Hyakuyo Bijin Co., Ltd. Hyakuyo Bijin Co., Ltd. developed organic cosmetics using vegetables grown in-house in Japan, and launched a new skin-friendly facial cleansing foam momgdero, which has received the INCI name, on May 10.

Hyakuyo Bijin Co., Ltd.
Hyakuyo Bijin Co., Ltd. has developed organic cosmetics using vegetables grown in-house in Japan, and the skin-friendly facial cleansing foam momgdero, which has received the INCI name, will be released on May 10.
In the organic market, which is attracting worldwide attention, we have succeeded in developing basic cosmetics using vegetables grown in-house. Hypoallergenic facial cleansing foam momgdero to be released on May 10

Organic cosmetics using naturally-derived ingredients momgdero has developed a shared cosmetic that makes use of multifunctional vegetables called Binahon (ingredient name: red vine leaves/stems), which are carefully grown in its own group farm. Based on the concept of sharing the heart, we will announce and sell organic facial cleansing foam carefully made in Japan.
We, Hyakuyo Bijin Co., Ltd., are a company that deals in health food products that use extremely nutritious vegetables called Binahon (ingredient name: red locust leaf/stem). I fell in love with Vinahon, which I met by chance 10 years ago, and sells supplements and green juice, and has been featured in various media as a multifunctional vegetable.
On May 10th, 2011, the facial cleansing foam of organic basic cosmetics has just acquired the “INCI name*” and the product name is momgdero.
Momgdero is a combination of mom (mind) and gdero (as is), meaning “as your heart goes” in Korean. And from the English mom, I named it with the desire to deliver the kindness that reminds me of my mother no matter how old I am.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/121454/1/resize/d121454-1-7cb64450a74f3bdd1762-1.jpg&s3=121454-1-afa493f2af9a4150918ddb918f443a5a-3900×2600.jpg] Peace of mind for the whole family
The organic luxury goods market in 2021 is expected to grow by 11.5% globally, and demand is on the rise as consumers become more health conscious and more interested in environmental issues.
In particular, organic cosmetics that use naturally-derived
ingredients, mainly among the younger generation, are one of the reasons for the expansion of demand, as the spread of information on SNS and online shops has increased, and the demand for home cosmetics has increased due to the corona crisis.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/121454/1/resize/d121454-1-d09f03bb1f40757071c7-2.jpg&s3=121454-1-827aae72b3f83309ec3c886de3bbadb4-3900×2600.jpg] Good lather with natural ingredients
momgdero is a product that uses Vinahon grown on our own group farm, and this is the first attempt to commercialize it as a cosmetic product.
In addition, what was important when creating the products was to create products that approach not only the “appearance” of cosmetics, but also the “heart” of the user.
Binahong leaves themselves are shaped like a heart, but for people living in a busy modern society, it is important to forget about stress and feel comfort and peace during the time it takes to take care of oneself. I have been researching as a “share cosmetics” brand because I want you to share such time with people in your daily life.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/121454/1/resize/d121454-1-ccc7d6eb16bf713f1b0e-3.jpg&s3=121454-1-60f4d05ef2d2200a849187f836c13236-3000×2000.jpg] Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
The difficulty in product development was that there was no precedent or registration for the use of Binaphone as a cosmetic ingredient in Japan, so it took about a year and a half from the acquisition of the INCI name to the formulation adjustment, brand design, and other concepts to commercialization. .
When considering the use of shared cosmetics, which is also a feature of the brand, we repeatedly discussed the concept, package design, fragrance, etc. so that a wide range of people could use it regardless of gender or age.
For those with sensitive skin, I think it is extremely important to have basic cosmetics that are hypoallergenic and keep your skin moisturized for a long time.
Especially for those who have small children, I think that it is a troublesome part.
There were times when product development was not progressing due to various factors, but I thought it was important to hear the voices and frank impressions of users, so I asked many people, such as
acquaintances and employees’ families, to try out the prototypes. We gathered opinions such as how it feels and how it smells, and what kind of product we would like to use.
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/121454/1/resize/d121454-1-636dc64dd7c183e5f8e1-4.jpg&s3=121454-1-5015c6e3327b543c60fdcfeddee5fb0e-3000×2000.jpg] Refresh with the scent of basil
We have received very interesting content and evaluations from people who have used the product, and we believe that we have created a product that fits in well with our daily lives. We have summarized the opinions below.
・The scent of basil is rare and natural and comfortable.
・It lathers well and cleans pores, but it doesn’t dry easily even if you don’t apply lotion immediately after washing.
・After washing, the color of the skin feels one tone brighter. ・Many face washes for men are soothing or irritating, but this face wash is soft and gentle on the skin.
・It is shared by a couple.
・(Wife) The condition of my skin, which was prone to fluctuations such as breakouts, has improved, and it has become less rough.
・ (Husband) Moisturizes without drying even after shaving.
・There is a refreshing feeling, and the texture is smooth after washing. ・Facial cleansing foam that changes your mood
・It can be used by both men and women without discomfort.
・I wash not only my face but also my neck and upper body all at once, but somehow I feel that the smell that I was worried about has faded. ・I couldn’t imagine the scent of basil at first, but it was
surprisingly pleasant.
We are very happy to receive such valuable feedback before the release. We will continue to strive to make even better products.
And for those who feel that they would like to use it in the future, I would be happy if you could choose it as one of the items to share with your loved ones, your favorite time, and the excitement and excitement you spend together.
Sales destination: Hyakuyo Bijin Co., Ltd.
Sales site: https://momgdero.theshop.jp
Inquiry phone number: 0120-888-360
Instagram: @momgdero (https://www.instagram.com/momgdero/)
YouTube: Hyakuyo Bijin (https://www.youtube.com/@user-oi9ec4ml6j) *INCI name is an international ingredient name in alphabetical notation established mainly by the Cosmetic Industry Association of America (CTFA).
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