Kazokutei Co., Ltd. “Tokutoku Summer delicacy stamina bowl and cool noodle fair held”

Kazokutei Co., Ltd.
“Tokutoku Summer Feast Stamina Donburi and Cool Noodles Fair Held” -“Wagyu beef suji stamina bowl” using domestic wagyu beef and wild vegetable colored udon menu topped with shrimp tempura, chicken tempura, and chikuwa tempura will be on sale from May 23 (Tuesday)-
Tokutoku, an udon chain operated by Kazokutei Co., Ltd., has seasonal summer menu items such as the Wagyu Tendon Stamina Don, which features sweet and salty seasoned domestic wagyu beef tendon, and a feast of two classic eel plates. From May 23rd, we will be selling a stamina menu that is perfect for summer, such as the “Unaju Set”. In addition, Tokutoku Udon’s summer standard “Udon with wild vegetables” topped with shrimp tempura, chicken tempura, and chikuwa tempura, and the “Ebi Ten Sansai Irodori Special” with 3 shrimp tempura toppings are available. We are here. Please enjoy the summer menu at “Tokutoku” during this season when your appetite drops.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/102185/22/resize/d102185-22-54bfb004e8dee2fa93ec-0.jpg&s3=102185-22-9e22b50af6f645f494b3277c212737e0-1907×2700.jpg]
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/102185/22/resize/d102185-22-4369de25b6fb00d6ad53-1.jpg&s3=102185-22-6c64d43557089c4f079d9bb9dd056a33-1907×2700.jpg] *Some products may not be available at sales stores. <

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