is wrong, it still happens.” You have to clarify what you need. What causes bullying and what are its effects? People of various occupations and positions are involved in the recovery of deeply wounded children, how to deal with children who have become the perpetrators of bullying, and how schools and other organizations should conduct third-party investigations into serious situations of bullying. Therefore, we have the foundation to make use of diverse knowledge. I want to create a platform that adds scientific knowledge to that foundation, and create a society where no child suffers from bullying. It is from this thought that the “Children’s Bullying Prevention Society” is about to be born.
Messages from the supporters of the establishment (partial excerpt) Now that the Children’s Fundamental Law has been enacted, isn’t it time to gather wisdom and exert all of our strength toward building a new era for children? I sincerely hope that this conference will become a forum for comprehensive and interdisciplinary discussion and research on bullying prevention, rooted in scientific evidence and multidisciplinary practice. (Naoki Ogi / Educational critic, Hosei University professor emeritus)
I welcome the establishment of the Child Bullying Prevention Society. Bullying continues to escalate and lead to suicide. Who are the bullies in the modern world? I would like to have a lot of discussion in the academic society. (Mr. Akihito Kita / Professor Emeritus, Waseda University)
See all messages here.
About joining the society The membership system is currently being prepared. We will inform you on the homepage etc. as soon as it is decided.
About Child Bullying Prevention Association
The Japan Association for Child Bullying Prevention is based on the mission of “creating a bullying-free society by bringing together various knowledge from education, the legal profession, and medicine.” We would like to spread our efforts with a new approach to prevent [Organization overview] Organization name: Child Bullying Prevention Society Location: 1-3-6-201 Chuo, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture Representative: Takeshi Nomura Established: 2023 Business description: Dissemination of information on bullying prevention, seminars, Holding academic meetings, etc., research on bullying, development of utilization programs, etc. HP: Management office: Institute of Child Development Science [Contact] Child Bullying Prevention Society Secretariat Yasuda Mail: TEL: 053-456-0575 [Press inquiries] Child Bullying Prevention Society Secretariat Yasuda Mail: TEL: 053-456-0575
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