JBN Co., Ltd. JBN Co., Ltd. Certified as a Platform Partner of “HubSpot”

JBN Co., Ltd.
[JBN Co., Ltd.] Certified as a Platform Partner of “HubSpot” Certified as a Platium partner of CRM software “HubSpot”, which has been introduced by 177,000 companies in more than 120 countries around the world (as of May 16, 2023, there are only 8 partners in Japan who are Platinum or higher)

JBN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture; President: Eiji Muroga) announced on May 16, 2023 that HubSpot (Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA), which provides an integrated CRM platform for marketing, sales, and customer service , CEO: Yamini Langan, Location of Japanese subsidiary: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Tatsuki Hirota, Country Manager) has been certified as a Platinum partner of the “Solutions Partner Program”. https://app.hubspot.com/ecosystem/20502543/marketplace/solutions/jbn
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We have been using HubSpot to build websites and support marketing activities since 2018. From the selection of a plan to the formulation of strategies and the operation of a website after its construction, all services are made in-house and carefully supported so that customers can run their own marketing activities.
With this platinum partner certification, we will further support the growth of our customers’ businesses with appropriate services for business issues.
■ Comment from HubSpot to JBN Co., Ltd.
Principal Manager, Partner Sales – Tomoaki Iwai
We are very pleased to announce that JBN Co., Ltd. has been certified as a HubSpot Platium partner. For HubSpot’s business, Solutions Partners are important partners who work together with customers to solve a variety of issues and support their growth. JBN not only builds websites, but also designs the entire web communication starting from the website, supporting the growth of customers’ businesses and earning a high level of trust. We hope that you will continue to use your high level of expertise and support experience to further strengthen the HubSpot ecosystem together with us.
■ Future efforts regarding HubSpot
Based on the know-how of web construction and operation support that we have cultivated over the past 20 years, as well as our track record in content production, we utilize HubSpot’s various tools and promote the following initiatives to promote corporate business. I will come. DX conversion support for marketing and sales
The introduction of MA tools and SFA is progressing in the trend of corporate marketing and sales becoming DX. It seems that there are many. We acquire leads based on the website linked with HubSpot, deliver valid leads to the sales team through continuous marketing activities for prospects managed by CRM, and manage subsequent transactions collectively. We will provide you with a mechanism to do so.
Communication support for consumers, members, and fans using HubSpot x LINE LINE, which is used by 80 to 90% of smartphone and mobile phone owners, is an indispensable tool when considering communication with consumers and fans. By linking with LINE through the app, HubSpot utilizes attribute information, behavioral data, location information, etc. accumulated in the CRM as signals to realize one-to-one communication that matches the user’s interests. We help you create a personalized customer experience.
Build a low-code, no-code website with the HubSpot CMS
There are an increasing number of CMS that realize website updates with no code and low code. HubSpot is another no-code, low-code CMS that dramatically reduces the publishing burden for web and marketers. By providing an easy-to-operate website that reduces the effort and cost of updating information, we support not only marketing activities but also branding, public relations, and PR activities.
■ About HubSpot
HubSpot is a CRM (customer relationship management) platform used by 177,000 companies in over 120 countries around the world.
Based on the idea of ​​”inbound” to grow our business by building a relationship of trust with customers, we consistently create prospective customers, promote sales activities, improve customer service efficiency, and build advanced websites. We provide software that allows
■ About JBN Co., Ltd.
A company that supports communication on the Web.
・ Top 8 companies in Japan, HubSpot Platium partners
・In-house production of all web construction work
・Has a HubSpot operation support department
・Increase the number of inquiries by up to 280%
・Build more than 1,000 sites for 700 companies in 20 years
・Standardize web production tasks divided into 130
・Acquisition of international standard for information security management ISMS Company profile Company name: JBN Co., Ltd. Representative: Eiji Muroga, Founded: 2002 Phone number: 026-214-5151 Location: Tokyo office: 50-2 Yaraicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0805, Nagano Office: 380-0845, Nagano 1550 Nishigomachi, Nagano City, Japan URL
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