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Japan Restroom Industry Association Cumulative shipments of low-silhouette toilet bowl exceeded 10 million units!!

Japan Restroom Industry Association
Cumulative shipments of low-silhouette toilet bowl exceeded 10 million units!! ~Very popular with its stylish and compact design~

As a result of conducting a survey on the number of toilet bowls shipped, the total number of low-silhouette toilet bowls shipped since 2000 exceeded 10 million units. (As of April 2023)
[Image 1:×267.jpg] The Japan Restroom Industry Association (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; Chairman: Noriaki Kiyota (TOTO Corporation)) conducted a survey on the number of toilet bowls shipped. Cumulative shipments exceeded 10 million units. (As of April 2023)
The low-silhouette toilet bowl is a popular product due to its stylish and compact design, which creates a clean and spacious toilet space and is equipped with the latest functions. Currently, it accounts for about 19% (*2) of the shipment of flush toilets. From 2020 to 2022, the number of products supplied decreased due to delays in parts procurement due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but production and supply are already stable, and further shipment growth is expected. increase.
(*1) This applies to products with a height of 650 mm or less, including those with integrated warm water washing toilet seats, separate ones, and tank-type toilets.
(*2) Reference: Shipment ratio in 2022. As of 2000, the shipment ratio is about 0.7% of all toilet bowls.
[Image 2:×601.jpg] The main products and features of each company are as follows.
[Image 3:×761.jpg] ■ Produce a stylish toilet space
Low-silhouette toilet bowls are characterized by their low overall height, neatly fitting the function of the warm-water washing toilet seat, and excellent design. Because the toilet bowl is stylish and compact, it can be coordinated with the floor, walls, and surrounding materials to create a more stylish space. increase.
[Image 4:×893.jpg] Equipped with the latest advanced functions
The low-silhouette toilet is a water-saving type with a flushing volume of 6 liters or less. Equipped with advanced functions unique to each company (*3), such as stain prevention using bacteria and detergents.
There are also products with functions such as automatic opening and closing of toilet lids and automatic toilet flushing. In addition to stylish designs, these products are highly hygienic, cleanable, and comfortable.
(*3) The functions adopted differ depending on the products of each company.
[Image 5:×315.jpg] ■ About Japan Restroom Industry Association
The Japan Restroom Industry Association consists of manufacturers of toilet equipment that handle products such as sanitary appliances (toilet bowls and urinals) and warm water washing toilet seats. Based on the philosophy of contributing to the improvement of the lifestyle and culture of people around the world through the sustainable development of the restroom industry, we provide safe, easy-to-use, environmentally friendly and comfortable restroom spaces for people around the world. We will provide.
《Participating companies (as of May 2023, in alphabetical order)》 Aisin Co., Ltd., Asahi Eito Co., Ltd., SANEI Co., Ltd., Janis Industry Co., Ltd., Toshiba Lifestyle Co., Ltd., TOTO Co., Ltd., Panasonic Holdings Co., Ltd., LIXIL Corporation
1. Initiatives for peace of mind: To ensure that consumers can comfortably use warm-water bidet toilet seats, we are working to obtain medical knowledge and evidence through research commissioned by third-party organizations, as well as working to raise awareness.
2. Initiatives for safety In order to prevent product accidents caused by long-term use or continuous use of products with failures, we publish information on product accidents of members of our association, and carry out activities to raise awareness of safety among customers through safety enlightenment leaflets created from the analysis results of these accidents. We are working on safety.
3. Efforts to contribute to the environment
We are striving to disseminate information and disseminate information on warm-water-shower toilet seats as energy-saving devices by introducing consumers to the warm-water-shower toilet seats with excellent energy-saving performance and how to choose and use them effectively.
4. Efforts for International Contribution
We operate the hospitality website “JAPAN TOILET INFORMATION” and provide information on the state of toilets in Japan (how to use them, information displays, etc.) and the latest information on toilets to users in Japan and overseas. In addition, we have developed standard pictograms for toilet operation panels and registered them with ISO and JIS, with the aim of supporting the use of warm-water washing toilet seats by foreign visitors to Japan. We are gradually adopting it for new products of each manufacturer. Furthermore, symbol marks for warm-water washing toilet seats, Western-style toilets, and Japanese-style toilets have been developed and registered with JIS. We are carrying out publicity activities so that it can be used as a guide symbol that represents each installation.
5. Efforts for maintenance: We are carrying out educational activities such as appropriate maintenance and usage methods for comfortable use of warm-water bidet toilet seats. In addition, in cooperation with the Japan Building Maintenance Association, we have created a “Toilet/Toilet Seat Cleaning Manual” and a “Guidance for Creating a Toilet Cleaning Manual for Medical Institutions”, which are distributed to cleaning companies and medical institutions nationwide. We are promoting awareness and enlightenment activities.
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