GO creators and business producers provide free ideas for SDGs/organizational reform/Generation Z in order to respond to social changes due to the reduction of the 5th class of the new corona. The 4th installment of Professional Brest “Problem” is no

GO Co., Ltd.
GO creators and business producers provide free ideas for
SDGs/organizational reform/Generation Z in order to respond to social changes due to the reduction of the 5th class of the new corona. The 4th installment of Professional Brest “Problem” is now open for recruitment.

GO creators and business producers, who have a wealth of experience in management and business support, will provide ideas free of charge to 20 companies that are seeking change and challenge under the three themes of “SDGs”, “organizational reform” and “Generation Z”. .
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/23488/59/resize/d23488-59-0e3bf5b0aacd0eaab26d-9.png&s3=23488-59-442f76bd6db3f35c1e910e251c024f23-1625×914.png] The Breakthrough Company GO (Takahiro Miura, Ryoma Fukumoto, Representative Director, Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as GO) will provide “Problem” (professional breast) free of charge based on its mission to commit to social change and challenges. It will be held for the first time in about a year since March. Three years have passed since the novel coronavirus was first identified. After various difficulties, it will be downgraded to “Type 5”, and it is predicted that people’s lives will become more active as restrictions on behavior are eased. However, due to the emergence of new values, such as the desire to contribute to society and purposeful thinking, the awareness of reducing wasteful spending, and the willingness of employees to change jobs, which have been reconfirmed by the corona crisis, there is a need to review the way business itself is. Therefore, GO has established three themes, “SDGs”, “organizational reform” and “Generation Z”, which many companies are aware of as issues, and “Problem” provides free ideas through brainstorming to companies seeking change and challenges. (Professional Brest) 4th edition has been started.
“Problem” support theme
●Although there is a willingness to contribute to the SDGs and a purposeful thinking, how to balance them with business is an issue many companies face. Led by Creative Director Togawa, who is well-versed in SDGs and sustainability management, we will provide ideas and basic concepts such as business development that
incorporates SDGs. ●Organizational Reform Many companies are under pressure to reform their organization and change the mindset of their employees in order to respond to the drastic changes in the business environment. At the same time, what individuals want from companies is becoming more diverse and complex, such as diverse work styles and an increasing desire to change jobs. We will provide ideas and tips for improving organizations and improving engagement, centered on business producer Iwamoto, who handles a lot of corporate and recruitment branding, and creative director Matsuda, who supports everything from major companies to startups with a wealth of knowledge. ● Generation Z Generation Z is the leading role of Reiwa, who will be responsible for the economy, society and culture of the future. In the future, as income and expenses increase, there is no doubt that it will become an important presence for companies. Focusing on the young members of GO, we will provide new insights such as ideas unique to young people and perspectives unique to them living in the information society. Please use it as a hint for marketing and recruitment activities for Generation Z.
What is “professional breast”?
This is a free breast service where GO creators and business producers seriously think about measures to grow the client’s business. We will seriously come up with ideas for the problems of the client’s business, such as changes in consumer awareness, business
transformation due to changes in lifestyle, and direction of marketing / PR strategy. The time is 60 minutes, and it will be held as an online meeting using the web conference system. GO’s consulting, idea development, and planning meetings, which are usually provided only to contracted companies, are provided free of charge to companies that take on challenges and change. PROBLEM is an initiative that started in May 2020 as a support for companies and local governments suffering from the corona disaster. So far, we have implemented this for more than 60 companies, and from there, we have provided promotional measures for regional revitalization in Sendai City, provided ideas that are the core of strategies promoted by startups, and reinvented the values ​​and missions of BtoB companies. We have provided support in various ways, such as rediscovering value by definition.
Application * Application deadline: 5/23 (Tue) 23:59
Please select the desired theme from the application form below and apply. Considering the number of people on
https://forms.gle/gjqj8s1HJH6y98bx9GO and labor discretion, we will limit the number of companies that will implement problems to 20. If the number of applications exceeds the specified number, the secretariat will prioritize services that are likely to grow with GO’s support. The secretariat will contact the applicants of the companies whose selection has been decided by e-mail with the candidate date and time of implementation. Once the schedule is confirmed, we will send you the URL for the online meeting.
“Problem” (professional breast) for more information
We provide ideas to break through the current situation for companies that are unable to grow their business as expected and have issues, or for consultations that want to promote new business transformation. I understand the SDGs, but I don’t know how to link them to my business.I want ideas for business development that incorporates the SDGs.In order to transform into a highly engaged organization. I want to know effective recruitment branding methods ・I want to hear the opinions of Generation Z when changing brand policies ・I want to know how Generation Z consumes media and the actual situation…etc. We provide specific ideas and consulting on the issues of GO creators and business producers always participate in meetings.・Hear business details/issues and brainstorm. Ideas and plans come from there.・Please cooperate with the feedback survey after the problem is over.・The content exchanged in the program may be disclosed in some form only if you agree.・The implementation tool is assumed to be Zoom. If you wish, there is a possibility that it will be open to the public.
Participation conditions, application method
・Anyone can apply regardless of company size.・Inquiries are limited to corporate managers, business managers, and marketing managers.・For those who want to take on new challenges, such as business/service development, business model changes, organizational transformation, customer acquisition, and brand rejuvenation.・We will strictly manage confidentiality based on the contents of the non-disclosure agreement. The contents of your consultation will not be leaked to the outside. Creators and business producers of GO who participate in “problem” (professional brainstorming)
For details of each member, please see the employee introduction note. https://note.com/go_portfolio SDGs
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/23488/59/resize/d23488-59-686b985415a4763f0b51-10.png&s3=23488-59-0fe8270dddce7dccaeb831691a6ddd20-3579×1086.png]
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/23488/59/resize/d23488-59-e672877399d9298bcd28-10.png&s3=23488-59-f3c44c968ed56a4dd46a5f75f39571e2-3510×1086.png] ●Organizational reform
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/23488/59/resize/d23488-59-210aa79b71e86e212923-10.png&s3=23488-59-e7e322bcd6712faf75214397dbef621e-3579×1315.png]
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/23488/59/resize/d23488-59-11eb518cfcbf8617e061-10.png&s3=23488-59-312f9c2fe255b5c8b258b084104d2960-3510×948.png] ● Generation Z
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/23488/59/resize/d23488-59-c5eb723e84707586042e-10.png&s3=23488-59-6cdaa39a3168bcd3093771fa72669254-3510×1086.png]
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/23488/59/resize/d23488-59-8d9e5e32da11c238c76a-16.png&s3=23488-59-6c9018f24e2a2022f6f7087f6b4ec41a-3515×1191.png]
[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/23488/59/resize/d23488-59-4038bce2e283c8c057bd-10.png&s3=23488-59-4aab0e2bd2655d6d4e429cb889ab0cf4-3533×1067.png]
[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/23488/59/resize/d23488-59-8bfa34062d74684c5ae2-10.png&s3=23488-59-3e2e77c7222deaaa2c224678ff83654a-3510×948.png] and more…
The Breakthrough Company GO
Established in 2017 by Takahiro Miura and Ryoma Fukumoto, who became independent from Dentsu and Hakuhodo. We advocate “business creative” beyond the domain of ordinary advertising and PR companies. With creativity at the core, he is involved in everything from launching new businesses for large companies to supporting business growth and organizational strategies. In addition, we are good at promotions that become news by combining PR ideas and creativity. https://goinc.co.jp/
[Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/23488/59/resize/d23488-59-215854e915255892b504-9.png&s3=23488-59-1e09647c15edd4d49b1fdcad7bf8f4a8-2510×1412.png]

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