Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd. conducts the first public offering limited to side jobs and side jobs on BizReach

Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd. conducts the first public offering limited to side jobs and side jobs on BizReach
We are openly recruiting professional human resources such as marketers for the new business “low-speed automatic driving mobility” and commercialization support in the three Web areas. Accelerating open innovation that leads to the next generation

Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (located in Kita-ku, Osaka) is a career change site “Bizreach” that connects companies with
ready-to-work personnel operated by BizReach Co., Ltd. / President and Representative Executive Officer: Nozomu Mori, hereinafter referred to as Kansai Electric Power) will be recruiting human resources (5 positions) involved in new business areas from May 23 to June 19, 2023, limited to side jobs and side jobs.
This is the first time that Kansai Electric Power has publicly recruited people for side jobs and side jobs. In addition, in “BizReach”, it will be the third company, following Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. and Omron Co., Ltd., to recruit human resources limited to side jobs and side jobs by major Japanese companies in the Kansai region.
Public recruitment page URL:
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/34075/516/resize/d34075-516-94d22af82a16417f2a84-0.jpg&s3=34075-516-871df71377e4ccc9421d5159006cdb8c-1200×630.jpg] ■Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd. takes on the challenge of creating new value. Emerging innovation with the power of professional human resources  With the changes in social conditions such as soaring resource prices and decarbonization, business transformation has become an urgent issue for the energy industry. Under these
circumstances, Kansai Electric Power will revamp its medium-term management plan*1 in 2021, and is working on “Kanden Transformation” to take on the challenge of zero carbon, transform into a service provider, and reform into a strong corporate structure. increase. In 2019, each business division and group company is actively taking on the challenge of operational transformation and new business and service development, with the “Innovation Lab” established to generate innovation for the entire group as a hub. For example,
commercialization of the 5km/h autonomous mobility service “iino*2” that challenges the creation of new mobility experiences,
commercialization of Japan’s largest “completely closed circulation type” land-based aquaculture that considers the environmental impact, and open innovation. It has produced many new businesses, such as the establishment of the promotion base “Eknowledge*3”. Furthermore, in the future, we will work on the development of new services that incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Web3 in the energy field, and backcast business development that anticipates future customer needs based on social conditions. However, in order to further accelerate new business initiatives while responding to changes in the external environment, the know-how of not only Group employees but also external business professionals is essential. Therefore, Kansai Electric Power will openly recruit human resources who will be responsible for polishing the business model of the new business that has already been launched, PR, and advisory for commercialization support in the three areas of the Web. We will promote open innovation by realizing new collaborations with external human resources and incorporating the advanced knowledge and experience of business professionals. In addition, Kansai Electric Power is promoting “human resources reform” aimed at the active participation of diverse human resources. In order to support the self-directed career development of our employees, we have
systematized our training and development systems, and have also established an in-house side business system. In the future, we will actively recruit mid-career and side-job personnel, employ a diverse range of human resources, and combine the vast assets of Kansai Electric Power, such as technologies, services, and data that we have cultivated over many years, with the specialized knowledge of external personnel. By combining them, we aim to continue to create new value that is not bound by conventional business models. ■ Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. Director Human Resources and Safety Promotion Office Manager Michiya Sakata Comment
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/34075/516/resize/d34075-516-68f9e71a2881bacd2e92-2.jpg&s3=34075-516-d61adb7d1bfa20d58baaef3101ead234-380×476.jpg] In 2021, Kansai Electric Power renewed its medium-term management plan amidst major changes in the social situation surrounding the energy business, including electric power. In order to realize “Kanden Transformation”, we are working on the challenge of zero carbon, conversion to a service provider, and reform to a strong corporate structure. We believe that the active participation of diverse human resources with various backgrounds is essential to promote these reforms. Under the slogan of “reform of human resources,” we are promoting a variety of initiatives from the perspective of ensuring diversity and supporting autonomous career development, such as transferring employees through open recruitment and introducing systems for in-house side jobs. As part of our efforts, we have decided to start recruiting for side jobs and side jobs for the first time. We hope that everyone who participates this time will discover new business possibilities from a perspective that our company does not have, without being tainted by our company’s culture and climate. In addition, we hope that through this initiative to co-create new value with everyone, we will grow together with everyone while receiving new awareness and stimulation. ■Comment from Tetsuya Sakai, President and CEO of BizReach Co., Ltd.