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Infocom Co., Ltd. New Business Promotion Department
[Addition of new functions] “CWS for Care” shift management service specializing in nursing care
It is now easier to create shifts that span days and months, and to manage the schedule and results of the shift table.

This time, two new functions have been added to the shift management service “CWS for Care (”
specializing in nursing care.
[Image 1:×1318.png] [New function 1] Easy to create shifts that span days and months! Nursing care offices need to create shift tables on a daily and monthly basis in order to meet staffing standards and additional requirements.
Until now, if you work from 22:00 to 6:00 the next day, you were registering for two hours: “2 hours from 22:00 to 24:00” and “6 hours from 24:00 to 6:00”.
With this release,
Even if you register a shift that spans days and months as a batch, such as “22:00 to 6:00 the next day”, the necessary “staff standards and addition requirements” are calculated, and a shift table can now be created. .
[Image 2:×2059.png] [New function 2] More efficient management of shift table schedules and results For nursing care providers, the shift chart is not only for managing working hours, but also serves as a source material for the “work pattern list” necessary for administrative guidance. Therefore, it must be created correctly.
In the “work style list” required for management guidance, both the “scheduled” shift table created in advance and the “actual work” shift table are required.
When creating a shift table in Excel, it takes time and effort, so there are probably many nursing care providers who want to streamline it.
With this release, “CWS for Care” is now able to efficiently manage the “scheduled” and “actual” shift schedules on the system.
[Image 3:×928.png] As a result, the initial “planned” work style list can be output at any time, making it easier to create a “work style list” and easier to respond to management guidance.
In addition, since the “scheduled” and “actual” of multiple shift tables can be managed in a list, it is easy to use even for businesses that operate a large number of offices.
About the future
This time, we released a small but high-impact feature. Please look forward to the release of large-scale functions in the future. CWS for Care will continue to strive to provide user-friendly functions and services. Thank you very much.
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-What is CWS-
This is a shift management service specializing in nursing care that provides a one-stop service for creating shift tables, managing performance, and outputting work style lists.
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Infocom Corporation New Business Promotion Department
-About Infocom Group-
The Infocom Group operates an IT service business that provides information systems for medical institutions and general companies, and an Internet business that provides an electronic comic
distribution service “Mecha Comic” for general consumers.
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