General Incorporated Association Japan Ramen Association The event “Japanese Local Ramen General Election”, which decides the top of over 100 types of local ramen nationwide, will be held for the first time! Two of Japan’s largest ramen events will

Japan Ramen Association
The event “Japanese Local Ramen General Election” will be held for the first time to decide the top of over 100 types of local ramen nationwide! Two of Japan’s largest ramen events will make a miraculous collaboration!
The Japan Ramen Association will collaborate with two major ramen events, the “Tokyo Ramen Show” and the “Dai Tsukemen Expo,” from October 5th (Thursday) to 9th (holiday), 2023, to hold the “Japanese Local Ramen General Election” in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It will be held for the first time at Okubo Park.

Ramen, which is gaining popularity all over the world, is now a tourist resource in Japan as “RAMEN”.
There are more than 100 types of local ramen in Japan, each with its own characteristics.
At this event, we will shed light on “local ramen” and determine “Japan’s best local ramen” for the first time using a unique judging method. Which “local ramen” will shine in the top spot? !
(One company) The Japan Ramen Association (Koto-ku,
Tokyo/Representative Director: Masami Tamagawa) has value because it is the number one in Japan, and the proud title is not only for the local ramen that shines in Japan, but also for the revitalization of the region. is also connected.
With the theme of “local revitalization” x “transmission to the world” = “creation of ramen culture”, it will be held for the first time not only in Japan but also as a “ramen event for the world”.
Japan Local Ramen General Election Executive Committee
(General Incorporated Association Japan Ramen Association / Big Tsukemen Expo Executive Committee)
[Image 1:×2176.jpg] ■Overview
・ Title: Tokyo Ramen Show x Dai Tsukemen Expo Collaboration Project “Japanese Local Ramen General Election”
・Furigana: Nippon Gotouchi Ramen Sousenkyo
・ Abbreviated name: GR1
・ Period: October 5th (Thursday) to October 9th (Monday / holiday), 2023 ・Hours: 11:00-21:00
・Price: Free admission, 1,000 yen per cup
・ Venue: Okubo Park special venue in Kabukicho, Shinjuku
・Official website:
・ Press release video (YouTube): [Video 2:]

■What is local ramen?
Ramen with unique characteristics of each region in Japan.
It was born from complex phenomena such as culture, history, social background, and town revitalization.
Many of them are familiar as local tastes and local foods (soul food, local food), and it is said that there are well over 100 kinds of them.
This time, the Japan Ramen Association has established seven definitions and created a “local ramen list” based on its own research.
We plan to update it from time to time, as undiscovered items and local ramen that will be made in the future are also expected. -Seven Definitions of Local Ramen- (Japan Ramen Association/as of May 2023) * Local ramen that meets any of the following conditions is listed. There is a track record of spreading in the land
have features, characteristics, definitions, etc.
It has a history of more than 20 years since its origin
Well-known (opening branches in other prefectures and in Tokyo, history of opening department store events, etc.)
There is “food culture” and “social background” of the land
there is a support group
Public institutions such as government are the main bodies, and their menu names are set

