Iwasaki Tsushinki Co., Ltd. Strengthening collaboration with Elecom on office DX promotion business

Iwasaki Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.
Strengthen collaboration with Elecom on office DX promotion business
At today’s meeting of the Board of Directors, we decided to transfer all of the shares held by our company to Elecom Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President and CEO: Yukio Shibata, hereinafter “Elecom”) in groxi Co., Ltd., our wholly-owned
consolidated subsidiary. ) has resolved to transfer
With this transfer as an opportunity, we will collaborate with Elecom in one of the growth strategies of our medium-term management plan, “strengthening the office DX promotion business,” to develop DX business mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises. Accelerate dramatically.
Purpose of this case
With this transaction, Elecom will be able to provide one-stop DX promotion business by internalizing groxi’s office network design and construction skills within the group, and the business is expected to grow significantly. increase.
In addition, in order to strengthen the DX promotion business centered on small and medium-sized enterprises, the Group will utilize the strengths of Elecom’s product lineup and enjoy the provision of one-stop services to provide solutions for the business. We will be able to dramatically strengthen and expand our power.
strategic aim
Our group offers a one-stop service for solving communication problems to our customers through unique proposals that combine wireless technology, IP voice technology, and communication network
construction technology.
In order to further strengthen the office DX promotion business, we will strengthen our collaboration with Elecom, which will lead to the diversification of products and services, the speed of acquisition, and the strengthening of cost competitiveness, making use of economies of scale. In addition, Elecom is able to provide one-stop support for installation work, operation, and maintenance throughout the country for office network construction, including the Wi-Fi environment that is essential in the DX era. We can provide the best solution for your needs.
Overview of ELECOM CO., LTD.
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