Ichimasa Kamaboko Co., Ltd. The first achievement of a crab stick! “Gabritti Enchanting Kanikama” won the highest Grand Prix at the Japan Food Selection by food professionals.

Ichimasa Kamaboko Co., Ltd.
Crab bite first achievement! “Gabritti Enchanting Kanikama” won the highest Grand Prix at the Japan Food Selection by food professionals. First award for crab-flavored kamaboko! It received the highest rating of the Grand Prix at the Japan Food Selection, which is selected by food analysts who are experts in food information of approximately 20,000 people.

Ichimasa Kamaboko Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Higashi-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture; President and CEO: Masahiro Nozaki) sells crab-flavored kamaboko “Gabrich Enchanted Kanikamama”, which is sold by the Food Analysts Association. At the 63rd Japan Food Selection (May 2023), it won the Grand Prix, the highest ranking.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/54246/74/resize/d54246-74-7886541eb24f6840a3d6-0.jpg&s3=54246-74-ea4d328ee6003ca5fab09fbc3880dd85-1504×685.jpg] “Gabritti Enchanting Crab Stick” has its roots in the development of the limited-time product “Large Crab Stick” released in April 2019 to commemorate the Reiwa era change. The “Large Crab Kama” features a full-fledged taste and a volume of 10 pieces in a large size that has never been seen before, from the desire to have many people enjoy the celebratory dining table on a special day. It was a product of After that, we thought that there was a need for large-sized crab sticks that could be used as a main dish as well as rich and filling on the everyday dining table. At the same time, we released “Gabrich Enchanting Crab Stick” as a 6-piece product that is easy to use at home, and we have continued to make improvements to make it more attractive.
The charm of “Gabrich Enchanted Crab Stick” is not only its large size, but also the fact that each fiber is thinner than conventional crab sticks, giving it a supple texture. By thoroughly analyzing and recreating the scent of boiled snow crab immediately after, you can enjoy the satisfaction of eating real, richly flavored crab. As the name suggests, you can enjoy it not only as it is, but also as a main menu for special occasions such as chirashi sushi and tempura. [Evaluation points of food analysts for “Gabrich Enchanting Kanikama”] ■ There is a sense of volume and satisfaction. ■ The naming matches the image of the product.
■The reproducibility of the texture is high, and you can feel the realism, “This is how crabs can be avoided!” ■The flavor is closer to crab, and it feels like eating real crab. ■It is also active in SDGs efforts, and the package is evolving step by step.
[What is Japan Food Selection] Japan’s first food and ingredient evaluation system selected by over 20,000 food analysts. Food analysts, who are both consumers and experts in food information, evaluate and judge fairly and neutrally, taking into consideration the delicate tastes, preferences, sensibilities, and food culture of the Japanese people. In the examination items, a score rate of 90% or more will be awarded the Grand Prix, 80% or more will be awarded the Gold Prize, 70% or more will be awarded the Silver Prize, and 60% or more will be awarded the Bronze Prize.
Japan Food Selection Official Website: https://japan-foodselection.com/ [Product information]
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/54246/74/resize/d54246-74-f279f11ed2174b9686d8-1.jpg&s3=54246-74-317144171b5b4d8b492b688628ea3c52-1535×615.jpg] Product Name: Gabrich Enchanting Crab Stick
Contents: 6 bottles
Suggested retail price: 628 yen (excluding tax)
Release area: Nationwide
Product information page:
https://www.ichimasa.co.jp/products/products_item.asp?id=1257 Details about this release:


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