General Oyster Co., Ltd. Developed by General Oyster, which is challenging the sixth industrialization of oysters in one go. Released on May 16 (Tuesday).

General Oyster Co., Ltd.
Developed by General Oyster, which is challenging the 6th
industrialization of oysters in one go. Supplement “Ace C Oyster Supplement” that promotes anti-aging with oyster nutritional ingredients Released on Tuesday, May 16
Subscription service is also released at the same time First purchase is 25% OFF
General Oyster Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidenori Yoshida), which develops the 6th industrialization of oysters such as oyster seed production, farming, wholesale sales, and oyster bar management, is Tohoku University agricultural research. Under the academic guidance of Professor Hitoshi Shirakawa of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, we have developed a nutritional functional food supplement “Ace Sea Oyster Supplement” derived from oyster ingredients, and from May 16 (Tuesday), the official mail order site “e-oyster” ” will start selling both single items and subscriptions.
[Image 1:×942.jpg] Under the vision of “Everybody oyster”, the General Oyster Group operates a directly managed store business that operates restaurants such as “8TH SEA OYSTER Bar” and a wholesale business that provides a stable supply of highly safe oysters. We are developing seedlings and aquaculture business and oyster processing business. We have established the 6th industrialization of the oyster business and consistently provide highly safe, high-quality oysters.
Developed and sold the first supplement as a company
This time, we have developed a nutritional supplement containing oyster ingredients for the first time and will sell it as “Ace C Oyster Supplement”. As an oyster specialist, he took on the challenge of contributing to society in a new way. He received academic guidance on zinc and vitamin D content from Professor Hitoshi Shirakawa, a professor at Tohoku University’s Graduate School of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Chemistry, who specializes in nutritional chemistry and molecular biology. has changed.
Anti-aging with Zinc and Vitamin D
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] Oysters, a nutritious energy food, contain a lot of “zinc”, which is said to be effective in helping metabolism, improving skin and hair health, relieving hangovers and waking up, and improving physical condition after childbirth. Two grains contain as much zinc as four oysters. In addition to the excellent zinc content and other nutrients in oysters, we have added vitamin D, which is recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare because modern people tend to lack it. It is a supplement targeting women in their 30s to 50s who are highly conscious of beauty and health, with the appeal of anti-aging effects that maintain health and beauty. It is a pale blue tablet that is sugar-coated so that even those who do not like oysters can use it.
“8TH SEA OYSTER” brand supplements using deep sea water are born “Ace Sea Oyster Supplement” is a product of the “8TH SEA OYSTER” brand based on our patented technology (Patent No. 6240037) that uses deep sea water. Using concentrated deep sea water from Nyuzen, Toyama Prefecture, we have created an anti-aging effect that takes advantage of the mineral balance of oysters and ocean water. In addition, we added vitamin D, which is said to be important for improving immunity, which is attracting attention due to the effects of the new
coronavirus, and realized a product design that displays zinc and vitamin D as food functions. Both zinc and vitamin D are nutritional components that many people are lacking in their daily intake from regular meals alone. Pursue.
We will continue to utilize deep sea water, which is an unused resource, and contribute to the SDGs, and plan to use deep sea water from Kumejima, Okinawa Prefecture for the products from the next production.
Highly rated by leading monitors, subscription use recommended About 200 people who took 2 tablets a day for about 2 weeks in a monitoring campaign before the general release said, “I felt an increase in immunity,” “I felt an improvement in rough skin,” and “I improved the quality of my sleep.” We received high praise from many people, with comments such as “I felt an improvement.” In order to experience the effect, we recommend using a subscription. The first purchase will be 25% off at 2,980 yen (tax included), and the second and subsequent purchases will be 10% off at 3,582 yen (tax included).  The General Oyster Group will continue to work to improve the safety of oysters and provide the deliciousness and appeal of oysters to as many people as possible.
Product Summary
[Image 3:×1333.png] Product name: Ace Sea Oyster Supplement
Name : Processed food containing zinc and vitamin D
Ingredients :
Oyster extract powder (oyster, dextrin) (produced in Japan), sucrose, yeast (containing zinc), dextrin, concentrated deep sea water/calcium carbonate, microcrystalline cellulose, paste (gum arabic,
methylcellulose), gelatin (pig) , glycerin fatty acid ester, shellac, trehalose, coloring (spirulina pigment), carnauba wax, sodium citrate, vitamin D
Food with nutrient function claims:
Zinc/Zinc is a necessary nutrient to maintain a normal sense of taste, helps maintain the health of the skin and mucous membranes, and participates in the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids to help maintain health. Vitamin D/Vitamin D is a nutrient that promotes the absorption of calcium in the intestinal tract and aids bone formation. Dosage: Take 2 capsules per day.
Contents: 60 grains/piece
Sales start date: Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Sales location: Official mail order site “e-oyster”

