“Keep cool forever (Heart)” About 80% of women have a favorable impression of men who do “men’s beauty”! ? Bite ki × DIME men’s beauty survey by “Biteki HEN”

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“Keep cool forever (Heart)” About 80% of women have a favorable impression of men who do “men’s beauty”! ? [Biteki × DIME men’s beauty survey] by “Biteki HEN”
Shogakukan’s beauty magazine “Bitteki” and trend magazine “DIME” thoroughly investigate the actual situation of “men’s beauty”!
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-c5af721fe1057e729f43-0.png&s3=13640-2174-fb6189793aa1cf8c12cd2b92ebb74ae2-941×627.png] At Shogakukan Co., Ltd., the beauty magazine “Biteki” and the trend magazine “DIME” for business people have started a collaboration project “Biteki HEN” to support everyone who wants to be beautiful in a gender-free way beyond the boundaries of media.
*HEN is a word used in Sweden as a gender-neutral third person singular pronoun that is neither “hon” nor “han”.
Before that, we will conduct an urgent questionnaire for aesthetic readers and DIME readers! What do beauty-loving women think of men who do “men’s beauty”? What is the actual state of men’s awareness of beauty these days? “I asked him to answer honestly.” The result is really interesting! I’ll let you know the interesting results. Questionnaire response period: April 28-May 10, 2023
Respondents: 128 aesthetic club members, 209 DIME readers (male) Good news for beauty boys! Men who do “men’s beauty” are highly favored (heart) The number of men’s cosmetics and men’s beauty salons is increasing, and the demand for men’s beauty is increasing. What do women think of men who do “men’s beauty”?
* Respondents / 128 aesthetic clubs
Q. Do you like people who do men’s beauty?
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-9b829adbf6d2fe5720b8-0.png&s3=13640-2174-0bdf8ed238393b6afdb45a86ab54cb78-764×508.png] Q. If you answered “yes”, what kind of impression do you have of men’s beauty salons? (Multiple answers allowed)
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-c0b8f9e3b8d40f5f680d-0.png&s3=13640-2174-5daf4df0ceae0edf099274e6d2bda9b7-831×554.png] As a result, about 80% of people answered that they have a favorable impression of people who do men’s beauty. Some people have the impression that they are “clean” and “highly conscious”, but also “they seem to be good at their jobs”! “Men’s beauty” may be useful in the business scene! ?
In addition, there were opinions from a beauty-loving feminine perspective, such as “(because I also like beauty) it seems like we can talk about it” and “it looks like it will be fun to get excited about beauty together”.
There might be a “hidden beauty boy” lurking! ? About 60% of people are familiar with “men’s beauty”!
While there are many women who have a favorable impression of “men’s beauty”, how many men actually do men’s beauty? I got a variety of answers, including husbands, friends, and sons!
Q. Is there anyone around you who does men’s beauty?
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-b481fb0f5d841e1b6ced-0.png&s3=13640-2174-53a3cf988a1e38a9960dfc14578d9ed0-816×545.png] Q. If you answered “yes”, who are you doing men’s beauty? (Multiple answers allowed)
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-0c3c80662a9fe545b9b8-0.png&s3=13640-2174-c8d1fd3974ec3672c19c4ff77f1ddc08-787×525.png] It turns out that there are beauty boys around you unexpectedly, maybe because of the influence of women who like beauty, you start to be interested in “men’s beauty”! In fact, there may be a beauty boy lurking near you. Beauty boys, from now on, let’s raise our voices and declare, “I’m a beauty boy!”
“Smooth first year” has arrived! ? Surprisingly, there are many people who share household epilators!
In fact, it turns out that the beauty boy is lurking nearby. So how many beauty items do you share and use? A surprising result has been found!
Q. Have you ever shared cosmetics or beauty equipment with a man?
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-79f6b4e0abb39f1d303e-0.png&s3=13640-2174-f00a3a68158348ebdc539b45c90bdf72-818×545.png] Q. What did you share and use?
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-17c68cd298748e13d419-0.png&s3=13640-2174-ee81d2bccbbcf6e07d80aabc58bce7a6-860×575.png] After all, it is easy for men to incorporate it, so the result is that the number one cosmetic that I have shared is lotion. There was also a fierce person who said, “We share a full line of skin care products as a couple,” but if you recommend “men’s beauty” to someone close to you, it would be nice to give skin care items as a gift.
And what surprised me was that many people had shared a hair removal device for home use! The “hair” problem seems to be serious for both men and women. Among them, there are also people who answer, “I like smooth hair except for the hair on my head and nose. In the new project “Biteki HEN”, we will also start a new series that delves into the “hair” problem, which is of concern to both men and women. Please enjoy it.
“Keep cool forever (Heart)” Reveals his wife and her earnest wish! Do women who don’t have anyone close to them who are doing men’s beauty want to have a close man do men’s beauty? I asked her what kind of beauty she wanted me to do!
Q. Do you want men close to you to do men’s beauty?
[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-52106b30cc12b672e4b7-0.png&s3=13640-2174-a624ddfed4b3be46a76ad96d68160402-810×541.png] Q. What kind of beauty treatment would you like to see for a man close to you? (Multiple answers allowed)
[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-244c8a0c8b8335864a7f-0.png&s3=13640-2174-472cc1b1cde5d2387d5874076de5fb13-822×547.png] It seems that there are many people who are favorable to familiar men doing men’s beauty! However, as a result, I want you to do basic care such as skin care and hair removal, odor and dental care so that you can feel clean, but I do not want you to do base makeup.
