High school student x Entrepreneur Special class by Mr. Kazuma Ieiri, CEO of CAMPFIRE |

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[High school student x Entrepreneur] Special class by Mr. Kazuma Ieiri, CEO of CAMPFIRE |
-Held on Saturday, May 13- As the number of young people who have hopes for the future is decreasing, this is an opportunity for high school students to realize what they want to do in the future.
“Comprehensive selection vocational school AOI”, which is a cram school for “school recommendation type selection / comprehensive selection” (* 1) used by the majority of university students, is the representative director of “CAMPFIRE”, which handles crowdfunding business. Kazuma Iri will be invited to hold a “Guest Speaker Event” for high school students on Saturday, May 13th, both online and in Shibuya, Tokyo.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/76829/32/resize/d76829-32-32ba9c8cd90d1e35ef45-2.png&s3=76829-32-83b26394e4c539bfa3eff09a534bb756-1280×720.png] Event overview
“What is your own way of life?”
According to a Cabinet Office survey (*2), 60.6% of young people answered that they have bright hopes for the future. lowest number. In recent years, we have seen the spread of exploratory learning guidance that accompanies non-deviation education.
Mr. Ieiri, the guest of this time, found a dream from the “original experience” that he experienced bullying and withdrawal when he was a student, and supported his household by delivering newspapers instead of going to university for financial reasons. walking through life. We hope that this event will be an opportunity for high school students to realize what they want to do in the future, as there are few young people with hope for the future.
*From the Cabinet Office “Survey on the Awareness of Young People in Japan and Other Countries” (June 2019)
・Date: Saturday, May 13, 14:00-
・Venue: Online ・AOI Shibuya School (2nd floor, Blue Building, 3-28-7 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002)
・ Target: High school students
・ Application: https://aoaoi.jp/event/ieirisama/
The guests
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/76829/32/resize/d76829-32-148a6aadbc315458019c-0.jpg&s3=76829-32-b5ede78620cceac604f9d33e3e2de4eb-1186×1582.jpg] Mr. Kazuma Ieiri, CEO of CAMPFIRE
Mr. Kazuma Ieiri, CEO of CAMPFIRE
Founded paperboy&co. (currently GMO Pepabo) in 2003, was listed on the JASDAQ market as the youngest (at that time) in 2008, and founded CAMPFIRE Co., Ltd. in 2011. Established BASE Co., Ltd. in 2012, became a co-founding director, and was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers (currently Growth) in 2019. Established venture capital “NOW” in 2018. He is a visiting professor at Kyoto University of the Arts and an adviser to N High School. Selected 3rd in Forbes JAPAN “Japanese Entrepreneur Ranking 2021”.
What is a guest speaker event?
An event regularly held by AOI, a comprehensive selection specialized cram school. We welcome frontrunners who are active in various industries as guests and provide opportunities for high school students to realize what they want to do in the future. Guests include a wide range of business owners, entrepreneurs, and social workers working to solve social problems. This is an event that has been held since the foundation so that AOI students and other high school students from all over the country can help them consider their dreams and aspiring schools by touching on the stories of people who are on the front lines of creating society. One.
-Past Guest-
・Yoichi Ito (Dean, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Musashino University) ・ Noriko Wakihama (former Yomiuri TV announcer, professor at Kyoto Sangyo University Faculty of Sociology)
・ Shino Kawai (former badminton S/J leaguer, wheelchair fencing representative of Japan)
・Lee Tadanari (former Japanese national soccer team, enrolled in Kyoto Sanga F.C.)
・ Kaori Chiba (Representative of Kaeka Co., Ltd. / Speech Writer) ・ Mr. Shoji Sugimoto (BOTANIST director and general manager of the sales department)
*Some excerpts
*Affiliation/Title at the time of presentation
Comprehensive selection (A0 entrance examination)
One of the entrance examination methods for university entrance examinations. Due to the entrance examination reform, the name was changed from “AO entrance examination” to “comprehensive selection”, and the selection method also changed to “comprehensive evaluation including academic ability”. In the past, it was said to be a single art entrance exam, but now it is a widely open exam method that allows you to take the exam without spectacular experience or achievements. ” uses the comprehensive selection (*).
・ Comprehensive selection: https://aoaoi.jp/sougougata/
* Prepared from the general selection, recommendation entrance examination, and admission office entrance examination of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology “Reiwa 3rd year national public private university entrance examination implementation status” https://www.mext.go.jp/content/
About comprehensive selection vocational school AOI
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/76829/32/resize/d76829-32-5473f949d29692fdff94-1.png&s3=76829-32-70e9bd0c5c48a8a07a38cecbae88b558-1950×743.png] Comprehensive Selective School AOI Logo
Comprehensive selection vocational school AOI is a college entrance examination preparation school that specializes in measures for comprehensive selection.
Based on the vision of “I want you to do more than you ever imagined,” we don’t regard passing university as the goal, and we provide an education that considers the future of each high school student together and is close to their lives. In order to face the experiences and feelings of high school students, think about the “future” together, and provide various possibilities, we have adopted complete one-on-one coaching individual lessons.
It boasts a pass rate of 97.47% (*3) in the 2023 entrance examination, and has five schools nationwide: Kyoto, Osaka, Nishinomiya Kitaguchi, Shibuya, and Metaverse.
・ AOI service site: https://aoaoi.jp/
*Referred from the 2023 entrance examination Hanagata internal data “Students who have taken three or more universities / departments”
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/76829/32/resize/d76829-32-6232f6e9724822ec1cb7-2.png&s3=76829-32-43450d0cc0460257efc5f1eb30b5a276-1950×1300.png] AOI Kyoto Campus
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