Initial Point Co., Ltd. Quarantine-type multi-factor authentication service “JinCreek” announces collaboration with NEC’s NeoFace

Initial Point Co., Ltd.
Quarantine-type multi-factor authentication service “JinCreek” announces collaboration with NEC’s NeoFace

Initial Point, which develops the multi-factor authentication service “JinCreek”, will announce support for NEC’s NeoFace. As a multi-factor authentication platform service business, we are the third company to support biometric authentication, following Microsoft’s Windows Hello and DDS’s Themis.
Initial Point Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Toshihiko Shimamura, hereinafter Initial Point) has announced the “quarantine type multi-factor authentication service JinCreek ( We are officially announcing that NEC’s NeoFace has been linked as a biometric authentication factor to “Zinc Creek”. In the future, we will provide solutions that work together as diversification for companies and government offices that are considering NeoFace as an element of biometric authentication, and for local governments that have already introduced NeoFace.
Cooperation pattern of JinCreek and NeoFace
[Cooperation pattern with on-prem NeoFace]
[Image 1:×479.jpg] [JinCreek platform shared pattern]
[Image 2:×479.jpg] Initial Point has been conducting demonstration experiments with NeoFace Sier companies since the year before last, confirming that quarantine-type multi-factor authentication can be performed without problems in cooperation with local on-premises. With NeoFace as an option for basic authentication, we plan to make proposals not only to local governments and government agencies, but also to a wide range of private companies.
With the recent increase in new coronaviruses, disasters, and work style reforms, it is believed that access to the office environment from outside the office using Windows PCs and other mobile terminals will increase more than ever. We aim to provide safe mobile access without spoofing in the domestic market by cooperating with each telecommunications carrier and biometric development company on a personal authentication platform with three or more factors. In the future, we will enhance biometric authentication solutions other than face and fingerprints to meet even more needs.
[Features of JinCreek]
1) Ensuring security during remote access from outside the company: Identity verification through multi-factor authentication such as [network authentication], [device authentication], and [personal authentication] based on biometric authentication, and corporate policy enforcement through cooperation with AD servers. Continuous maintenance blocks spoofing by maintaining the service level and safety, whether it is a SIM closed network connection or a VPN connection, and improves safety in the work environment outside the company.
2) Integration with existing systems: By linking with existing internal servers such as on-prem biometric authentication servers and Microsoft’s Active Directory servers, changes on the company side are minimized, and authentication between internal and external systems is stressful. Allow it to go free.
3) Through authentication cooperation with a biodevelopment company, the range of use will be expanded to include PCs with web cameras that do not support Windows Hello, allowing users to use their laptops as they are.
[JinCreek Distributor]
NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation
Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.
Nisseicom Co., Ltd.
RKKCS Co., Ltd. (Kyushu Electric Power Group)
SCSK Corporation
■ Initial points
Initial Point will focus on authentication services that specialize in the security of remote access such as 5G/4G/LTE and VPN, and plans to develop further services with mobile companies and VPN equipment manufacturers in the future.
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