GOYOH Co., Ltd. Started collaboration to create real estate value using ESG x transportation data

GOYOH Co., Ltd.
Started collaboration to create real estate value using ESG x transportation data
Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of building traffic
connectivity (connectivity) to increase real estate value from ESG impact

Combining GOYOH’s real estate ESG platform “EaSyGo” and Spatial Pleasure’s traffic data analysis service to realize real estate value through the impact of ESG x transportation connectivity starting from real estate
GOYOH Co., Ltd. (Headquarters location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Yukihiko Ito; hereinafter referred to as GOYOH) is Spatial Pleasure Co., Ltd. (Location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Souma Suzuki; hereinafter referred to as Spatial Pleasure) and institutional investment Agreed to partner on assessing building transport connectivity and providing ESG
improvement services for properties owned by homes, real estate funds and others.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/45260/35/resize/d45260-35-7879e9ba63fc0f0dcbde-8.jpg&s3=45260-35-f621269a03d2c7abe87f9fed0ef9163b-1920×1080.jpg] Through this partnership, by linking the unique data and solutions of both companies, we will evaluate the transportation score of real estate from the perspective of convenience and ESG, convert and improve the economic value of real estate owned by institutional investors, We provide solutions such as rent modeling and
optimization, and environmental improvement through building traffic.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/45260/35/resize/d45260-35-4454473a145e91bbacff-3.png&s3=45260-35-66ebe8ff6d956d035f19f3a0cfaa91d2-650×366.png] ■ Background of collaboration
About half of the world’s CO2 emissions are emitted daily from real estate and transportation.
In addition, transportation is closely related to each other as it connects real estate properties, and the convenience of transportation is cited as an important factor that determines the value of real estate. It was limited to ambiguous evaluation criteria such as “walk ~ minutes”.
On the other hand, there are no evaluation criteria in transportation such as “transition to a decarbonized society”, “social value as S of ESG”, and “economy for real estate investors”, which are themes that have been increasing in recent years, and institutional investment For real estate investors such as homes, evaluation and improvement solutions have not been established to grasp the clues to address these issues.
This partnership will combine GOYOH’s real estate ESG solutions and network with global institutional investors with Spatial Pleasure’s traffic data analysis solutions to create a new axis of traffic connectivity and ESG items. Analysis and scoring will become possible, and it will be an initiative to improve the value of real estate as well as improve it and create a social impact on the world.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/45260/35/resize/d45260-35-ceaad0467842c7ddc08a-7.jpg&s3=45260-35-9bf05b2500f481c38531fc1c45ddd618-1801×934.jpg] ■ Future development
Office buildings, commercial facilities, rental housing, public facilities, and resorts will be developed through collaboration between EaSyGo, a platform that creates real estate value through decarbonization and ESG impact of real estate developed by GOYOH, and traffic data analysis services provided by Spatial Pleasure. We will provide improvement solutions by qualitatively and quantitatively analyzing the transportation connectivity (convenience, environmental friendliness, safety, etc.) of all types of buildings such as facilities.
Furthermore, by visualizing CO2 emissions linked to decarbonization plans of buildings and decarbonization targets of tenant companies, and promoting behavioral changes that lead to energy conservation, real estate owners, operators, and institutional investors are aiming for net zero. We will continue to support sustainable real estate businesses.
In addition, we will expand our development and cooperation to various themes such as decarbonization, finance, risk management, smart cities, and regional revitalization.
This partnership with Spatial Pleasure will be an opportunity to greatly accelerate GOYOH’s goal of “solving social issues through real estate.”
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/45260/35/resize/d45260-35-adcf59ca5420076f8550-0.png&s3=45260-35-6f417d4d36b0be3d3ef19632d7890432-1920×1080.png] ■ Collaboration from Open Network Lab
This partnership is the 22nd (GOYOH) and 26th (Spatial Pleasure) of the accelerator program “Open Network Lab” operated by Digital Garage, Inc. This is a collaboration between two start-up companies that have won the Audience Award.
