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Green Talent Hub Challenges to Solve Problems of “Decarbonization x Human Resources” Opens Practical Green R eskilling Courses

Green Talent Hub Co., Ltd.
Green Talent Hub Challenges to Solve Problems of “Decarbonization x Human Resources” Opens Practical Green Reskilling Courses
Four professionals in the decarbonization field will serve as lecturers to provide a practical and interactive learning experience.
Green Talent Hub Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kazuhiro Iguchi, hereinafter referred to as Green Talent Hub), which is working to solve the problem of “decarbonization x human
resources”, is aiming to create a sustainable society with the transition to a decarbonized society. We will open a “Practical Green Reskilling Course” that encourages reorganization of skills in consideration of the realization of the above, and will start accepting enrollment from May 8, 2023.
[Image 1:×670.png] Practical Green Reskilling Course Background
In October 2022, the Japanese government announced that it would invest 1 trillion yen over five years in Reskilling. Re-skilling means “reorganizing the skills of an individual to acquire the skills necessary for the current job and the skills that are expected to be in demand in the future.” It means changing to fit the market. In a situation where individual skills are required to be reorganized to adapt to changes in the external environment, so-called DX (digital transformation) is not the only change in the environment that we are facing. The GX (Green Transformation) and SX (Sustainability Transformation) measures aimed at achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 are also major changes that can transform industrial structures and social systems. In order to adapt to these changes, we need to reorganize conventional skills into skills that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, in other words, green
reskilling. The Green Talent Hub has experienced professionals in the decarbonization field participate as instructors, and by providing green reskilling courses that emphasize practical and interactivity, we support the promotion of green reskilling by course participants. increase.
Practical Green Reskilling Course Lecturer/Responsible Theme Introduction
[Image 2:×577.png] Lecturer: Mr. Hiroaki Izuma, Business Creation Department Advisor, Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc., Osaka University Foresight Co., Ltd. Director Lecture Theme: Practical Green Reskilling Lecture (Global Decarbonization Innovation Edition) Theme of each session: Day 1 (6/28)…Silicon Valley Overview and Startup Search Method Day 2 (7/12)…Global Clean Tech Trends Day 3 (7/26)…European and American Energy Major GX/DX Day 4 (8/9)…Business Development with Global Clean Tech…Day 5 (8/23) …Mindset reform to survive the energy transition *Separately, we plan to hold a get-together with the lecturer Lecture details:
[Image 3:×577.png] Lecturer: Yo Nishimura, Invited Professor, Department of Business Engineering, Graduate School of Osaka University, Invited Researcher, Advanced Grid Research Institute, Waseda University Lecture Theme: Practical Green Reskilling Lecture (Current Location, Prospects, and Roadmap of Green Innovation) Theme of each session: Day 1 (6) / 27) … Japan’s green innovation – current location and outlook Day 2 (7/4)…markets and systems related to green innovation Day 3 (7/10)…distributed power systems *A social gathering with lecturers will be held separately Lecture details:
[Image 4:×577.png] Lecturer: Mr. Kenji Eda, CEO of RAUL Co., Ltd. Lecture Theme: Practical Green Reskilling Lecture (Decarbonized Society Edition from the perspective of both business and technology) Theme of each session: Day 1 (June 22) … Expiration date of fossil fuels and escape Carbon measures Day 2 (June 29)… Current state of the Japanese manufacturing industry (factories/small and medium-sized enterprises) Day 3 (July 5)… Decarbonization of transportation (automobiles/airplanes/ships) Day 4 (July 19)… Power generation, hydrogen Ammonia Day 5 (August 2)…Energy security/Student
presentation *Separately, a get-together with the lecturer is planned Lecture details: green-reskilling03/
[Image 5:×577.png] Lecturer: Mr. Tomohiro Yamazaki, Representative Director of Assola Inc. Lecture Theme: Practical Green Reskilling Lecture (Renewable Energy Business Creation Practical Edition) Theme of each session: Day 1 (June 26) … Renewable Energy Business Development (Business Creation) Day 2 (7/11): Think about the business plan Day 3 (7/24): Concrete the business plan Day 4 (8/7): Final presentation * Separately, we are planning to hold a get-together with the lecturers. Lecture details: Course overview / application method
The practical green reskilling course provides a learning experience that emphasizes practical and interactivity. In principle, each course provides opportunities for submission of assignments and individual and group presentations, and students are expected to take the initiative in learning about green reskilling. In addition, through the online community established for each course, we will promote communication between instructors and students, and between students, and increase understanding of course content and student engagement. In addition, we plan to issue “open badges”, which are digital certification tools for knowledge, skills, and experience, to those who have completed the course. -Overview of the Practical Green Risk Skills Course-Recruitment Period: May 8th (Monday) ~ 5 days before the scheduled start date * Recruitment will be closed as soon as the number of participants for each course is reached. Course Details: jp/greenreskilling/ Participation conditions: Applicants are required to submit the following information through the entry form on the above page. Applicants who pass the examination will be notified of the application process, including the payment method for the tuition fee. (1) Job profile (2) Purpose of
participating in this course
Comment from Kazuhiro Iguchi, Representative Director of Green Talent Hub Co., Ltd.
[Image 6:×2046.jpg] This time, four experienced professionals in the decarbonization field agreed with the social significance and necessity of green reskilling, and participated as lecturers for the first “practical green reskilling course”. I am very happy to hear that. Starting with the 2050 carbon neutral declaration by former Prime Minister Suga, venture capital, institutional investors, and large corporations are investing huge amounts of money in the decarbonization field. Some talent, or “green talent,” is not keeping up with the momentum, and there is concern that the shortage of green talent will become a bottleneck and make it difficult to achieve carbon neutrality. Green Talent Hub will contribute to the sound development of this market by solving issues related to “people” in the decarbonization area. We look forward to receiving applications from many corporations and individuals who see the rapid change of carbon neutrality as an “opportunity.”
About Green Talent Hub Co., Ltd.
With the purpose of “contributing to the development of
decarbonization and passing on a sustainable earth to the next generation”, we are working on solving the problem of “decarbonization x human resources”. Along with the transition to a decarbonized society, we will provide a “practical green reskilling course” that encourages the shift from conventional skills to “green skills” that take into consideration the realization of a sustainable society. [Company Profile] Company name: Green Talent Hub, Inc. Representative: Kazuhiro Iguchi, Representative Director Head office location: 2-15-19 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Established: April 2023 URL: https: //
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