iHerb, LLC. iHerb has started distributing the new series “Heal-Meal Moment” from the official Japanese Yo uTube channel “iHerb Japan”!

iHerb, LLC.
iHerb has started distributing the new series “Heal-Meal Moment” from the official Japanese YouTube channel “iHerb Japan”!
Distribution starts at 20:00 on Friday, May 26, 2023

iHerb (Headquarters: California, USA, CEO: Iman Zabihi, hereinafter: iHerb, Japanese name: iHerb) is a global leader in health and wellness worldwide. We have opened a YouTube channel “iHerb Japan”. “iHerb Japan”, which is scheduled to be updated every Friday, will release a new series “Heal-Meal Moment” Coconut Milk Chocolate “” today at 20:00 on Friday, May 26th. iHerb has more than 30,000 products, including organic, vegan, and dairy-free foods that match your lifestyle. In “Heal-Meal Moment”, we propose recipes unique to iHerb that deliver a delicious healing time.
《iHerb Japan @iherbjapanofficial》
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“A delicious time to prepare your body and mind”
It is a rich time to prepare the body and mind that are tired from busy days by cooking healthy food.
In this video, we will deliver a recipe for “coconut milk chocolate” that is low in sugar so you don’t have to worry about it even when you are on a diet. Put cocoa powder and organic dried fruits in coconut butter.
Mixing it in a bowl until it’s smooth makes my day-to-day gloomy mood somewhat lessen.
The appearance is cute, and the sweets that are happy for the body and the heart are completed.
About iHerb
iHerb is trusted by over 10 million customers annually in over 180 countries to help improve their health, happiness and wellbeing. As a multi-billion dollar e-commerce platform, our mission is to offer our customers the best selection of health and wellness products on the planet at the best value and delivered with the most convenient experience. We believe health and wellness should not be a privilege, but a universal right enabled by compassion and our collective action. And whoever you are, wherever you are, you should have easy access to the products that help you live your healthiest, best life.
■ iHerb official online shop https://jp.iherb.com/
You can download the app from the two-dimensional barcode below. (iOS/Android available)
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iherbjapanese/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iHerb_japanese
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iherbjapanese
LINE official account: https://page.line.me/236rruyn
Youtube official channel: https://www.youtube.com/@iherbjapanofficial Details about this release:

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