Izanagi Games False Accusation Game Yurkill 1st anniversary sale! The DL version of Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5 is 40% off from today! Added languages ​​for Steam version (Korean/Traditional) & soundtrack DLC bundle discount!

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[False accusation execution game Yurkill] 1st anniversary sale! The DL version of Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5 is 40% off from today! Added languages ​​for Steam version (Korean/Traditional) & soundtrack DLC bundle discount!
Sale ends June 7th! [False Sin Enforcement Game Yurkill] Download version for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 is sold at 40% off!

Izanagi Games Co., Ltd. (Koto-ku, Tokyo, Producer and CEO: Shinsuke Umeda) is a false accusation escape ADV & barrage STG, written by Homura Kawamoto of “Bet Kegurui”, scenario by Hikaru Takeno, and development of the shooting part by Gref. We have announced that we will be holding a sale to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the release of “False Accusation Yurugi”.
The download versions of Nintendo Switch (TM), PS4 (R), and PS5 (R) will be sold today, May 26th, at 40% off the regular price.
In addition, in the Steam (R) version, Korean and Chinese
(traditional) have been added, and a bundle discount sale (10%) of the game and original soundtrack DLC of “False Sin Enforcement Game Yurkill” has started.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/40198/176/resize/d40198-176-2211c169262cde9064a9-0.png&s3=40198-176-5c3788cf2bc4445ec1b515072cc24e82-800×450.png] ◆ Sale overview
Sale end date: Until 23:59 (JST) on Wednesday, June 7, 2023
Sale store:
My Nintendo Store: https://bit.ly/YurukillSwitch
PS Store: https://bit.ly/YurukillPS4PS5
* The start and end date and time of the sale differ depending on each store. *This sale is only available in the Japan region.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/40198/176/resize/d40198-176-c5067111abb99b2a352a-1.png&s3=40198-176-7e6cb1d4ea26f3a6136cfbbf4f2e0917-800×450.png] ◆ Steam (R) version game & original soundtrack DLC bundle set discount A 10% discount is always applied to this bundle of the False Charge Yurkill game and the False Charge Yurkill Original Soundtrack (DLC). In addition, “False Sins Yugi Yurukiru Original Soundtrack DLC” contains all 45 songs from “Shinjutsu Yugi Yurukiru”, and comes with additional artwork exclusive to SteamDLC!
Steam store: https://bit.ly/Yurukill_Steam
◇ The Izanagi Games Discord and Izanagi Games Steam pages regularly provide information about new games, events, and sales for each game! There is also limited information for each community! !
Izanagi Games Discord Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/8ZJ3Ju7AKx Izanagi Games Steam Page:
We look forward to your follow-up and participation!
About “False Accusation Game Yurkill”
Homura Kawamoto (original author of “Kakegurui Kakegurui”) original story written by his younger brother Hikaru Takeno, false accusation escape ADV & barrage STG by Hiro Kiyohara (character designer of “Valkyria in Blue Revolution”) character design. Yuko Komiyama, the composer of the “Monster Hunter series”, is in charge of BGM. The shooting part was developed by Gref, a long-established shooting game company.
・ Click here to purchase “False Accusation Game Yurkill”
・ Click here for the Steam (R) version of “False Accusation Game Yurkill” https://bit.ly/Yurukill_Steam
・Official Twitter account for “False Accusation Game Yurukill” (@yurukill) https://twitter.com/yurukill
◆Homura Kawamoto profile
Debuted in 2014 with “Kakegurui” at Gangan JOKER. The series, including its spin-offs, has sold over 6.2 million copies in total, and has been developed into various media such as anime, movies, and games.
In charge of many original drafts such as “Witch Wars ~ 32 genius witches kill each other ~” and “Greatest M (Kyodo Hikaru Takeno)”. He has a history of passing the bar examination.
◆ Hikaru Takeno Profile
Homura Kawamoto’s younger brother. Debuted in 2012 with the job hunting book “Bonnin Unofficial Strategy”. He is the author of numerous works, including manga originals, novels, practical books, and board games. In the Kakegurui series, he wrote “Novel Kakegurui Etsu” and “Kakegurui Novel Novel”.
In addition, he has worked on “Building Divide” and “HIGH CARD” (both by Kyodo Homura Kawamoto) and “Henna Kanji”.
◆ Kiyohara Hiro Profile
Cartoonist and illustrator. Representative works include the manga version of “Another”.
Worked on many novel designs such as “Universal Appraiser Q” and “Tantei no Tantei” series.
In charge of character design for PS4 “Valkyria Revolution”. Currently serializing “Jukkakukan Murder” in Monthly Afternoon.
◆Overview of the work
False accusation execution game Yurkill
[Original/Scenario] Homura Kawamoto (Bet Kegurui) / Hikaru Takeno [Direction & Produce] Shinsuke Umeda (Death Come True)
[Character Design] Hiroshi Kiyohara (Valkyria of the Azure Revolution) [BGM] Yuko Komiyama (Monster Hunter series)
[Genre] False Accusation Escape ADV & Danmaku STG
[Shooting part development] Gref (Mamoru-kun has been cursed!) [PS4 (R), PS5 (R), Nintendo Switch (TM) release date] May 26, 2022 (Japan version)
[Steam (R) release date] July 8, 2022
[Publisher] Izanagi Games
[Supported Platforms] PS4(R), PS5(R), Nintendo Switch(TM), Steam(R) [Package version / download version suggested retail price] 7,678 yen (tax included)
[Steam (R) version selling price] 6,600 yen (tax included)
[Copyright Notice] (c) IzanagiGames, Inc. All Rights Reserved. About Izanagi Games
Izanagi Games is an interactive entertainment production company focusing on consumer games, with the philosophy of directly appealing to the global market for games created with Japanese creators. Headquartered in Koto-ku, Tokyo. By expanding the range of funding, we will increase opportunities for excellent creators to create new IP and games, and by approaching the whole world as a sales market, we will deliver an interactive entertainment experience centered on games to a large number of users. The aims.
Works such as “Death Come True”, “World’s End Club”, and “Yurkil” have been released to the world on various platforms. He has also made a full-fledged entry into webtoon, and has launched a webtoon studio “Tsukuyomi”.
・Izanagi Games Official Website
・Izanagi Games official Twitter account (@izanagigames)
・”PlayStation”, “PS4” and “PS5” are registered trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.・Steam and the Steam logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.・The Nintendo Switch logo and Nintendo Switch are trademarks of Nintendo.
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