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/34075/516/resize/d34075-516-864602d570ae446bd197-1.jpg&s3=34075-516-3b4a3499ca88cf7912407499c670afe4-1024×1284.jpg] In an era of rapid change, business professionals tend to feel the need for medium- to long-term career development, and more and more people want to make use of side jobs and side jobs in their own career development. According to a survey*4 conducted among BizReach members, 76.5% of respondents said that they were “doing” or “wanting to start” a side job or side business, and 43.5% said that they were “interested in” a side job or side business in the past year. increased,” he replied. Reasons for wanting to have a side job or a side job include “I want to gain new experience and skills and broaden the scope of my work” and “I want to try my own experience and skills”. Kansai Electric Power’s public offering this time is looking for people who are enthusiastic about creating new businesses without being bound by existing businesses. Isn’t it going to be a valuable opportunity to challenge new things while making use of it? We would appreciate it if you could lead to proactive career formation in order to expand your own possibilities. *1: Kansai Electric Power Group Medium-Term Management Plan:
https://www.kepco.co.jp/corporate/policy/pdf/plan_2021.pdf *2: “iino” https://gekidaniino.co.jp/*3: “Eknowledge”
https://www.kepco.co.jp/energy_supply/innovation/oi/enellege/index.html *4: Questionnaire on motivation for side jobs and side jobs: BizReach members Survey period: September 26, 2022 October 2, 2022 Number of valid responses from members with an annual income of 7.5 million yen or more: 489 ・In each ratio, the total may not be 100% due to rounding depending on the item.・When citing this survey, please be sure to write “Bizreach Research”. ■ Recruitment overview ・ Recruitment period: May 23, 2023 to June 19, 2023 ・ Application method: Apply from the “Bizreach” site ・ Recruitment page URL:
https://www.bizreach.jp/job-feed/ public-advertising/pzpvqhd/ · Recruitment positions
[Table 6: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/34075/table/516_1_2f85dd683865513a884f882484c14ee2.jpg ]
[Table 7: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/34075/table/516_2_adf81715a695f64f487314cad6c15389.jpg ]
[Table 8: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/34075/table/516_3_2d5fa1585d116210a858c6c4ea4d08fa.jpg ]
[Table 9: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/34075/table/516_4_bfe8721ea66b4d877ae2cbb096300315.jpg ]
[Table 10: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/34075/table/516_5_7443d03cf20f80ed68768fdc63185419.jpg ]
■About Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (Kansai Electric Power Group) Since its establishment in 1951, Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd. has been engaged in a variety of business activities that support people’s lives, the economy, and industry, such as information and
communications, life and business solutions, centered on the energy business. Our management philosophy reflects our desire to protect what is today’s “ordinary” for our customers and society, and to continue to create the future’s “ordinary”. , we aim to create a new corporate group and realize a sustainable society. URL:
https://www.kepco.co.jp/ About “BizReach”, a career change site that connects companies with ready-to-work personnel We have visualized the recruitment market by opening it to In addition, by providing a platform that allows companies to approach job seekers themselves, we will promote “direct recruiting”, a recruitment activity that proactively considers and actively implements all means in order to hire the human resources that companies need. We support the speedy recruitment of excellent human resources. In addition, job seekers can maximize their career options and possibilities by being approached by companies they have never known before. URL: For job seekers https://www.bizreach.jp/ For companies
https://bizreach.biz/service/bizreach/ About Bizreach Co., Ltd. “A society where everyone can believe in their own potential” Since April 2009, we have been operating various Internet services that support the future of work styles. In addition to its head office in Tokyo, it has bases in Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Shizuoka, and Hiroshima. Developed “BizReach”, a career change website that connects companies with ready-to-work personnel, the “HRMOS” series of human resource utilization platforms, and “BizReach Campus”, an OB/OG visiting network service. Mainly responsible for HR Tech platform and SaaS business in the Visional Group, which develops various businesses that promote industrial digital transformation (DX). URL:
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