ispec Co., Ltd. Release information Eliminates “not communicating well…” in medical examinations! Joint development with SHANRI Co., Ltd. of “Symptom Word Chat” that supports communication with doctors from the patient’s perspective

ispec Co., Ltd.
[Release information] Eliminates “not communicating well…” at medical examinations! Joint development with SHANRI Co., Ltd. of “Symptom Word Chat” that supports communication with doctors from the patient’s perspective
ispec, which focuses on the healthcare field, supports prototype development as a development team! Provided for fever outpatients in a customized format that can be accompanied by extended functions using ChatGPT

ispec Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 8-2-12 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Kohei Shimano), which supports new businesses through software development, is SHANRI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1-22 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). No. 3, Representative Director: Kaori Sakai), we jointly developed a communication support tool “Symptom Word Chat” from the patient’s perspective, and started using it at the clinic.
[Image 1:×521.png] Development background
SHANRI Co., Ltd. won the “Up to 3 million yen free! Service
development campaign” held by our company in October 2022, and we will be working together on the development of “Symptom Word Chat”. With the aim of conveying each patient’s unique expressions to doctors and promoting accurate diagnosis and treatment that is close to the patient, SHANRI Co., Ltd. has accumulated 80,000 symptom word data so far, and our took on the challenge of providing services that make use of the company’s new business development experience.
Released on October 14, 2022 “Up to 3 million yen free! Service development campaign”:
Service overview
[Basic information] “Symptom Word Chat” is a chat (conversation) while gently listening to the patient’s lifestyle and values ​​that are difficult to grasp only by communication during the examination. It is a service that can be effectively used by both patients and medical professionals by proceeding with the process and finally outputting it in a medical format.
・Chat function based on basic initial medical interview (can be handled by disease)
・Voice function when answering chat (Voice use specialized for medical and healthcare is possible)
・Valuable symptom word selection function
・Output function in medical record format (can be forwarded to specified email) ・In addition, it is also possible to add photo attachment functions and UI functions that utilize illustrations.
[Image 2:×396.png] In the initial stage of service release, we will customize and provide for each clinic and company. In addition to initial medical interviews at medical institutions, it can also be used as a corporate service accompanying self-funded medical examinations and specific health guidance.
“Typical” symptom word chat sample Corona fever outpatient version:
Practical benefits from the perspective of medical professionals As of May 8, 2023, the new coronavirus infectious disease has been changed to a category 5 infectious disease. In the future, more medical institutions will be able to treat patients with fever, including those who do not have a family doctor. Due to the change to category 5 infectious diseases, fever, including hospitalization procedures for positive people, cooperation with emergency personnel, management of positive people, and consideration for the elderly and patients with underlying diseases, which were previously handled by public health centers. Each medical institution is required to take on more duties than before, such as establishing a mixed medical care system for outpatients and general outpatients.
In response to the increased workload on the part of medical professionals due to the demand for a wide range of patients to be accepted in the future, conducting preliminary interviews with “Symptom Word Chat” will improve the efficiency of the following operations and reduce the risk of infection due to non-contact interviews. can be expected to decrease.
・Efficient handling of telephone calls and counters (effective for regional medical institutions with limited outpatient staff) ・Reducing the risk of infection by supporting each patient’s smartphone ・Strengthen the management system by grasping the patient’s wishes (preferring influenza testing, history of drug side effects, not good at powders, etc.)
・Promote uninterrupted medical examinations by grasping the symptoms of patients and prevent the spread of infection among patients ・Smooth coordination of patient information among healthcare professionals ・Efficient recording of paper medical records and electronic medical records [Communication support during medical examination]
In addition, there are the following merits in the field where cooperation between medical clerical staff, nurses, and doctors is expected to be strengthened and patient satisfaction in the clinical setting is expected.
