Introducing a pet dining chair from “famliy&furnitures”, furniture for your beloved family.

KEY-KILT Limited Liability Company
Introducing a pet dining chair from “famliy&furnitures”, furniture for your beloved family.
A limited number of pre-sales have also started at crowdfunding Makuake

KEY-KILT LLC (head office: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture), which designs and manufactures hospitality furniture, has announced a dining chair for pets from the new brand “family & furnitures”. In addition, pre-sale has started on April 17th at “Makuake”.
[Image 1:×2533.jpg] Because we are family, we are always together and safe
Meals and tea time with your beloved family (pets) are irreplaceable times. But have you ever felt uncomfortable with such an ordinary scene where only humans are sitting on chairs and they are looking up from the cold ground?
I want to treat them the same because they are from the same family. I want to spend the same time with the same eyes. But it is also true that humans and pets are different creatures. That’s why we continued to search for the best form for each other so that it wouldn’t be forced.
As a result, we have created a pet-specific dining chair that allows people and pets to share the same time, is safe and can be used in a variety of situations.
[Image 2:×2534.jpg]
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] A chair that’s at a height where people can see each other, but it’s not scary This dining chair is sized mainly for small dogs, and when you sit on it, you can see your face above the table. It is a height that makes it easy to meet the owner’s eye level and feed and care for them. In addition, since it is surrounded by panels on all sides, even dogs who are not good at high places can sit and sleep calmly. There is also a lead hook on the seat.
[Image 4:×2600.jpg]
[Image 5:×2533.jpg] Beautiful and functional design
Product designer Yuki Iida (Konohazuku LLC was appointed for the planning and design. We have realized a pet-first design, minimalist beauty that matches various interiors, and high functionality that allows you to change the form according to the scene.
The four panels surrounding the seat can be removed without tools. The seat and legs can also be separated.
With this specification, you can use it close to a table, surround it on all sides and use it as a bed, or open a part and use it as a doorway. In addition, if you remove the legs, it can be used for sofa seats and tatami mats. The specifications make it easy to introduce it into shops such as restaurants as well as general households.
[Image 6:×2600.jpg]
[Image 16:×2600.jpg]
[Image 8:×2600.jpg]
[Image 9:×1637.jpg]
[Image 10:×2533.jpg]
[Image 11:×2600.jpg]
[Image 12:×2600.jpg]
[Image 13:×2534.jpg]
[Image 14:×2600.jpg]
[Image 15:×2534.jpg] Main Specifications
White ash material is used for the frame. The removable seat and panel are finished with upholstery. Fabric can be selected from 4 colors (light gray, blue green, yellow, charcoal gray). A leather-like finish is also planned for the future. There are two sizes, S and M. It can be selected according to the installation space and the size of the pet.
S size: width 245 x depth 390 x height 730mm
M size: width 320 x depth 440 x height 780 mm
* With all panels installed
[Image 16:×2600.jpg]
[Image 17:×2600.jpg]
[Image 18:×2600.jpg]
[Image 19:×2600.jpg] Makukake project
This dining chair will be pre-sold on the crowdfunding service Makuake from April 17th to May 21st. 20% to 25% off the scheduled sales price, so you can purchase it at a great deal. Don’t miss this opportunity to buy the f&f dining chair.
[Image 20:×3234.jpg] About family&furnitures
family & furnitures, abbreviated as f&f, is a new brand with the meaning of “making furniture for the family.” Be a family rather than a pet, be furniture rather than goods. That is our commitment and belief.
This dining chair is the first product for this brand, but we are planning various products in the future.
*The brand website is currently under construction.
KEY-KILT Limited Liability Company
[Image 21:×1000.jpg] KEY-KILT LLC is a joint venture between Key International, Inc., a furniture and interior related company based in the United States and China, and Quilt Kogei Co., Ltd., a furniture manufacturer with an integrated production system in Kawasaki. is a hospitality furniture design and production company established in 2007.
Representative employee: Koichiro Suzuki Yasushi Kamata
Location: 8-5 Okawacho, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture Established: May 1, 2007
Capital: 9 million yen
・Specifications and images are under development and subject to change. ・General sales are expected in 2023
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