Johnson Homes Co., Ltd. Price x performance x design Sapporo No.1 house maker’s high cost performance debut

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[Price x performance x design] Sapporo’s No. 1 house maker’s high-cost house debut
Newly announced “JUST PRICE” new detached house with high quality and excellent cost performance

Johnson Homes Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkaido; Representative: Akio Yamaji) has announced “JUST PRICE” as a new product for newly built detached houses.
[Image 1:×525.jpg] Affordable price, uncompromising performance
Despite the affordable price range of 17.5 million yen for a 26 tsubo 3LDK and 18.7 million yen for a 31 tsubo 3LDK, it is equipped with high insulation performance that greatly exceeds energy conservation standards, a first-class ventilation system, and ZEH standards as standard equipment. In addition, you can choose from more than 50 floor plan plans born from the experience of building more than 3,000 buildings, and provide ideal homes that match individual lifestyles. A newly built detached house that allows you to purchase a home without straining your lifestyle.
Highly insulated triple glass High weather resistant resin sash saves utility costs
Adopted high insulation triple glass high weather resistant resin sash. As a result, the insulation performance is 2.5 times that of double-glazed aluminum resin composite sashes, and at the same time, annual cooling and heating costs are reduced by approximately 20,000 yen.
Thermal insulation that exceeds ZEH standards
[Image 2:×604.jpg] Realizes high heat insulation of 0.38 or less, which exceeds Hokkaido’s energy-saving standard UA value (a value that expresses how easily heat escapes) of 0.46, as well as the ZEH standard of 0.4. Adoption of high-performance ventilation system
A first-class ventilation system is used, reducing energy consumption by 20%. Designed with a BEI value (value indicating low energy consumption) of 0.74 or less, which is equivalent to ZEH+, which is called the next-generation specification.
Your own home with over 50 floor plans to choose from
The price range is 17.5 million yen for 26 tsubo 3LDK and 18.7 million yen for 31 tsubo 3LDK. You can choose from over 50 popular plans that were created while building over 3,000 new detached houses, including custom-built houses.
[Stylish and comfortable home] Proposal by an experienced interior designer
[Image 3:×1728.jpg] We will propose stylish and functional interior design ideas unique to Johnson Homes, which operates interior shops such as “The JOHNSON STORE” and “inZONE”, to realize your ideal home.
event information
“JUST PRICE” housing consultation campaign is being held.
For those who make a reservation and answer the questionnaire in advance, we will present a QUO card pay of 10,000 yen.
The venue can be selected from Hachiken, Nishi-ku, Sapporo, or the interior shop “The JOHNSON STORE” in Chuo-ku.
*Please check the website for details of the event.
■ Website
[Company Profile] [Company] Johnson Homes Co., Ltd. [Location] Hachiken 4-johigashi 5-1-1, Nishi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido [Phone number] 011-737-8888 (Public Relations Nakano) [Representative] Representative Director Yamaji Akio [Business content] Design and construction of housing, design and construction of renovation work, real estate sales and mediation, sales of interior products, manufacturing and sales of order sofas, restaurant and cafe operation, insurance business, housing FC headquarters [Homepage]
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