JetB Co., Ltd. Excellent WEB publishes a chatbot that makes ChatGPT learn its own data | Japan’s first web-based medium

JetB Inc.
Excellent WEB publishes a chatbot that makes ChatGPT learn its own data | Japan’s first web-based medium

A chatbot that makes ChatGPT learn the database of website production companies nationwide
[Image:×659.png] JetB Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hayato Takeuchi), which operates “Excellent WEB”, has added an AI chatbot function to “Excellent WEB”. This chatbot learns information about website production companies in each prefecture and market price information for domestic website production. The release of a ChatGPT-based AI chatbot that has learned its own data will be the first trial in Japan for web ordering media. (*1)
[What is a good WEB]
Excellent WEB is Japan’s largest homepage production company search site, boasting the largest number of listed companies (*2). From the database of more than 10,000 website production companies nationwide, it is possible to search for production companies by purpose by “region”, “characteristics”, “price range”, “strong industry”, “site type you want to request”, etc. You can also narrow down your search by combining In addition, we have prepared contents such as “price simulator” and “excellent production company judgment tool”, and the number of users is increasing as a web ordering medium.
[About AI chatbot]
The AI ​​chatbot function was added to “Excellent WEB” on March 24, 2023. Our AI chatbot uses gpt-3.5-turbo from Open AI. This AI model is trained with the following data using embedding technology.
・Database of more than 10,000 website production companies in Japan ・ Information on recommended website production companies in prefectures and ordinance-designated cities
・Domestic website production market information
・Points and precautions for ordering website production
This information is based on the database independently collected by “Excellent Web” and Japanese business customs.
By having AI learn this kind of information, we aim to build an AI chatbot that allows domestic orderers to obtain more useful answers. [About additional learning in the future]
Even after the release, we plan to add learning data from time to time. The data to be learned in the future is assumed to be as follows.
-Website production information-
・Recommended website production company by feature
・ Recommended website production companies by industry
・Points and precautions when signing a contract for a website -Other information-
・Domestic web marketing company data
・Domestic system development company data
・SaaS information for various domestic BtoB

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