Ishin Co., Ltd. Understanding US startup investment trends | US tech annual overview 2022 report released

Ishin Co., Ltd.
Understanding US Startup Investment Trends | US Tech Annual Overview 2022 Report Released
Providing reports in Japanese for Tracxn, a company based in Bangalore, India that specializes in startup data analysis.

TECHBLITZ, a media that connects Japan with the world’s startup ecosystem, operated by Ishin Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Satoshi Kataoka), has a startup data analysis service “Tracxn” that uses “U.S. We have released the Japanese version of the Tech Annual Overview 2022 report.
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“Tracxn” is a company that specializes in startup data analysis, is based in Bangalore, India, and has a database of information in more than 350 technical fields.

 Techblitz, which has a partnership with Tracxn, has created and released the Japanese version of the “U.S. Tech Annual Overview 2022”. In this report, you can decipher the following information.
・2022 US Tech Insights by Tracxn
・U.S. tech trends in 2022 (financing, investor trends, exit companies) ・ Corporate overview of 131 companies that became unicorns in 2022
[Image 2:×840.jpg] ■ US tech trends in 2022
 In 2022, the amount of funding in the US tech startup ecosystem has decreased significantly. One reason for this is the slowdown in economic activity and capital flows due to rising inflation and interest rates. While the United States has not been directly affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, fears of a global economic slowdown and recession have played a major role in slowing economic activity across industries.
Under these circumstances, investors have refrained from making major investment decisions until the situation stabilizes.
Companies were forced to cut costs and streamline operations, with many large companies being among the first to lay off staff
strategically, and large tech companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Salesforce cutting workforces. , the same scenario is spreading in the startup ecosystem.
(Excerpt from this report)
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