JAPANET HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. Nagasaki Stadium City’s new arena’s first release of seating types!

Japanet Holdings Co., Ltd.
Nagasaki Stadium City The first release of seating types for the new arena! ~Nagasaki Verca’s new arena, which has been promoted to B1, will be open to the public [First edition] Exciting Verca Seat / Exciting Seat~

Regional Creation Nagasaki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture / President: Hideki Iwashita), which is
responsible for regional revitalization projects in the Japanet Group, and Nagasaki Verca Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture / President and CEO), a professional basketball club. GM: Takuma Ito) has decided on all arena seat types for the 2024-25 season of Nagasaki Verca at Nagasaki Stadium City, which is aiming to open in the fall of 2024. We will make use of the advantages of a project led by the private sector to create the best possible viewing experience for fans and boosters as well as away fans.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/16651/280/resize/d16651-280-77dc90284be17425ec40-2.png&s3=16651-280-1ba9d5e7f5a7f018f22df3c7f6109c5c-959×650.png] ■Exciting Verca Seat / Exciting Seat A seat where you can enjoy watching the game enthusiastically with the players and the venue. You can watch the game with a sense of dynamism that can only be seen behind the goal, such as offense and defense near the goal and dunk shots. It is characterized by being so close to the court and bench that you can see the expressions of the players on the bench. It is an area that boosts the team with the power of cheers that can determine victory or defeat during free throws. The Exciting Verca Seat is located behind the goal on the home bench side, and the Exciting Seat is located on the away bench side.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/16651/280/resize/d16651-280-d1364e0b0a878fd44c09-2.png&s3=16651-280-78d882585e3a45a19c9c2ddffd45076d-1720×966.png]
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/16651/280/resize/d16651-280-7619f88a8976e2c24807-2.png&s3=16651-280-578d95d44dc0549e97723ec9e19fe249-1724×967.png] ■ Features
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/16651/280/resize/d16651-280-03b4759f7a58713d2d53-3.png&s3=16651-280-64a9a863da866ff822d650de32b23043-1049×813.png]
[Table 3: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/16651/table/280_1_9daa9e161710d51b64173c029071d4a9.jpg ]
[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/16651/table/280_2_1240bc01ea99cb01c249ed677b3f19af.jpg ]
■ Future release information
We are planning to announce the details of S seats, A seats, and B seats in Nagasaki Verca’s new arena seat type release [Part 2], so please look forward to it.
■Materials that can be provided Please contact our Public Relations Office for information on lending data such as the latest drone footage taken from above the construction site and renderings of completion drawings. * The images in this release are for reference only, so please refrain from posting them on the web or TV.
*All seat plans in this release are in the planning stage and are subject to change due to construction reasons.
*Seat prices are currently under consideration.
Details about this release:


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