GOYOH and Spatial Pleasure will utilize the support and business resources of the Digital Garage Group, and will also collaborate extensively with other players to promote collaboration.
Open Network Lab: https://onlab.jp/
■ Comment from Masahiko Maekawa, Director and CIO of DG Incubation Co., Ltd. “This partnership can be said to be an example of the co-creation of the two startups to create a new value axis and business for the sustainability of society. It is a combination that can be expanded and collaborated with various fields such as decarbonization, finance, urban development, tourism, etc. The fact that the Digital Garage Group was able to support the creation of such opportunities is an important part of ESG, which is the core theme of our business. We will support this partnership, including sourcing companies, startups, and technologies that can collaborate with this framework.”
■ Comment from Souma Suzuki, Representative Director of Spatial Pleasure Co., Ltd.
“Our business vision is to optimize the entire city through
transportation carbon credits.In addition to transportation operators such as buses and bicycle sharing, we will introduce externality evaluation indicators by providing DMRV software to urban development and urban planning. Through this partnership with GOYOH, we will develop index data based on these analyzes in the real estate field, We are confident that we will be able to make an even greater impact in the future, and I am very much looking forward to it.”
■ Comment from Yukihiko Ito, Representative Director of GOYOH Co., Ltd. “The analysis of connectivity (transportation connectivity) and its use in real estate management and ESG evaluation has been an important theme that we have been discussing with global real estate investors over the past six years. It was lacking.It was the acquisition and analysis of a wide range of data in the traffic area.This
collaboration will finally make it possible.Through this partnership, the traffic data analysis solution provided by Spatial Pleasure will be used by our company. By linking with ESG solutions in the real estate field centered on the service “EaSyGo” that we are developing, it is possible to provide value through sustainability to many real estate users, real estate owners, corporate and individual tenants, and local communities. Amid the demand for a transition to a decarbonized society in daily business activities and in people’s lives, we will create a social impact through a wide range of advanced initiatives by both companies.”
■ About Spatial Pleasure Inc.
Company name: Spatial Pleasure Co., Ltd.
Representative: Souma Suzuki, Representative Director
Location: Orbit 302, 4-10-4 Daisawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0032 Established: May 2019
Business description: DMRV software development specializing in the transportation field
Official website: https://spatial-pleasure.xyz
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/45260/35/resize/d45260-35-26450dac80c4da006661-4.png&s3=45260-35-6ce8d27ae9c45b3cd2e335536cc0ba43-650×649.png] ■ About GOYOH Co., Ltd.
Company name: GOYOH Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Yukihiko Ito
Location: 2 Aizumi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established: August 2018
Business description: Development and operation of domestic and overseas real estate, commercial facilities, and residential IT services
Official website: https://www.goyoh.jp/easygo/
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/45260/35/resize/d45260-35-66eefbace180fad13217-2.png&s3=45260-35-51e0f95fbc31ee9a540f832ac3ee5684-560×560.png] GOYOH is a real estate tech company that provides sustainable real estate management services that fuse real estate and technology. We provide the real estate ESG platform “EaSyGo” to create ESG impact and generate real estate value.
Since the service started in 2021, we have provided services to offices, residences, commercial facilities, hotels, and resort facilities operated by global institutional investors such as AXA REIM and Kenedix, and real estate management companies.
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/45260/35/resize/d45260-35-6c350c3def35d28cb52b-1.png&s3=45260-35-816d095a320c9ad3dc6385ef04d4b379-1800×760.png] Characteristics of GOYOH members
GOYOH is also a member of the Global Science & Investor Committee of CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor), a real estate decarbonization framework for global institutional investors. We provide solutions in terms of real estate management and operation. In addition, GOYOH’s core members have specialized knowledge and experience in the fields of global real estate investment and ESG management, and have practical know-how in “ESG x real estate management”.

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