How can you make use of your “passion” for launching projects and improving existing operatio ns? Held an online event to convey cutting-edge “organizational management methods” in Japan

-Event Report- How can you make use of your “passion” to start a project or improve an existing business? Held an online event to convey cutting-edge “organizational management methods” in Japan
RELATIONS Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Hiroaki Hasegawa, hereinafter referred to as RELATIONS), which provides consulting services (cost improvement and organizational development), will be online from 13:00 on April 26 (Wednesday). Your company’s breakthrough starts from the passion of one person – The front line of autonomous organizations practiced in Japan -” was held. For the 67 participants on the day, while introducing “live examples” of cutting-edge organizational management in Japan, we presented solutions to the problems that organizations face on a daily basis, leading to the participants’ learning. rice field.
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▼ See below for details on the event.
Date: April 26, 2023 (Wednesday) 13:00-14:30
Holding method: Online (Zoom)
Participation fee: Free
Speaker: Hiroaki Hasegawa, Representative Director, RELATIONS Co., Ltd. Reisansha Co., Ltd. Representative Director Yuji Yamada
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[POINT1] Introducing the essential concept of the “source principle” through examples
[Image 2:×1034.png] Mr. Hirotsugu Yamada, who was invited as a guest speaker this time, translated and supervised the translation and supervision of “Everything starts with one person” (Eiji Publishing). I have introduced you.
◯ Hasegawa emphasized the importance of the “source” (=one person who initiates the project with passion) in response to the issue of launching a new project, “I launched a new project, but it didn’t produce the results I expected.”・We delved into the specific experiences of Mr. Yamada’s organization.
◯Participants commented, “It was easy to get into the conversation because the case-based development was easy to replace with our company’s case.” I received

[POINT2] Talk about what you learned from failure. Introducing the significance of introducing “Holacracy”
[Image 3:×1034.png] Introducing real examples including failures that RELATIONS has traced. I have shared practical knowledge about the utilization of a system called “holacracy,” in which each individual performs their own work, and the ingenuity of building relationships such as “dialogue and training camps,” which we are currently working on.
◯ “Integral theory” as a method to objectively see why such a situation occurs while dealing with cases of improvement of existing operations where “business improvement measures do not produce visible changes” I introduced a method of classifying phenomena into four categories: inner surface, outer surface, individual, and set. ◯ From the participants who touched on the concept of creating a new organization, there were opinions such as, “How to change a corporate culture with strong hierarchy, how to create a corporate culture where healthy opinions and conflicts occur,” and “To realize holacracy, top management must I really feel the difficulty of changing consciousness,” and it became clear that even if you envision the ideal, it is difficult to make progress in organizational reform.

[Future policy] In order to realize the purpose of “giving vitality to the company”, we will continue to convey living practical knowledge. As mentioned above, even if we conveyed cutting-edge concepts and methods, it was seen that there were major hurdles for the
participants to apply the methods to the field. At RELATIONS, we have many examples of transformation that matches the corporate culture and phase of a company with a conventional hierarchical organization, not only through our own efforts, but also through consulting on organizational development.
In the future, we will plan events where on-site consultants will take the podium and provide hints on specific implementation, as well as events aimed at managers to further deepen their understanding of the concept of organizational management.

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