Green House Co., Ltd. 2023 Collaborative Education Program “Food and Health” Lecture at Keio High School

Green House Co., Ltd.
2023 Co-educational Program “Food and Health” Course to be Held at Keio Senior High School
– Contributing to research on next-generation leaders in the birthplace –
The Green House Group has endorsed the “Hiyoshi Collaborative Education Model”, a new future-oriented educational program being promoted by Keio Senior High School. “The 2023 class of the course was held at the same school.
This year, as a selected theme for “graduation research”, students who are interested in food-related themes will be offered a cutting-edge research program operated by group company asken Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President Hiroshi Nakajima). Lectures and practical training were held using the AI ​​meal management app “Asuken”.
The cafeteria of the school is the place where our company was founded, and we have been providing meals for more than 75 years since then. It has become meaningful to provide the knowledge and way of thinking about Through this course, it is hoped that it will assist in the education of Keio Senior High School, which is promoting the development of next-generation leaders.
[Image 1:×2304.jpg] *Photographed at Keio Senior High School
[Image 2:×615.jpg] *Experience the AI ​​meal management app “Asuken”
[Image 3:×691.jpg] *Keio University cafeteria at the time of its founding
[Image 4:×509.jpg] *The current cafeteria of Keio Senior High School
The Green House Group, which started in 1947 with the operation of Keio University’s preparatory cafeteria, has been supporting people’s health through food and developing businesses to satisfy customers since its founding. Going forward, we will continue to put into practice “making people happy” and promote new initiatives as a leading company in health and hospitality through food.
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