■ “Japan Local Ramen General Election” Highlights

[Battle of “local ramen” instead of shops]
This event is a battle with the name of the local ramen instead of the name of the shop!
Entries can be made on a store-by-store basis or by a local ramen association (group), but…
If you advance to the final, it will be a “representative match with local ramen”!
You can never lose because you are fighting with your hometown on your back! A serious battle will unfold!
[Preliminaries will be held online]
In the preliminary round, entries are solicited in the following 7 blocks, and the 10 local ramen that will advance to the main competition held in Tokyo will be decided by web voting! (Refer to the parenthesis for the breakdown of the 10 stores that passed the preliminary round)
1. Hokkaido block (⇒ 1 store that passed the preliminary round) 2. Tohoku block (⇒ 2 shops that passed the preliminary round) 3. Kanto block (⇒ 2 stores that passed the preliminary round) 4. Chubu block (⇒ 2 shops that passed the preliminary round) 5. Kansai block (⇒ 1 store that passed the preliminary round) 6. Chugoku/Shikoku block (⇒ 1 store passed the preliminary round) 7. Kyushu/Okinawa block (⇒ 1 store that passed the preliminary round) [Web preliminary to meet a wide variety of local ramen]
In the web qualifier, vote for a total of 7 “local ramen that you want to eat” from all blocks.
By experiencing more than 100 different types of local ramen spread all over the country, my interest in ramen doubled!
It also leads to regional revitalization and regional revitalization, such as triggering travel.
[The 10 finalists who passed the intense qualifying are super high level] After passing through a fierce qualifying round, they come to Tokyo with their local ramen on their backs for the main tournament… Such shops will challenge with a serious system that can not cut corners at all.
What happens here is… you can eat 10 kinds of really delicious local ramen! about it!
We will take on the feelings of our local friends who lost in the preliminary rounds and challenge the main battle in the big city of Tokyo!

[One vote of the visitors decides the best in Japan! Participatory food festival! ]
You are a judge from the moment you pick up your cup!
You can participate in the battle to choose the best local ramen in Japan with your own hands!
That taste that I recommended… can it become the best in Japan? [In order to become the best in Japan… sales alone are not enough! ] In order to become “the best local ramen in Japan”, it is not only the number of cups sold!
We will decide the best in Japan with a complex and unique scoring method so that the winner will not be determined by ingenuity to increase the number of serving cups.
How to decide…
“Coin Vote”
Real voting with one voting coin per bowl of ramen. There is also a box with no hits at the polling place.
“Association check”
(No company) Sanitation management level check in the store by the director of the Japan Ramen Association. Dozens of items are digitized and scored.
“SNS Diffusion Number”
The number of views of the introduction tweets of each store sent from the official Twitter (currently under preparation) will be added as bonus points!
Local ramen that has earned high scores not only for its taste, but also for hygiene management, topicality, and the elements necessary for current ramen… is truly the best local ramen in Japan! [The Tokyo Ramen Show and the Big Tsukemen Expo are a miraculous tag! ] Two of the largest ramen events in Japan that have been compared at every turn and have become a hot topic among ramen fans.
It’s been said that “dogs and monkeys get along” because they are held in the same Tokyo and at the same time…
but! This time, a miraculous tag team has been realized with the common desire to “liven up the ramen world”!
There is no doubt that it will become a hot topic among ramen fans! What is “TOKYO RAMEN SHOW”?
Japan’s largest ramen event hosted by the Japan Ramen Association, held at Komazawa Park in Tokyo from 2009 to 2019. In the past, the maximum number of visitors was 500,000 (12 days).
This time it will be held for the first time in four years after the corona disaster.
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] Past events of the Tokyo Ramen Show
[Image 3:×500.jpg] Past events of the Tokyo Ramen Show

What is the “Big Tsukemen Expo”?
First held in Tokyo in 2009, this tsukemen and ramen event boasts the largest number of sales in Japan, selling more than 2 million servings.
Last year, when it was held for the first time in three years, 101 stores gathered to record the number of store openings in the world. This year it was also held in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture.
[Image 4:×2194.jpg] Large Tsukemen Expo past events
[Image 5:×404.jpg] Large Tsukemen Expo past events

■ Materials: “Japan Local Ramen MAP” * (No company) Japan Ramen Association research (as of May 2023)
[Image 6:×2480.jpg] Japan’s local ramen map (according to the Japan Ramen Association, as of May 2023)
[1.Hokkaido Block]
[Table 8: ]

[2.Tohoku Block]
[Table 9: ]

[3. Kanto Block]
[Table 10: ]

[4. Chubu Block]
[Table 11: ]

[5. Kansai Block]
[Table 12: ]

[6. Chugoku/Shikoku Block]
[Table 13: ]

[7. Kyushu/Okinawa Block]
[Table 14: ]
*In no particular order, as of May 2023

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