Huckleberry Co., Ltd. Updated “Regular purchase” app and analysis function

Huckleberry Co., Ltd.
“Subscription” app, updated analysis function
– Customizing CSV to enable store-specific measurement and analysis –
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Huckleberry Co., Ltd. (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yusuke Ando, ​​hereinafter “Huckleberry”) is pleased to announce that the analysis function has been updated in the app “Regular Purchase” that supports the regular purchase API. Sales data CSV can be customized for each business operator (merchant), making it easier to link with BI tools and store-specific measurement and analysis.
■ About the “analysis function” update
We have further expanded the output items of the CSV file of sales and contracts that can be downloaded from the “Regular purchase” application. We have received many requests from business operators who want more detailed analysis because the contract data and sales data of the conventional “regular purchase” app are not enough, which led to this update.
◇ What can be achieved with this update
Expanded the CSV download items of the conventional analysis function, so that you can check detailed information that could not be referred to before
Customized registration of download items for each store is possible, making it possible to easily refer to only the items you want to download at any time
Easy store-specific measurement and detailed analysis by linking with BI tools and customizing CSV items
◇ Changes Details
– Added “Contract unit” output item-
We have expanded the items that can be referenced and downloaded.
[Image 2:×1999.png] – Added preset function –
You can now save items to download for each store.
[Image 3:×1999.png] ■ About the Shopify app “Regular purchase”
Shopify App “Subscription”
・Intuitive and simple setting screen
・Customer support system highly rated by customers
・Development system for speedy realization of custom development and function requests
・It is also possible to measure the results of advertisements etc. (Installing measurement tags requires a separate application and editing of Liquid files)
・Install the subscription function to the theme
・Regular purchase plan setting
・ Flexible discount settings such as the first time of regular purchase and specified number of times
・Sample product sales function
・Regular purchase order, customer management
・ Membership rank function that allows you to change the discount rate according to the purchase amount
・Product addition/change/deletion and upselling function on My Page ・Full customization of My Page, etc.
-More than 1900 introduced companies, Shopify subscription app-
[Image 4:×548.png] We will continue to update this app and develop necessary functions such as adding marketing / CRM functions according to Japanese regular purchasing business practices.
In addition, Huckleberry, as a leading company in Shopify site construction / application construction, will continue to support merchants (operators) by releasing applications that can be easily and safely introduced to support long-term sales.
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[About Huckleberry Co., Ltd.]
A team that plans, develops, and operates services related to improving e-commerce sales, with the mission of “creating a normal lifestyle that is unique to that person in the digital society” and aiming for purchasing that allows everyone to have a comfortable and exciting experience. is. It consists of veterans such as serial entrepreneurs, engineers with extensive startup experience, and PdM graduates who have been involved in the open innovation field for a long time, as well as highly motivated young people, and supports the improvement of Shopify store sales.
Headquarters location: 2-6-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Mikan Shimokita B block No. B401
Representative: Yusuke Ando, ​​President and Representative Director Business: Development and provision of Shopify apps. EC site construction support. Launch of co-creation business in EC/SaaS area URL:
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[About the service provided]
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Shopify app “All in gift (You can send gifts on LINE and Instagram!)”
Shopify App “Subscription”
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