Product price: Single item 3,980 yen/piece (tax included), additional shipping fee
      Subscription 3,582 yen (tax included)/month, additional shipping fee The first time will be sold for 2,980 yen (tax included).
About academic leaders
[Image 4:×2296.jpg] Doctor of Agriculture Professor Hitoshi Shirakawa, Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Graduate School of Agriculture, Tohoku University
Specializes in nutritional science and molecular biology
In 1988, completed the master’s program at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Tohoku University. Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Science, Tokyo University of Science; Postdoctoral Fellow, National Cancer Institute; Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Tohoku University;
Since 2019, he has been a professor at the same graduate school. Concurrently serves as a faculty member at the International Research and Education Center for Food and Agricultural Immunology attached to the Graduate School of Agriculture. Visiting professor at Taipei Medical University.
What is “8TH SEA OYSTER”?
[Image 5:×324.jpg] We offer oysters grown with great care by producers all over Japan throughout the year. All oysters shipped from the production area are once transported to the company’s purification center in Nyuzen-cho, Toyama Prefecture, where they are purified using patented deep-sea water technology (Patent No. 6240037) for about two days.・Provided as a safe “8TH SEA OYSTER”. We deliver the deliciousness of oysters with added peace of mind.
Safety points
1) Careful selection of sea areas Considering the risk of sea areas nationwide, we will carefully select production areas and carefully examine the arrival time. 2) Careful selection of production areas (primary inspection of production areas) We only receive oysters that have cleared the standards for oysters for eating raw stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. 3) Purification with deep sea water By purifying oysters for two days or more in a clean deep sea water tank free of bacteria and viruses that harm the human body, the oysters become almost sterile. 4) Strict observance of our own strict standards We only ship oysters that have cleared our own standards, which are much stricter than the standards set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. We have also established our own standard that “norovirus is not detected”. 5) Thorough store hygiene management We are working to maintain and improve hygiene through physical condition management and support for employees, including their families, as well as internal hygiene checks and regular hygiene surveys by external hygiene research organizations. Company Profile
Founded in 2000, changed its name to General Oyster Co., Ltd. in 2016. Based on the corporate philosophy of “creating the future of oysters and contributing to the advancement and development of food culture,” we operate a directly managed store business that operates restaurants and oyster bars that mainly serve oysters, and a wholesale business that provides a stable supply of highly safe oysters. We are developing the seedling production and aquaculture business, which is the starting point of our business and safety.
We have 26 oyster bars nationwide, and we are promoting business at a land-based aquaculture experimental facility (Okinawa Prefecture), a purification facility (Toyama Prefecture), and a processing plant (Iwate Prefecture). We have established the 6th industrialization of the oyster business and consistently provide highly safe, high-quality oysters. In addition, we are working on the development of “completely virus-free oysters” and continue to pursue the safety of the oysters of the future and cutting-edge safety.
Company name: General Oyster Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hidenori Yoshida, President and CEO
Location: 7th floor, JRE Kayabacho 2-chome Building, 2-13-13 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 3, 2000
URL: (Company)

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