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Java Corporation Co., Ltd. Last year’s popular rash guard from VICKY is back again this year with a new series added!

Java Corporation Co., Ltd.
Last year’s popular rash guard from VICKY has added a new series and is now available again this year!
The second in the rash guard series with a feminine design. This season, a new yellow color has been added to create a colorful variation that makes going out fun. A new series that can be used as town wear is also available!

The women’s brand “VICKY”, operated by Java Corporation (Chuo-ku, Kobe / President Nobuhiko Uchino), has a slightly different style for women who feel the changing times and moods and enjoy clothes in their own way. We propose trendy items with a sense of femininity.
[Image 1:×780.jpg] The rash guard series with VICKY’s feminine design is now available in colorful variations that make going out fun!
It is sure to get an outstanding performance as townwear other than the beach!  Enjoy an adult beach style in a variety of styles.
[Image 2:×2100.png] 2way Tank Top
Cute silhouette that spreads softly every time you move
Tank top type rash guard. You can enjoy a layered style according to your swimsuit.
A playful outfit!
Even though it is simple, the open back adds a feminine touch. ▼tank top ¥9,900 (tax included)
color: camel / black / white / yellow
[Image 3:×2100.png]
[Image 4:×2100.png] Pullover
A design rash guard with eye-catching color scheme and side drawstrings. With a simple T-shirt design, you can enjoy various outfits! With a town design that is easy to wear outside the beach,
Pair with denim or shorts
The width of the activity spreads, too.
▼Pullover ¥11,000 (tax in) color: camel / black / white / yellow
[Image 5:×2100.png] Peplum Parker
Feminine without being too sporty
A cute rash guard hoodie with a clean and slim peplum silhouette. Even with beach sandals, you can make your legs look longer. Style up with high waist switching! With long sleeves and finger holes Perfect for sun protection!

▼parker ¥13,200 (tax included)
color: camel / black / white / yellow
[Image 6:×555.gif]
[Image 7:×2100.png] short pants
The casual high waist fits comfortably around the stomach
Rash guard shorts that are nice for adults to wrap around.
The length is moderately long, so you can avoid exposing your skin. It also suppresses and creates a neat hip line
Nice point!
Excellent compatibility with any rash guard
You can also match it with a T-shirt roughly from above!
▼pants ¥7,920 (tax in) color: camel / black / white / yellow -NEW SERIES-
A new series has appeared in the rash guard series!
It can be used in a town style and is also very useful for playing in the water!
[Image 8:
&3=25473-141-92F71B71B71401345F9C0053F95555F9555F95555F955555555555555555555555555555555555555f955555f9553 49-1575X2100.png]
[Image 9:×2100.png] All in one
BLACK color in a sophisticated and simple design
All-in-one that enhances adultness.
It can be worn over a swimsuit, so it can be worn around the legs and stomach. Firmly cover the areas of concern!
Has zipped pockets on both sides
It is also a nice point!

▼all in one ¥9,900 (tax included)
color: black
[Image 10:×2100.png ]
Loose and oversized
A stress-free parka rash guard.
The point that a pocket with a zip is nice!
It’s compact when folded, so it’s easy to carry around!

▼parker ¥8,910 (tax included)
color: black
[Image 11:×2100.png ]
Short PantsCulotte pants accented with waist shirring
With a flare silhouette that does not pick up the body line
It can also be used to cover your body shape!
It is OK even if you roughly match a T-shirt from above.
The slightly longer length makes it suitable for casual occasions other than playing in the water.
But active!
▼Pants ¥6,930 (tax included)
color: black
[Image 12:×555.gif] [All VICKY items] — [Click here for Java Corporation official online site “Jlounge”] Details about this release:

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