Imagina Co., Ltd. Free held in Shin-Osaka | May 22 (Monday) The key to creating an organization is management. “Creating a workplace where employees can continue to grow” Thorough commentary seminar

Imagina Co., Ltd.
[Free in Shin-Osaka | May 22nd (Monday)] The key to building an organization is management. “Creating a workplace where employees can continue to grow” Thorough commentary seminar
“Psychological safety” and “career safety” are indispensable for improving employee engagement and reducing turnover. Management holds the key.

Imagina Co., Ltd. (, which has strengths in human resource development and organization building, will explain “creating a workplace where employees can continue to grow” in Shin-Osaka on May 22nd (Monday). We will hold a seminar to
Improving “psychological safety” is a challenge for many companies In recent years, the term “psychological safety” has become popular. A workplace with a high level of “psychological safety” refers to an environment in which employees can freely express their thoughts and feelings to anyone.
It is expected that the lack of internal communication due to the influence of corona is the background that this word has come to be reconsidered.
Research on psychological safety reveals that many companies are working or considering improving psychological safety.
[Image 1:×1125.jpg] On the other hand, however, some companies seem to be facing challenges as a result of efforts to improve psychological safety in the workplace.
Specifically, they said, “The sense of responsibility and motivation declined due to the loss of a certain degree of tension that is essential for the organization,” and “The sense of unity as an organization has been lost due to the free speech and actions of employees.” is mentioned.
[Image 2:×1125.jpg] “Career safety” is important in addition to psychological safety In an organization that has lost control like this, it will be difficult for each employee to grow. “Career safety” is important for creating an organization that does not hinder the growth of employees. Career safety refers to the feeling that “being in that workplace allows me to continue building my career.” In order to increase this career security, it is important to show employees the direction the company is headed, and to have the company firmly understand the future image that the employees themselves are aiming for, and to align the direction of the company and the employees.
By creating a work environment where each individual is focused on their own careers, an appropriate sense of tension is created, and by understanding the company’s policy, employees will not act selfishly. Organization changes when management changes
The key to creating an organization in which the company and employees are facing the same direction is the “manager”.
The roles that are really required of managers are to “become a model case for employees and make younger employees imagine the future”, “support the growth of subordinates”, and “tell subordinates about the company’s philosophy and management policy”. By having managers fulfill this role, we will create an organization in which all employees feel that they want to grow on their own and can take on challenges with peace of mind.
What you can learn in this seminar
In this seminar, we will consistently tell you how to create an organization that allows employees to grow and strategies for acquiring human resources that suit your company, with the keyword “manager training”.
[Main topics]
■Methods for unraveling the company’s philosophy and thoughts ■Instilling the philosophy and vision among employees to create a united organization ■Changing the awareness of managers leads to the growth of all employees ■What management methods are necessary in this day and age? ■ Achieving success in recruitment by instilling philosophy and strengthening management
Managers who want to strengthen their organization, and managers who want to learn about management techniques to revitalize their company, please join us.
Seminar overview
Shin-Osaka held! “Creating a workplace where employees can continue to grow” Thorough commentary seminar
Date: May 22, 2023 (Monday)
Time: 10:00-11:30 Location: Shin-Osaka Brick Building 3rd floor, 1-6-1 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Participation fee: Free Lecturer: Yoshiki Sekino, President and CEO of Imagina Co., Ltd.
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