“Because we are close to each other, I think it is necessary for each other to smell and feel clean.” (39 years old, working at a law firm), “I like fresh men, so I have glossy, poreless skin and bright skin without blemishes. When I look at it, it gives me a good impression because of its cleanliness and freshness.” (Freelance, 36 years old). Men’s awareness of “men’s beauty” is also changing! Male celebrities who want to hear about beauty, 1st place is “Shohei Otani”
So far, we have looked at men’s beauty from a female perspective, but what do male DIME readers think about men’s beauty?
209 respondents/DIME readers (male)
Q. Are you interested in men’s beauty?
[Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-dc2a1dee572340f56ac7-0.jpg&s3=13640-2174-692e9b73bd097e5456bc6be4396a57d1-1522×892.jpg ]
When asked, “Are you interested in men’s beauty?”, 157 answered “yes,” 62 answered “no,” and 71 answered “neither.” We can see that more than half of the people are interested in men’s beauty.
Q. Do you do men’s beauty?
[Image 11: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-8ccaa5dabbfe0b6c15d6-0.jpg&s3=13640-2174-c24225e91fc47952298a87f9f0e1ab79-1562×902.jpg] 95 answered “Yes”, 164 answered “No”, and 31 answered “I am thinking about doing it”. Under such circumstances, the high number of people who are interested in men’s beauty can be seen from the high level of attention.
Q. What kind of men’s beauty do you do?
[Image 12: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-3eb03f29ad2e66ca8cda-0.jpg&s3=13640-2174-da26ba9776f59f6b5c82b05ae2bf7118-1556×1354.jpg] Next, we asked the 95 people who answered “yes” to the above question, “What kind of men’s beauty do you do?” (Multiple answers allowed). Essence, milky lotion” is in TOP3.
In addition, there are many people who are doing men’s specific care such as “beard care” and “shaver”, and hair treatment such as “wasteful hair care of the whole body”, “body trimmer” and “hair removal” is also conspicuous. I found that care such as grooming is spreading. Among them, there are also answers that feel a commitment to beauty, such as “beauty equipment”, “steamer”, and “makeup”. Q. Which male celebrity would you like to hear about beauty?
[Image 13: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-67225021ede606d4c968-0.jpg&s3=13640-2174-a6415e8b39538b40c8b75baaf7f1a4b8-1200×675.jpg ]
Finally, when we asked the readers of both “Biteki” and “DIME” which male entertainer they would like to hear about beauty, “Shohei Otani” ranked first for both men and women. I think that she is currently very active, but since she has also appeared in commercials for cosmetics manufacturers, many people may have an image of beauty. “Matt”, who ranked 2nd for males and 3rd for females, seems to want to hear about them as celebrities who can learn specialized beauty knowledge.
In addition, male DIME readers who maintain youthfulness even as they get older, such as Mr. Fukuyama in 3rd place, Mr. Kimura in 4th place, and Mr. Shinjo in 5th place, ranked in. Female readers of Aesthetic tend to want to hear beauty secrets from popular idols such as Watanabe of Snow Man and Chiga of Kis-My-Ft2.
“Men’s beauty” is on the rise, and beauty magazine “Biteki” and trend magazine “DIME” will continue to deliver beauty information that supports everyone who wants to be beautiful in a gender-free manner through a project called “Biteki HEN”. .
We have set up a collaboration project page on “Biteki.com”, a professional beauty information news site published by the Biteki editorial department, and “@DIME”, a web magazine that digs deep into “want to know”, and we will introduce everyone from both perspectives. Support beauty. Please check it by all means.
■Comment from Yuka Kobayashi, editor-in-chief of “biteki.com” “Until now, men’s beauty has been based on the idea of ​​sharing beauty information and cosmetics through women who love beauty. Taking into consideration the characteristics of online development and collaboration with DIME this year, Aesthetic will take on the challenge of disseminating gender-free beauty information.Men’s beauty information published by beauty magazines It is my sincere hope that I can become the axis of beauty for those who want to start.”
■ “@DIME” Editor-in-chief Hiroaki Ishizaki’s comment
“As you can see in this survey, I have the impression that the number of people around me who share and use cosmetics and beauty equipment is increasing. I think it is one of the trends because genderless items are also increasing. I think it can also be a good conversation starter for couples, and I think the fact that men’s beauty has become so popular is that we can naturally have that kind of conversation.It may be embarrassing at first, but communication with people close to you I think that word of mouth and word of mouth will be the key to spreading men’s beauty.”
“Biteki HEN”
The new project “Biteki HEN” is a new project in which “DIME”, which has been working on men’s beauty for 17 years, and “Biteki”, which has been transmitting women’s beauty for 22 years, have teamed up. Collaborative project pages will be launched on the professional beauty information news site “Biteki.com” and the web magazine “@DIME” that digs deep into what you want to know, and will support everyone’s beauty from both perspectives! Beyond various categories, we plan to deliver information for everyone to enjoy beauty. From the basics of skin care, to the annoying “hair” problem, to the latest goods that you are interested in, we will send gender-free
“Biteki HEN” by BITEKI
https://www.biteki.com/special/bitekihen/original-bitekihen/1659456 “Biteki HEN” by DIME
*HEN is a word used in Sweden as a gender-neutral third person singular pronoun that is neither “hon” nor “han”.
[Image 14: https://prtimes.jp/i/13640/2174/resize/d13640-2174-c06C0C543C70BC47F2-0.jpg &s3=13640-2174-4D74189517B8888888888888888888888888888888

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