・Able to carry out examinations and tests after grasping the patient’s progress and wishes at the start of the examination, and to be able to communicate with a focus on symptoms, problems, and concerns. ・Interview results are embodied by soft questions that are easy for patients to answer
・Because the patient’s chief complaint, which tends to be long when the patient is unwell and has a lot of anxiety, is visualized in a medical format, it can contribute to high patient satisfaction in a short time.
Comments from service personnel
[Collaborating medical institution (corona fever outpatient
demonstration) Clinic Sakuragaoka Director Takao Yamazaki]
[Image 3:×1000.jpg] “Symptom Word Chat” is a service that overturns the concept of medical questionnaires so far in that the main subject is the patient. Patients feel a lot of pressure, such as “I wonder if I should say this” or “I have to answer right away”. Patients who use the symptom word chat answer in their own words while looking down on themselves, and as a result, the content of the patient’s inquiry that is finally shared with the doctor is created from the doctor’s point of view so far. I was very surprised by the fact that it was different from the content of the interview. We believe that it is a service that is expected to further develop in the future with a design based on the patient’s point of view, which asks questions with unparalleled consideration, and the record base of medical professionals. [SHANRI Co., Ltd. President Kaori Sakai]
[Image 4:×180.jpg] I would like to express my sincere gratitude to ispec Co., Ltd. for working with us on the development of the “Symptom Word Chat” service. At the regular MTG once a week, we received careful direction every time, and we were able to clarify the service more clearly by assuming the product image and user cases at the stage before starting development. From development to testing, they supported us without compromise, and we received a great deal of help in technical areas that were difficult for us to realize. Also, it was very reassuring to have a team with various proposals in the process of putting it into the design, UI/UX, and development process while understanding the direction of the business and the direction of the service. ispec is a company with a sincere team for work. I believe that this sincerity draws out the power of companies and services that we work together with, and gives shape to it. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
[Ispec Co., Ltd. President Kohei Shimano]
[Image 5:×267.png] I am very happy that I was able to work with SHANRI on the development of “Symptom Word Chat”. With the vision of “solving mental problems”, we provide system development support specialized in the healthcare field. I strongly sympathized with the patient-oriented medical approach that SHANRI is working on, and supported the development. We believe that it will be a service that can pick up words and symptoms that are inevitably leaked from a doctor’s diagnosis. Thank you for your support.
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Future development: Promote DX centered on the healthcare field ispec is a tech company with strengths in 0→1 development support with an emphasis on UI/UX. With the vision of “a world where no one suffers from mental problems”, we are focusing on joint development with multiple companies in the healthcare and mental healthcare fields. in particular,
● Cloud-based online medical records for hospitals
● Mental care services for specific industries
● Symptom analysis and improvement proposal service for prevention Various projects such as DX projects, new business development, etc. are underway.
ispec will continue to focus on the healthcare and mental healthcare fields and support medical institutions, local governments, and private companies with our development capabilities. As a bridge connecting each solution, the new business development team will support you all the way through.
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Company Profile
■ Clinic Sakuragaoka Location: Kuromatsu Building 1F, 14-6
Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Director Takao Yamazaki URL: related to
aftereffects of COVID-19 and other personal and online consultations: https: //
■SHANRI Co., Ltd. SHANRI Co., Ltd. aims to realize a world where everyone’s words create new value for everyone through the sharing of words filled with everyone’s thoughts, experiences, and wisdom. Location: 1-22-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 12,610,888 yen (excluding capital reserve)
Representative: Kori Sakai, Representative Director
■ ispec Co., Ltd.
With the vision of “a world where no one suffers from mental problems,” we operate a development support business centered on the mental health care and healthcare fields. We will create a culture of mental care with the power of technology through the corporate service “ispec studio” that provides the team necessary for product
development all at once.
Head office: R Gotanda 7A, 8-2-12 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Capital: 17,967,818 yen (including capital reserve)
Representative: Kohei Shimano, President and Representative Director URL:
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