gooddays Holdings Co., Ltd. First introduction of “Redx Cloud POS” to loft stores

gooddays Holdings Co., Ltd.
First introduction of “Redx Cloud POS” to loft stores

“Redx * 1 Cloud POS” provided by Open Resource Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroshi Ogura, hereinafter “Open Resource”), a subsidiary of gooddays Holdings Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroshi Ogura), Loft Co., Ltd. (President: Koki Ando, ​​hereinafter referred to as “Loft”). *1 “Redx” is the name of an open resource service that solves system issues in the retail industry, abbreviating Retail (retail, “retail” for general consumers) and Digital Transformation.
Background of the introduction of Redx Cloud POS
Loft, a store specializing in household goods, is pushing ahead with a strategy of aggressively expanding into multiple stores, such as opening stores in various locations and store areas, relocating to new stores, and opening small stores and Cosme Loft.
From November 2022, we will introduce “Redx Cloud POS” on a trial basis at some loft stores, which is low-cost and can quickly respond to changes. From the viewpoint of cost reduction, we decided to introduce it to all stores.
This is the first initiative to introduce cloud POS, which could not be introduced at a major or large-scale store such as Loft, and we will continue to expand to other major distribution and retail companies in the future.
Features and Images of Redx Cloud POS
1. Uniform operation that anyone can understand through the pursuit of UI/UX — No training required, even first-time users can operate without hesitation
2. Free selection of standard services and hardware realized by combining business modules – Aiming to halve the introduction and maintenance costs compared to the past
3. Cloud system applicable to large-scale retailers
–Applicable to major and large-scale stores with standard services and minimal customization
self checkout screen
[Image 1:×178.png] Left: Screen for staff Right: Customer display & payment terminal
[Image 2:×334.png] Automatic change machine, receipt printer shared model
[Image 3:×1184.jpg] About Loft Co., Ltd.
In 1987, Shibuya Loft was opened as an annex of Seibu Department Store Shibuya (now Sogo & Seibu Seibu Shibuya). In 1996, the company was spun off as Loft Co., Ltd. and expanded into a store specializing in household goods. Currently, it has 151 stores in Japan (127 directly managed stores, 24 franchised stores) and 6 overseas stores (4 directly managed stores, 2 franchised stores). stores)*2. As a miscellaneous goods production company, we are always proposing new lifestyles through miscellaneous goods, flexibly perceiving the changes of the times and the atmosphere, with the theme of “Time Vessel”, the spirit of our founding. *2 As of the end of January 2023
About Open Resource Co., Ltd.
Since our founding, we have set “solving customer problems” and “providing solutions that exceed expectations” as our basic values, and have provided POS and store operation systems for more than 20 major mass retailers, department stores, and specialty stores. responsible for the introduction and maintenance of
Based on the issues of the companies that have introduced Redx, we are developing the Redx service business to bring about a revolution in the distribution and retail industry.
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